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We talk gemstones- the science, the history, and the fashion of the industry. Hear from gemologists, jewelry designers, and jewelry enthusiasts as they delve deep into a world of color.

Gem Junkies Parle Jewelry Design's Jonathan and Brecken Farnsworth.

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We talk gemstones- the science, the history, and the fashion of the industry. Hear from gemologists, jewelry designers, and jewelry enthusiasts as they delve deep into a world of color.

    Gems Of The US - Arizona And Arkansas

    Gems Of The US - Arizona And Arkansas

    Working our way down the alphabet which means we’ve got Arizona and Arkansas up next. These two states bring a plethora of gemmy goodness.

    00:00:00 Deck issues
    00:58:00 “The United States”
    02:10:00 Arizona & Arkansas
    03:02:00 Arizona = Turquoise
    03:20:00 Rich history in Arizona
    03:37:00 State neckwear
    05:15:00 First mined in 200 BC
    06:06:00 Turquoise legends
    06:35:00 It’s found throughout the state
    07:31:00 Native American translation for turquoise
    08:17:00 Usage with Native Tribes
    08:49:00 Healing properties
    09:50:00 Famous turquoise mines
    12:21:00 Sleeping beauty
    14:12:00 Kingman Mine
    15:12:00 Other cool gemstones in Arizona
    25:37:00 Alright, Arkansas
    24:55:00 State gemstone = DIAMONDS!
    25:05:00 State flag
    25:23:00 Feb. 22nd, 1967
    27:02:00 The geology of Arkansas
    28:16:00 The discovery of diamonds
    29:47:00 The largest diamond found in Arkansas
    30:47:00 The start of Arkansas
    34:11:00 The early 90’s
    35:08:00 The appearance of the diamond in their rough
    36:03:00 Average diamond findings
    38:25:00 Other gemstones found in Arkansas

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    Gems Across The US - Alabama And Alaska

    Gems Across The US - Alabama And Alaska

    With so many people unable to travel beyond the US border and taking more local road trips we figured now was the perfect time to explore each state’s gemstone. To start things off we’re talking about Alabama and Alaska.

    00:00:00 Who’s starting?
    01:01:00 Alabama and Alaska . . . cue the states song
    03:17:00 Alabama – Blue Star Quarts
    03:26:00 Thought it would be something red
    03:48:00 1990
    04:04:00 But why?
    06:23:00 How is it found?
    07:32:00 Blue Star Quartz being an oddity
    09:22:00 Is there any mining going on in Alabama?
    09:55:00 The Lane Cake
    12:16:00 Moving onto Alaska
    12:43:00 Jade = nephrite jade
    To learn more about Jade listen to our episode “Stone of Heaven, Hello Jade!” -- https://soundcloud.com/user-141776549-657959872/stone-of-heaven-hello-jade
    13:16:00 Native Alaskan Inuits and their use of jade
    13:27:00 Where is Alaskan Jade found?
    14:34:00 First non-native to rediscover jade
    15:14:00 [Storytime] The legend of the Jade House.
    18:27:00 Jade Mountain
    19:36:00 About the man who made the Jade Lamp
    20:45:00 [Storytime] The Jade Lamp
    25:00:00 Another modern legend
    25:27:00 Washington Monument
    27:19:0 0 Other gemstones that are being mined in Alaska?

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    Production With Paul = Metals

    Production With Paul = Metals

    We’ve covered gold, silver, and platinum. But how do all of these different metals work within the components of jewelry design? We take you through each step of the process from molding to polish and talk about how these metals vary within each step of the process. To ensure we don’t overlook any details we brought in our production manager, Paul Hartman, to join in on the conversation.

    00:00:00 Peeing in the pool
    00:40:00 All about metals from a jewelry production standpoint
    01:43:00 If you would like to get know more about Paul you can listen to his interview here: https://soundcloud.com/user-141776549-657959872/productionwithpaul
    02:13:00 Starting out at the beginning of the process – molding
    03:17:00 Gypsum used as the investment
    04:46:00 What is the casting temperate
    06:06:00 Cleanliness
    07:30:00 Is there a lot of difference in casting between the metals?
    08:10:00 Why do we like using nickel in white gold?
    10:41:00 Clipping off the tree
    10:55:00 The trunk of the tree
    12:48:00 Polish
    16:11:00 How long is the process from casting to polish?
    18:21:00 Setting
    24:38:00 Plating
    26:37:00 Durability of silver with tarnish on it
    27:60:50 Black rhodium
    28:38:00 [Story time] Cyanide bomb
    24:43:00 Caustic chemicals involved with metals
    31:23:50 What is the most important step in plating?
    34:19:00 Wear and durability
    36:17:00 Stone in place casting

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    Little Silver = Platinum

    Little Silver = Platinum

    What is denser than a diamond and is extremely ductile? PLATINUM. Once tossed away to be believed un-ripened silver that noble metal has become a popular choice in jewelry design. Learn about its discovery and its out of this world origins.

