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The rEaL and rAw MaTeriAL of Life with Spiritual undertone

From the Grave Podcast Scott Russell

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The rEaL and rAw MaTeriAL of Life with Spiritual undertone

    127 Darkest Point

    127 Darkest Point

    The power of lying that robs you of your life force. Entering the forest at the darkest point. Dishonesty is not simply telling a lie. Everyone is full of sh#t. Putting on the cloak to perform. Picking a new character for every area of your life. You can can't build off of falsehood. It is eating your lunch. Whatever you sow, that is what you are going to reap. You can't step into the fullness of you if there are lies raging on inside of you. Do you see the same person in every area of ...

    • 37 min
    126 Reality Won

    126 Reality Won

    Check out the BLOG!Baruch Spinoza on his idea of God. Taking personal responsibility for the entirety of your life. Sometimes the chaos of life shows up on your doorstep. Every experience that comes into my life is my responsibility. The just and the unjust. I am responsible for how I address the reality. Suppress and repress? We think that we are dodging things. However, we are robbing ourselves of life force. The fruit of my life is my own doing. Magnets. You are free to create your o...

    • 55 min
    125 The Red Carpet

    125 The Red Carpet

    Everything always works out. The Universe is always laying out the red carpet for us. Always. Operating out of fear, you will never receive the proper solutions. Staying in the right frequency. Do the 'rules' really apply?Making the agreement with God: I devote my life to saturating in my relationship with God; being a good person. He takes care of the rest. "Everything always works out for me". The creator mechanism is off. Everything should be easy? In the seasons of pain we are still...

    • 53 min
    124 Authentic Self

    124 Authentic Self

    Reconnecting with the vestiges of the past. Accepting your authentic self completely. The road to stepping into authenticity may not look like how you would like it to look. Taking full responsibility for every detail of your life. Your life is your own doing; stop complaining.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC93nT0ACHVfQGW5-BaLNZMQ https://www.instagram.com/fromthegravepodcast/https://fromthegraveco.com

    • 1 hr 7 min
    123 Love Actually

    123 Love Actually

    Living life bent on satisfying our self-importance vs living life concerned with how I can give. They hold the flashlight over your shoulder. The Ego's number 1 job. Collapse. Get you alone. Bury you. No one did it to you but you. Euphoria is the number one goal. It fixed everything. Trying to snuff out the overly sensitive version and the result. The world didn't sign off on the sensitive. Ending up alone with no one to show off to. Letting the true you emerge and have room to play. The war ...

    • 1 hr 3 min
    122 Travel Light with Light Watkins

    122 Travel Light with Light Watkins

    Light Watkins is a long-time meditation teacher and thought leader who has spoken and consulted at Fortune 500 companies around the world on the topics of wellness, purpose, and enlightened leadership.He is the author of three best-sellers: The Inner Gym, Bliss More, and Knowing Where to Look, as well as the newly released Travel Light: Spiritual Minimalism to Live a More Fulfilled Life. Light has written a daily dose of inspiration email to his tens of thousands of subscribers.He is the host...

    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
71 Ratings

71 Ratings

Abortz90 ,


FTG podcast has altered my perception on life and recovery. It has helped me through some of the darkest hours (clean) I really believe in this crew and their practices. Do yourself a favor, delve deep into these episodes and focus. Very authentic seeming.

Mkgour ,

Love it. Great show

Request: have more family men and women on the show! Those in recovery but also navigating a marriage and kids.

rc bourgeois ,


Started listening to this podcast a few months ago and I share it with someone new almost every day. So relatable and helpful, even for someone not in the recovery community.

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