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Fashioncast is the fashion industry's only podcast featuring emerging designers from across America. Discover each designer's unique debut to the world-of-fashion and connect to those creating the future of fashion. Michael Gloster and Christine Tucktuck are the hosts.

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Fashioncast is the fashion industry's only podcast featuring emerging designers from across America. Discover each designer's unique debut to the world-of-fashion and connect to those creating the future of fashion. Michael Gloster and Christine Tucktuck are the hosts.

    Diane Pernet, First Lady of Fashion

    Diane Pernet, First Lady of Fashion

    Diane Pernet is the definition of fashion royalty. Even in this era of COVID-19 induced social distancing, face masks and Zoom meetings, one is immediately struck by her grandeur. Her worldly intellect, her soft but confident voice, her disarming wit, and her ability to simply relate make Pernet semidivine.
    Beyond rank and poise, Pernet’s deliberate and unmistakable appearance, shrouded in black often wearing a mantilla-esque veil, rewards her as one of the most recognized fashion dignitaries in the world.
    A consummate creative, the multi-talented Pernet continually works on a plethora of on-going and new projects. Staying current in the rapidly changing world-of-fashion is no small feat. But, Pernet, an accomplished savvy business women, is seemingly everywhere at once while no detail goes unnoticed.
    Of all Pernet’s passions, few inspire her more than film. Pernet is considered one of the original pioneers of the fashion film genre. In 2008, her devotion to the craft led her to the creation and launch of the annual fashion film festival titled A Shaded View On Fashion Film (ASVOFF) www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com. This year will mark the observance of ASVOFF 12 and the film festival will air for the first time online on the FNL Network https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork. Additionally, in response to COVID-19, Pernet is the creator behind Lockdown Home Movies. A total of 68 lockdown films were submitted to ASVOFF 12 and can be seen and voted on for the 2020 People’s Choice Awards on the FNL Network https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork.
    Still, Pernet’s creative thirst goes unquenched. Not to have her career overshadowed by the “ordinary” pursuits of fashion design, fashion blogging, fashion film, et al., Pernet decided to launch a line of perfume in 2014, Diane Pernet Paris. The line began with four distinct scents and now has five including To Be Honest, Love Affair, In Pursuit of Magic, Shaded, and Wanted. It’s fascinating to hear Pernet describe her 30-year intrigue with the perfume industry before her eventual impulse to begin the arduous task of researching and building a perfume brand. https://www.averyperfumegallery.com/it/collections/perfume/brand_diane-pernet.
    Lastly, it’s both an exciting and challenging time to be part of the fashion industry. But, Pernet, a strong advocate of sustainable fashion, has some parting advice for designers in particular--begin with an ecological mindset. Given the environmental degradation directly sourced to the industry, significant change is long overdue, and sustainable fashion is the future of fashion.
    By-the-way, on a whim, Fashioncast facetiously asked Pernet when the world could expect her autobiography? Without missing a beat, Pernet affirmed a documentary film producer had already approached her more than once! It’s clear, there are more accolades to come for the First Lady of Fashion! Please enjoy the magnificent Diane Pernet.
    Diane Pernet @asvof; www.ashadedviewonfashion.com

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    Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Fashion Outlier: From Modest Model to Media Mogul

    Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Fashion Outlier: From Modest Model to Media Mogul

    From the outside looking in, Rocco Leo Gaglioti is the epitome of American success. The tall (6’5”) handsome fashion celebrity seems to know everybody who’s anybody in the world-of-fashion. But, Gaglioti’s story is more of intrigue and personal triumph than fashion lore.
    While Gaglioti describes his 26 years in the fashion industry in a very linear, matter-of-fact way, it’s been anything but an unencumbered ride to the top. In fact, Gaglioti is so humble, the listener may get the impression nobody is more surprised he ended up an influential fashion media mogul than Gaglioti himself!
    Gaglioti has come a long way from being a shy, speech impaired bullied kid in Winter Park, Florida. That kid learned martial arts to defend himself, and at the age of 17, after some serious nudging from his deaf mother (Gaglioti is a CODA--Child of a Deaf Adult), and not knowing a lick of Italian, he agreed to become a hair model in Milan, Italy and stayed for five years!
    But wait! There’s more! A lot more. What purposeful career would be without key mentors like Carson Kressley and RuPaul? Gaglioti credits a number of individuals for his success, but none more than Kressley and RuPaul. It’s a fascinating lesson on “paying it forward” and understanding career responsibility. By-the-way, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Kressley and RuPaul? Both men are brilliant and hilarious--a rare combination indeed.
    Gaglioti eventually parlays his knowledge and experience into a mountain of creativity including Fashion News Live, an award-winning fashion documentary, Inside Amato, the Fashion News Lifestyle Network (FNL Network), and most recently, International Digital Fashion Week (IDFW).
    Gaglioti is extremely excited about IDFW declaring the platform demonstrates “the future of fashion is here!” While other media outlets contemplate the future of runway shows, Gaglioti has already figured it out! IDFW provides a desperately needed alternative to traditional outdated fashion weeks, is interactive and allows the designer to book immediate sales.
    Lastly, Gaglioti, isn’t “all fashion all-the-time.” He serves as a consultant to the Miss and Mister Deaf International nonprofit organization his mother founded and has been actively involved in supporting the international deaf community for decades. Perhaps knowing where you come from, being humble, and appreciating others are the most important measures of success after all. Please enjoy this exclusive interview with Rocco Leo Gaglioti, a true fashion maven.
    To find all things FNL Network, visit: https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork

