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Criticism and analysis of video games. Video games from all time periods/eras are fair game.

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Criticism and analysis of video games. Video games from all time periods/eras are fair game.

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3.8 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

rowdyyobbo ,

Objectively Good, long. Staffed by youngsters. :-)

Run by a couple of smart funny youngsters (30 is young to me, sue me), who are accomplished and knowledgeable and have been through some. So, remember what I just said and look at the four stars when you read the rest of the review.
I have some minor quibbles.
These guys need an editor/sound engineer and can't afford one. This leads to the cast being long with visible slow spots. Honestly this isn't a huge problem.
I"m sure they are super careful about attributions in their fields, but need to be more careful about researching their topics (one example: Metro 2033 is made by a russian publisher about the russian metro, not canadian). They will sometimes state what they recall about a thing (comics whatever) which I know was not true thirty years ago but may be applicable to a reboot which I am unfamiliar with.
I'm not sure what their beef is with Anita Sarkeesian. Jeremiah, David, I suggest listening to the HAWPcast of Dec 13 2013, for an alternate view. Or listen to Anita's November 18, 2013 eplsode, which I'm afraid is all the direct research I've done for this part of the review (my bad). She doesn't seem to deserve the harshness thrown at her. Think of her as a fellow academic... (or wait, that gets pretty harsh, doesn't it).
a-a-and reminder, this is a review of the Game Theory Podcast. Huge chemistry between the hosts who bring their brains to the mic and let us see what's inside. I do not regret the time I spent evaluating this cast and it earned the four stars. I'm going to part ways with them at epi 12, but I wish them all the best.

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