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Welcome to Folklore Friday, where I discuss the world’s Folklore, Myths, Legends, and superstitions. I explore what these stories meant to the cultures that shared them. Also the different uses of Lore in our modern entertainment and the history of it all.

Join me and some friends as we discuss Lore in History, and review television and film that feature supernatural, or Folkloric elements.

Folklore Friday Megan Erickson

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Welcome to Folklore Friday, where I discuss the world’s Folklore, Myths, Legends, and superstitions. I explore what these stories meant to the cultures that shared them. Also the different uses of Lore in our modern entertainment and the history of it all.

Join me and some friends as we discuss Lore in History, and review television and film that feature supernatural, or Folkloric elements.

    Ep:34 We went on The Worst Ghost Tour!

    Ep:34 We went on The Worst Ghost Tour!

    We went on Seattle’s worst Ghost Tour! For our anniversary we went to Seattle and one of our little adventures was going on a Ghost Tour. It was my fourth Ghost Tour and Kris’s second. In this episode, we talk about the good ghost tours we have been on and why we liked them, and all the reasons the one in Seattle was so terrible. By terrible we mean, crass, long-winded, inappropriate, wildly contradictory opinions, and more. If you’re planning a trip to Seattle we suggest not going on that Ghost Tour. If you want the link to the website message us through Instagram or email us and we will send you the info. (don’t want anybody coming at us)
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    01:10 Everyday Folklore; My Ears Are Burning
    The origin of the phrase My Ears are burning comes from Rome.
    02:55 Announcements.
    I finished the website yay!!! There are two new features, one is Speakpipe where you can leave me a voicemail. 
    The second is you can now leave the show a donation or tip through Buy Me a Coffee!
    04:30 Worst Ghost Tour!
    “Skeleton Dance” by Myuu
    “Easy Trip Trap” The Brothers Records
    My ears are burning

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    Ep:33 Ed & Lorraine Warren and The Occult Museum

    Ep:33 Ed & Lorraine Warren and The Occult Museum

    The couple that inspired The Conjuring universe is what this episode is all about. The first half of the episode is about Ed & Lorraine and their journey to becoming the grandparents of paranormal investigations. Including highlights of their most notable cases, and accusations. The second half is about the Occult Museum, and some of their oddities. Especially the famous Annabelle doll.
    Question of the day:
    Do you think the Warrens were the real deal, or frauds?
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    00:35 Everyday Folklore. The Green Eyed Monster
    03:30 Intro Chit Chat. Kris is now my co-host!h
    06:05 Ed & Lorraine Warren
    31:40 The Occult Museum
    44:22 Annabelle Story
    EF: Green Eyed Monster
    The Occult Museum
    The Twilight Zone
    “Skeleton Dance” by Myuu
    “Easy Trip Trap” by The Brothers Records

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    Ep:32 Happy Death Day, Review

    Ep:32 Happy Death Day, Review

    Following Our Birthday History episode, we wanted to review this movie. Happy Death Day is my favorite type of Horror Movie, Comedy Horror of course! Join Kris and I as we review this movie, talk about our favorite parts of the movie, share Behind the Scenes moments, and some things you may have missed.  Also hear about how the main actress had one of the most liberating experiences of her life, while on set!
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    Which werewolf movie should we review?
    The Wolf of Snow Hollow or The Silver Bullet. Message us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/folklore_friday_podcast/
    Or email us at folklorefriday@gmail.com
    |01:25| Every Day Folklore: Third Time’s the Charm
    |04:40| Cake or Pie survey results, 06:10 Read a Review
    |07:15| Announcement:Episode format change
    |08:06| HAPPY DEATH DAY, Review
    |47:30| Question of the Day: Which werewolf movie should we review?
    Third Time’s The Charm
    “Skeleton Dance” by Myuu
    “Easy Trip Trap” by The Brothers Records

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    Ep:31 The Origins of Celebrating Birthdays

    Ep:31 The Origins of Celebrating Birthdays

    Ever wonder where Birthday candles come from? In this episode I do a quick overview of the origins of traditional Birthday celebrations. I also talk a little bit about my Birthday and  a new recipe for a peanut butter and jelly cream pie I tried.
    Cake or Pie? Which do you prefer for your Birthday (if you celebrate) Cake or Pie? Which flavor, or do you choose a different dessert? Let me know! You can message me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/folklore_friday_podcast/ or you can email me at folklorefriday@gmail.com. In the next episode I will tally up how many votes for Cake or Pie!
    Topics and Time Stamps
    |00:36| Everyday Folklore: “Bless you”
    |03:00| Standard begging for reviews.
    |04:45| The History of Birthdays!
    |07:05| The Pharaoh's Birthday
    |09:15| Birthday Candles originate from Greece
    |10:10| Pagan beliefs behind Birthday Candles
    |12:00| German Birthday Traditions
    |13:30| Early Catholicism stance on Birthdays
    |15:07| Quinceañera
    |18:50| Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah
    |21:29| What I did on my Birthday!
    Info References
    Music Credit
    “Easy Trip Trap” by The Brothers Records
    “Birthday Cake” - Reed Mathis
    “Happy Birthday Old Timey” by Jammy Jams
    “Desert Caravan” by Aaron Kenny
    “Oud Dance” BY Doug Maxwell
    “Fairy Meeting” Emily Sprague
    “Four Beers” by Kevin MacLeod
    “Cantus Firmus Monks” by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
    “El Gavilan” by Quincas Moreira
    “Lachaim” by Kevin MacLeod

