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Born in 1975, GenXer Trish the Dish will steer discussions surrounding culture, background, and experiences with guests from different generations in an attempt to find common ground.

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Born in 1975, GenXer Trish the Dish will steer discussions surrounding culture, background, and experiences with guests from different generations in an attempt to find common ground.

    Season 1 Thoughts and Thank You's

    Season 1 Thoughts and Thank You's

    It's the end of season 1 and I have revisit why I started the podcast and whether or not I accomplished my goal. I also give a ton of thank you's toward the end of the episode.

    Season 2 starts in August!

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    There were a ton of episodes I mentioned, so find them all anywhere you listen to podcasts!

    New Dress By Depeche Mode

     X Saves the World (book)

    The Crown

    The Untitled GenX Podcast-War on Drugs

    Who Will Save Generation X trivia podcast

    Anastasia Mak Art

    Dumb Records

    Gen-X Perspective Podcast

    Coyote Moon Vineyard

    Gen X Woman

    Women's Quarterly

    Pencil Leadership

    Podcasting Made Simple

    Eternal Paradigm: Exploring meditation as a transformative process with Trish the Dish and Anthony Nwaneri

    X Generation Now: Grrrls Can Rock 2002 (and even more so now!)-Trish's article on being the only girl in a punk band 



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    Growing Up Straddling Music Genres and Racial Identity

    Growing Up Straddling Music Genres and Racial Identity

    This week's guest is our last interview of Season 1! GenXer Rey and I chat about his childhood spent moving around a lot, growing up biracial and how he discovered music and dj'ing. Be sure to tune in next week for my solo episode where I unpack the season.

    Follow Rey:

    Instagram: @elreymont

    Twitch: @reymontcantil

    NAE for Saturnae:

    Facebook: @naemusic

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    Some of the music we discuss:

    Kill Uncle (Morrissey's first album after the Smiths)

    Bona Drag (Morrissey's second solo album)

    Depeche Mode People are People


    Talking Heads


    Public Enemy


    Massive Attack

    Future Sound of London

    Modest Mouse

    Jane's Addiction

    Tribe Called Quest

    The Smiths

    New Order


    Episodes Mentioned:

    US Border History with Dr. Carlos

    Raving in the 90's Live

    Synthpop and Sugar Pumps

    GenX: The Risk Takers


    • 1 hr 7 min
    RPG, Horror and Writing

    RPG, Horror and Writing

    In this week's episode I geek out with my GenX pal Aaron who was my cowriter and creator of a little indie horror flick we did that won an award back in in the early 2000's. We also geek out on role playing games and life before the internet and YouTube got really big. 

    Be sure to check out our 12 minute film we did with GenX Voice guest from the episode Finding Identity through Choreography Third Eye (part one), and Third Eye (part two)

    The SYSK podcast episode on the Satanic Panic 

    Evil Dead the movie

    Zombie by Lucio Fulci

    Dungeons and Dragons RPG

    Traveler RPG

    Let me know if you love RPG and horror too!


    • 1 hr 7 min
    Being GenX in Canada

    Being GenX in Canada

    This week's GenX guest is from the podcasts Podjerky and Northern Touch (the latter he does with Dj Disspare and Thrust) as well as admin of The Podcaster's Collective. He talks about growing up and staying out till the street lights go on, how he got into podcasting, and how he became friends with one of Canada's most beloved MC-Thrust.

    Instagram and Twitter @PodJerky

    Northern Touch show

    Instagram @thenortherntouchshow
    Twitter @northerntouch6

    The Podcasters' Collective

    Instagram @thepodcasterscollective
    Twitter @casterscollectv
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    • 1 hr 6 min
    Finding Identity through Choreography and Burlesque

    Finding Identity through Choreography and Burlesque

    This week's GenX guest, Chris, aka Ray Gunn, was once crowned the King of Burlesque. He shares with us what growing up black and gay in an all white town in central Illinois was like and how a dance performance completely changed his life and gave him a direction for artistic creativity. 

    Watch some of Chris' performances:

    As stage name Ray Gunn:

    BHOFF Movers9

    The 5th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival

    As himself

    KTF Solo by Artistic Director Chris McCray

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    Synthpop and Sugar Pumps

    Synthpop and Sugar Pumps

    In this episode I sit down with the Millennial creative music team behind Nae, a visual and auditory experience. Ryan and Janae, aka Blizzle and Nae. They explain their musical and visual influences growing up as well as how they integrate life experiences and their educational backgrounds to create a fresh new synth heavy pop sound. 

    NÆ's album Push Button Future is streaming on all platforms!

    NÆ Official Website

    NÆ on Instagram

    NÆ on YouTube


    XGeneration Now

    Are you a rad band or have a creative project you think would be transgenerational and want to be featured on the podcast? Email me at GenX Voice

    • 1 hr 16 min

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5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Allthingsretro ,

Trish is a treasure!

First of all, Trish is a conversational wizard. She’s lived such an interesting and creative life that allows her to relate to guests in a way that encourages them open up about the things they value most. Trish has this special gift that draws the audience in for more. I’m always fascinated by the guests she has on and I’m a big fan of her podcast. Can’t wait to listen on her continued journey for answers, insight, and soul-wisdom.

Charger '91 ,

This voice has my attention

Trish The Dish has a fair, sometimes critical, but realistic approach to discussing generational divides and issues. I have enjoyed the vision of coming together to embrace our differences as a tool to learn from other generations. Being from GenX myself I am biased towards my generation, but the thoughts of setting our differences aside comes from a pure place of kindness, understanding and peace. This notion needs to be celebrated and so does this podcast. Way to go Trish! Please keep making episodes, I'll be listening. :)

Mxsandy12 ,

Fun and unique podcast!

Love the host and her fresh takes. It’s a fun pod everyone can enjoy!

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