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    Lauryn Vaughn, Against All Odds: Building a Resale Fashion Giant in the Canadian Prairies

    Lauryn Vaughn, Against All Odds: Building a Resale Fashion Giant in the Canadian Prairies

    From the western Prairie Province of Alberta, Canada, in the oil boom and bust city of Calgary, Lauryn Vaughn, Founder and CEO of The Upside, joins Fashioncast via Zoom to share her amazing story of online retail success.
    In 2015, against all odds, the smart and savvy super entrepreneur launched The Upside the old fashioned way--from her basement, and never looked back.
    Today, the business is the largest luxury online consignment retailer in the nation. Once you meet Lauryn Vaughn, you’ll know why.
    Vaughn is full of endless positive energy, articulate, knows the resale business, and most of all - she’s determined. At university, Vaughn was so resolute to become an intern for the great Canadian designer, Paul Hardy, when she finally met him and told him she was going to become his intern, he said, “Aah, okay, can you start in morning?” If listeners get the impression the scrappy and witty Vaughn manifests her reality in real-time, they’re correct.
    Fashioncast was spellbound listening to Vaughn describe her “aha” moment in Paris, France, the unending trials and tribulations of launching a business, and about The Upside’s ever-evolving multifaceted mission. For Vaugh, The Upside is more than just a challenging way to generate revenues and income. The business empowers women through “chic fashion on a budget,” and is the best example of sustainability driving circular fashion. One simply can’t help knowing Vaughn is the perfect definition of a role model for women across Canada and the world.
    While Vaughn’s personal strength may be will power, her business acumen is on display as she explains the global luxury resale market. Like many entrepreneurs, Vaughn lives her business and it’s fascinating to hear her detail the differences between The Upside and mega competitors such as The RealReal and The Luxury Closet. Vaughn’s vast market knowledge is a testament to her leadership. And, despite a recession in Calgary’s oil fields and a worldwide pandemic, The Upside continues to dominate Canada’s luxury resale online space and expand.
    Lastly, when asked who she would like to meet in the fashion industry, Vaughn mentioned she would have liked to have met Karl Lagerfeld, but then, without hesitation, the entrepreneur admitted she’d really love to meet Julie Wainwright, the founder of The RealReal! Enjoy!
    The Upside: http://www.shoptheupside.com
    Instagram @lauryn_vaughn

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    Iris Brosch, Vive La Résistance! A Feminist Role Model for Photography, Fashion and Art

    Iris Brosch, Vive La Résistance! A Feminist Role Model for Photography, Fashion and Art

    From her 18th century apartment in Paris, France, internationally acclaimed photographer, Iris Brosch, the impassioned articulate intellectual of art imagery, joins Fashioncast via Skype to share her multifaceted photography experience in the world-of-fashion.
    Brosch, the German-born photographer and filmmaker, specializing in fashion, nudes, art, and performance art, has been shaped by both the German and Italian Renaissance periods.
    Her portraits are instantly recognizable as they clearly show Brosch’s reach for artistic expression and spirit. In addition, her work is celebrated for giving more strength and dignity to the female image and feminist ideals.
    It’s fascinating to hear Brosch’s story of struggle from her early years to maturation as an industry icon. Through it all, the humble creative credits not only hard work but astute timing, acceptance and key mentorships. In addition to her own career challenges, Brosch, a long-time devout feminist, details the ongoing struggle for women to find standing within the industry. Her accounting of the barriers for women such as photographer Annie Leibovitz is stunning.
    For Brosch, the feminist ideology is firm but more about equality and inclusiveness than antipatriarchal. It’s tragic irony, however, after countless media reports confirming widespread inequality in an industry catering to female customers and dominated by female employees, financial and managerial control still decidedly rests with men.
    Beyond feminism, Brosch’s extensive international fashion experience allows her to answer any question regarding fashion and art in an informed manner. Listeners will hear Brosch’s views about the diminishing role of art in fashion, the rapid changes taking place in fashion photography and the shift towards fashion videos.
    Brosch, the consummate artist, forever advocates for creatives. For her, being creative is about a lack of fear, taking risks, and keeping overlords out of the equation. And, according to Brosch, it’s also why creatives will always spearhead the direction of the industry and the future of fashion imagery.
    Lastly, listeners will be inspired by Brosch’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic as she explains the importance of embracing the arts in times of tragedy and awed by her selection of whom to photograph if she could photograph any person in recorded history.
    Please enjoy this interview with artist, activist, and all-around beautiful human being, Iris Brosch!
    Website http://www.irisbrosch.com
    Instagram @irisbrosch
    Facebook @irisbrosch

