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A pair of half-baked Canadians navigate life on planet earth through weekly conversations

F****n' Eh Dan F. & Matt C.

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A pair of half-baked Canadians navigate life on planet earth through weekly conversations

    Episode 6 Oct 26 2020

    Episode 6 Oct 26 2020

    Bacon wrapped Oreos with Deez Nuts seasoning, RIP Quibi, Rap Snitches telling all their business, Fast and Furious gets a happy ending, Human-robot cyborg fantasies, Time Travel is still dumb, Baseball hits a milestone, Hot Dog eating to the extreeeeeme!
    Intro: Run the Jewels – “Panther Like A Panther (Instrumental)”
    Outro: MF Doom – “Rap Snitch Knishes”

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Episode 5 Oct 19 2020

    Episode 5 Oct 19 2020

    Matt returns from his west-coast journey of discovering these beautiful Canadian lands we call home, Dan on the other hand, is back to recount his emergency room experience and the amazingly fun time he had there.
    When at work, don’t pee on the seat, Playstation is spying on people now too, it’s pretty much 1984 in real life and we’re along for the ride. Virtual reality is fun, and now we can use it to pretend to be mean but then, where’s the line between having fun with robots, and being a psychopath? Matt and Dan have walked the line in robot ethics with video games, but that’s all just fun and games…. Right?
    The boys are back to talk about life, as much of it as we can handle for the time being.
    Intro Music: Doom & RZA "Books of War"
    Outro: Herbal T "Liquor Bottle"

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Episode 4 Sept 28 2020

    Episode 4 Sept 28 2020

    A second recording in advance of the co-hosts 2-week abandonment of his duties...
    Everyone has recommendations about what to watch these days, but we’ve got a movie that is an absolute can’t miss, and you can eat some pumpkin spice Kraft Dinner while you watch it.
    Dating is hard, and women will absolutely tell you that, but so will science. A teacher gets fired for being too scary, when the love of ink, goes wrong. Advertising blows, especially car commercials that allow you to laugh off avoiding some manslaughter. And lastly, conspiracies are fun, especially when you aren’t smart…
    Ps. Vote F****n’ Eh 2020

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Episode 3 Sept 28 2020

    Episode 3 Sept 28 2020

    South Park ruined us as children, the further adventures of Amazon Alexas in your home. From church, to an onlyfans, always follow your dreams. A coast guard, gun-shootin’ bro down has a surprise guest. Calling the cops on a child with a toy gun at virtual school?
    Rich people need to pretend to look poor with fashions latest “trend”. The Kardashians suck but so does most TV. And an unusual recycling program fails to get itself up.
    Vote for F****n’ Eh…. Or else…
    Intro- Cannibal Ox - "Real Earth"
    Outro- Spillage Village - "Baptize"
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    • 1 hr 8 min
    Episode 2 Sept 21 2020

    Episode 2 Sept 21 2020

    Chronicling our episode 1 struggles, Matt has an idea of how to improve our good times, a coworker finds out Alexa is spying on them.
    Robots promise they won't kill us all, sex dolls raise some questions, upping the value of your home, tow trucking tow trucks, corporations make a buck off of social causes.
    Poop knives, fake nobel prizes, and psychadelic trips.
    Twitter/Insta @Fuckinehpodcast

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Episode 1 Sept 14 2020

    Episode 1 Sept 14 2020

    A letter from an important Canadian, boneless wings, spying doorbells, Amazon Alexa listens wants to hear you bang, juggalos are a go, coronavirus kids toys, rustic bridge cafes, a ww2 juicyfruit hero.
    F****n Eh is up with episode 1, the first... of thousands....
    Twitter/Insta @FuckinEhPodcast

    • 1 hr 6 min

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2 Ratings

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