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    Ep:30 Supernatural Storytelling

    Ep:30 Supernatural Storytelling

    Do you ever wonder what the difference between Supernatural vs Paranormal is? Or Fantasy vs Sci Fi? Well put on your seatbelts because in this episode Kris and I do a deep dive of these types of Genres in Fiction.
    |00:38 - 03:25|
     Everyday Folklore “Step on a Crack Break your Mother’s Back”
    Supernatural Storytelling
    “Easy Trip Trap” The Brothers Records
    “Tragic Story”  by Myuu
    "Ambience, Children Playing, Distant, A.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org

    Hello, my little strange things. On this podcast I discussed the world's folklore, myths, legends and superstition. I explore what these stories meant to the cultures that shared them the different uses of lore and our modern day entertainment, and the history of it all. Welcome to folklore Friday. Every day
    Have you ever heard the phrase step on a crack break your mother's back? This was definitely something I heard and said as a child. Even when the other kids and I would question it, that won't really happen. You won't really break your mountains back. Right? It was still something that was fun to say and a fun game to see if you could walk the entire length of the sidewalk without stepping on a crack. This is something in the category of playground lore, meaning lore or superstition that is said and shared among children. There have been multiple versions of the same and it has changed over the years. There's another version that warn children that bears would eat them. Step on a crack and you'll be a bear snack. Another is step on a line and you'll break your mother's fine step on a home, break your mother's sugar bowl, step on a nail and you'll put your dad in jail.
    The implication is if a child steps out of line, violence will come to them or one of their parents.
    One could say that the idea behind this game is enforcing societal views. That bad behavior of children reflects poorly on the parents, implying that those children act the way they do because their parents did not teach them better.
    Even our judiciary system does not try children under the age of 18 as adults, further enforcing that minors are not fully accountable or responsible for their actions until they turn 18. With that in mind, is it possible that this game and phrase said by children is teaching them early on that their bad behavior affects their parents? And ultimately others around them? Or is it just a silly thing? Kids sometimes say to scare each other? or play a game? Tell me what do you think?
    Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
    Hello, strange Lynx. Just a little housekeeping before I get the episode started. I want to say I'm excited to be back and I've got some fun plans for season two. Hopefully, I'll be able to put out an episode every week. And I really want to get more more listeners involved because I know you're out there I can see the numbers and they're popping up and all sorts of different countries. And so messaged me talk to me, I want to know the things that you want to hear about. I got a text today asking me about Medusa and I was like, hells Yeah, I don't know that much about her except she had snakes for hair. So gonna be researching that. So I want a little bit more engagement. On that note. I hate asking for reviews. I hate it. If you haven't noticed, I don't do it that much. But now, after a year of having the podcast, I can count on one hand the number of reviews I've had. Painful that is to hear myself say out loud. It's horrible. But yeah, I desperately need them and to those who have left me some already I super super appreciate it. And if y

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    Announcement, I'm taking a break till June

    Announcement, I'm taking a break till June

    It has been a year since I started this podcast! In one of the worst years 2020 I was able to start this podcast and it saved my sanity!! I'm going on hiatus till June to take a breather, adjust to my new job, and work on some personal projects. I will back in June with new episodes.

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

BTdrummer ,

Who doesn’t love folklore?

Not only do I love the subject matter, folklore, superstitions, urban myths and learning about they’re origins, the Podcast is very well done. Obviously hours upon hours of research that, hey, we don’t have to do :) Megan does it for us in a funny, dramatic and charming way that is so fun and sometimes spooky to listen to.
I give it six stars. Two thumbs up as the late, great Siskel and Ebert would have said.

Norse Gods ,

Fun Folklore Podcast

This podcast is really a lot of fun to listen to. I love all of the information they give while keeping me engaged the whole time. It has great pacing and there is a wide variety of formats for the show itself. I highly recommend putting this show in your list of regular podcasts to listen to.

zab_210 ,

So excited!

I just found this podcast and so excited to catch up and hear more!

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