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    Ali Rose VanOverbeke, Genusee: Forging the Future of Fashion in Flint

    Ali Rose VanOverbeke, Genusee: Forging the Future of Fashion in Flint

    From Flint, Michigan, under a continued COVID-19 quarantine, Ali Rose VanOverbeke, Founder and CEO at Genusee, the first circular economy eyewear brand, joins Fashioncast via Zoom to share her inspirational and motivational story of struggle, renewal, and awakening in her quest to build a company that matters.
    There’s no denying Ali VanOverbeke is on a mission. The Parsons School of Design graduate began planning her fashion career in the second grade and set her sights on Parsons in the fourth grade! Innovative, intelligent, visionary, and driven, the articulate VanOverbeke leaves the audience spellbound after detailing her time spent in the design trenches of New York’s ultra-competitive fashion world before a short sabbatical and finding karma in India. Ali’s story as a creative is as much about finding herself, and her role in the world, as it is about art and fashion.
    In 2016, after elevated levels of lead were confirmed in Flint, Michigan’s drinking water, both state and federal emergencies were declared. Notably, this is when the story takes a major turn, not only for VanOverbeke and for Flint, but likely for the future of fashion. On an unplanned and voluntary mission working with the American Red Cross delivering water to Flint residences, Ali’s genesis of Genusee takes place and her “calling” is absolute.
    Genusee is the most unique and compelling fashion fable we’ve encountered. If you’re not awed by its multifaceted missions regarding job creation for Flint’s structurally unemployed, or its manufacturing of sustainable eyewear from single-use water bottles, then surely, you’ll be awed by its product design and quality. While many of the principal fashion brands adopt social and sustainability policies and dole out checks of solidarity, upstart Genusee “walks the talk” and is defining a new and refreshing standard in the fashion industry.
    But, setting new standards is hard work and VanOverbeke seems to be pushing all boundaries at once. For example, the maverick manufacturer is justifiably critical of America’s recycling industry. Imagine, according to the EPA (2017 latest data), 75.8% of all plastic material generated in the U.S. Municipal Solid Waste stream was sent to landfills! Clearly, there’s much work to be done.
    Lastly, Ali briefly discusses the future of Genusee, the current importance of Instagram as the marketing tool of choice, utterly downplays the role of influencers and shares her hard-earned business acumen with those contemplating a career in fashion or entrepreneurship.
    Ali VanOverbeke is living Genusee’s motto–“Be the change you want to see.” Bravo!!
    On the web: Genusee.com
    On Instagram: @genusee_official

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    Mia Macfarlane and Julien Crouigneau, Building an Artistic Legacy in the Fashion Capital of the World

    Mia Macfarlane and Julien Crouigneau, Building an Artistic Legacy in the Fashion Capital of the World

    From Paris, France, under a COVID-19 quarantine, the fashion photography artist couple Mia Macfarlane and Julien Crouigneau join Fashioncast via Skype to share their amazing careers as art photography creatives living in the fashion capital of the world.
    The couple describes themselves as “self-taught” fashion art photographers, but don’t be fooled, they are both highly educated artists who happen to love photography and are clearly two of the most creative people we have ever had the pleasure to interview (see links to their work below). Combining their diverse and extensive backgrounds, in 2012, they launched French Cowboy a photography and art direction company. Then, in 2015, they founded IRK magazine as part of a nonprofit association titled IRK which promotes artists, fashion designers, photographers, filmmakers, and other creatives. The magazine, published daily online and bi-annually in print, has been an enormous success and lives up to its tagline, “IRK Magazine is here to rattle the every day!”
    Think fashion-forward, boundary-pushing art, edgy without apology, and photographic brilliance and you have IRK.
    But, it’s not just IRK where these two are redefining art photography, it’s in fashion film too. Through French Cowboy, they are methodically paving the way towards fashion films. Short film and video are the future of fashion imagery and the trailblazing creative couple are at the forefront of the artistic revolution.
    This podcast is one of those rare episodes where each time you listen, you learn something new. It’s mesmerizing to hear Macfarlane and Crouigneau detail their photoshoot with Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous French fashion designer. And, equally thought-provoking to hear their description of the cultural fashion differences between America and France.
    Lastly, we also delve into how the disastrous and tragic COVID-19 pandemic has affected the couple’s business. Like everyone else, they remain quarantined but hopeful the virus will taper off soon. The fashion industry, however, has been decimated and is unlikely to rebound quickly. Still, Mia and Julien remain positive, confident and stoic and have a myriad of projects waiting for completion including a future photoshoot in Ghana! How else would you build a legacy?
    Please enjoy and stay safe!
    Show links:
    IRK Magazine (@irkmagazine) On Instagram
    IRK Magazine: Art Photography | France
    Videos by French Cowboy:
    Las Vegas Cowgirl Video
    Viking Model Video

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