    00:00:00 Dubba-dub-dub-dub
    00:14:00 The game plan with the podcast
    03:50:00 Garden Woes
    05:54:00 So Platinum. . . how did it get its name?
    06:13:00 Platinum’s discovery
    08:22:00 Platinum group of metals
    10:05:00 Studying the properties of platinum
    13:36:00 First reference of platinum
    15:12:00 The heaviness of platinum
    15:47:00 Platinum is very ductile
    16:19:00 Malleability
    16:36:00 Durability
    18:33:00 Melting point
    19:43:00 Mining platinum
    20:52:00 WWII
    22:05:00 How did it get here?
    22:43:00 The moon
    22:58:00 Platinum in the Earth’s crust
    24:19:00 Producing pure platinum
    26:06:00 Platinum in jewelry
    26:51:00 Other usages for platinum
    27:28:00 Platinum vs. Gold $$$

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    Phenomenal Moonstone

    Phenomenal Moonstone

    Moonbeams and ocean reflections are just a few ways to describe the beauty of Moonstone. This week we explore the world of this translucent yet, opulent gemstone.

    00:00:00 That’s an “I”
    00:44:00 Moonstone
    02:50:00 Why is it called moonstone?
    03:43:50 The phenomenon, adularescence
    04:31:00 What is moonstone?
    06:36:00 Where does the name/word adularescence come from?
    07:10:00 Quality factors
    08:14:00 Moonstone has two cleavage planes
    09:08:00 There are (2) types of moonstone
    12:28:00 Moonstone is really a trade name
    13:12:00 Where is moonstone found?
    13:44:00 State gemstone of Florida
    14:23:00 Cultural beliefs with moonstone
    16:26:00 Ancient Rome
    18:46:00 The lovers stone
    19:25:00 The travels stone
    20:34:00 Skincare

    For more information head to: https://www.gia.edu/moonstone

    • 23 min
    Ancient Times With Lapis Lazuli

    Ancient Times With Lapis Lazuli

    We’ve been away for 6 weeks and we’re all excited to be back at the office! Take a seat as we recap about our quarantine experience and explore the ancient world of Lapis Lazuli. Being one of the oldest gemstones mined, it has an extensive involvement with history and folklore that will lure you in.

    00:00:00 Has it really been 6 weeks?
    00:29:00 The COVID experience
    08:53:00 Ok, we’ve got a gemstone for you—Lapis Lazuli
    09:30:00 How long has it been around?
    10:12:00 It is a rock!
    11:27:00 Its gorgeous blue color
    12:53:00 Translucency/ luster/ hardness
    13:14:00 What it has been used for
    13:23:00 Trade grades and mining locations
    15:34:00 How long it takes to mine
    17:14:00 A prized procession during ancient time
    17:49:00 Citation and translation
    18:30:00 Marco Polo
    18:56:00 A LOT of history and lore associated with Lapis
    19:01:00 Highly favored by the Egyptians
    20:24:00 King Solomon
    24:45:00 Using semi-precious stones for religious purposes = Egyptian's “Book of the Dead”
    28:02:00 Ancient Rome
    28:49:50 What it is like in the market today and things to be mindful about when purchasing

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4.7 out of 5
63 Ratings

63 Ratings

Brooklyn Oyster ,

Love your Pod Cast!!!

Thanks so much for your amazing and informative pod cast. I’ve been binging the episodes, I’ve learned so much. Question for you, I’ve been thinking about going to GIA and would love your input in the types of careers you can expect after graduation.

NappyN8 ,


Brand new to the gem world. Definitely increasing my Mohs Scale listening to this.;-)

Ken Jr. ,

Interesting and entertaining!

I enjoy learning about gemstones from Brecken and Jonathan who entertain as well as educate. Their knowledge, free flowing dialog and historical notes keep me listening. Thank you for sharing!

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