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Just like the glistening particles that magically appear when we open the blinds on a warm sunny morning, inspiring, bright sparks in the form of people are around us all the time and we may not even notice. I'm here to shine a light on these amazing people and share their passion. I never know where it's going to go but it's always a good story!

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Just like the glistening particles that magically appear when we open the blinds on a warm sunny morning, inspiring, bright sparks in the form of people are around us all the time and we may not even notice. I'm here to shine a light on these amazing people and share their passion. I never know where it's going to go but it's always a good story!

    Ep. 142: Chloe Louise on music and sobriety

    Ep. 142: Chloe Louise on music and sobriety

    Chloe Louise returns to the podcast and talks candidly about her struggle with alcohol addiction, admitting herself into rehab and how her life has changed on the other side of one year of sobriety.

    Chloe is everything you'd want in an upcoming singer/songwriter. She rocks us with two of her latest songs - be sure not to miss them! Without Warning is about losing someone close while Crash Could Hurt is about finding someone special. They're everything we expect from Chloe's music - all-in-full-heart-on-her-sleeve-real-life-emotions!

    Check out more of Chloe's work at the following places:

    Sunday Night Records - her record label

    Instagram @chloelouisesings

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    Ep 141: Ford on Reforestation

    Ep 141: Ford on Reforestation

    A self-professed contrarian, Ford Seeman is determined to challenge the idea that we can’t do anything as individuals to save our planet. To empower people and businesses with tools to track and negate their carbon footprint, Ford created Forest Founders -- a straightforward, subscription-based service where users can plant trees and earn rewards through a personalized dashboard.

    Raised in the concrete jungle of New York City, Ford still found a way to develop an affinity for nature. He fondly recalls a summer spent in an Outward Bound program. Somewhere between canoe trips and treks through the wilderness, Ford developed a lasting appreciation for nature and a sense of responsibility to our environment and its trees, the ultimate carbon reducer.

    After studying political science and psychology at Lesley University, Ford went on to explore many professional paths -- including working as an associate broker on Wall Street and cofounding an energy drink company. Troubled by the greed and waste he witnessed in these fields, Ford was inspired to create Forest Founders, a company that seeks to align nature with capitalism and help both businesses and consumers become carbon accountable.

    Where to find Ford:

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forestfounders

    • Instagram: https://instagram.com/forestfounders

    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ForestFounders

    • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/forest-founders/about/

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    Ep 140: Qigong and healing with Matthew Wood

    Ep 140: Qigong and healing with Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood is the Founder and Chief Instructor at Shaolin Qigong Hampshire in the UK. In this episode, you'll learn about Qigoing and we'll step through a beautiful setup for a Qigong practice - including smiling from your heart (my favorite moment to moment practice these days!).

    Matthew and I have known each other for several years. We were part of a small and powerful mastermind group at one point, collectively guiding each other towards big life dreams. We've shared energy practices while each following those sparks leading us to our unique joy and purpose. It sounds a little cliche - joy and purpose - but when you find those threads and follow them, it is truly joy along the way and a deep sense of purpose takes birth.

    Matthew wows me with his three random facts - things I didn't know after this long! And now...off to research pantomimes!

    Matthew's Bio:

    Matthew works with individuals and groups to transform their energy so they can live fuller, happier lives. He has a long-held fascination with energy and the mind-energy-body connection. He is currently deep in the rabbit hole, experiencing how energy can transform life at all levels, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Now a transformational energy healer and coach, Matthew offers energy training and healing individually and in combination to shift and transform stuck energy and outgrown patterns and create positive results.

    Appointed Shaolin Cosmos Qigong Instructor by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit in 2018, Matthew now provides Shaolin Qigong training and Qigong Therapy in the UK. Qigong is an extraordinary energy art that restores the body's own innate self-healing ability to create health and vitality, builds more energy, fosters longevity, provides emotional resilience, a clear mind and facilitates peak performance. You can reach Matthew in the UK for Shaolin Cosmos Qigong training and Qigong Therapy, and worldwide via Skype on in-person for private transformational coaching and energy healing with Thetahealing® and Reiki. Visit his website links at the end of these notes.

    Where to find Matthew:

    Shaolin Qigong Hampshire

    Facebook page for Shaolin Qigong Hampshire

    Email Matthew


    If you enjoyed this episode, you may also be interested in these episodes with energy workers around the world:

    Ep 114: Lorraine the healer - also a friend of Matthew's!

    Ep 49: Sarah the healer - my close friend & reiki master!

    Ep 94: Lisa the neurosculptor - Lisa developed neurosculpting to heal brain injuries, seizure disorders and PTSD.

    Thank you for listening!!!

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    Ep 139: CBD with Steve and Warfighter Hemp

    Ep 139: CBD with Steve and Warfighter Hemp

    Steve Danyluk is a retired Marine Corps LTCOL and founder of Warfighter Hemp, a company dedicated to getting Veterans off of the toxic mix of opiates and SSRI’s that far too many are prescribed by the Veterans Administration.

    Steve shares his first hand story witnessing the practices and conditions our wounded veterans experience when they return home. He tackles this problem through representing veterans on Capitol Hill, providing CBD products to improve quality of life and by running a charity organization supplying high-end electric wheelchairs to veterans in need.

    Where to find Steve:

    Warfighter Hemp at www.warfighterhemp.com

    USE PROMO CODE: NEW2CBD for 50% off your first order!!!!

    Facebook Page: Warfighter Hemp

    Facebook Group: Warfighter Hemp Info Group

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    Ep 138: Chris with the Great Cycle Challenge

    Ep 138: Chris with the Great Cycle Challenge

    Chris Cicchi took on the Great Cycle Challenge as a way to push himself through healing from two broken legs. Like so many of these stories, he too found his inspiration through helping others.

    And keep in mind donations are still accepted! Visit Chris' page linked below:


    • 25 min
    Ep 137: Matt with the Great Cycle Challenge

    Ep 137: Matt with the Great Cycle Challenge

    Under “occupation”, Matt Rassette likes to list “writer, lecturer, traveler, and bum.” After eight years in the United States Marine Corp, Matt began a 20+ year career in professional corporate and executive communications, during which time he was involved in the creation and execution of many high-level executive workshops and custom designed customer experiences ranging across museum exhibits, international training programs, global branding initiatives and the Olympic Games.

    Since starting his own firm in 2013, Matt has led dozens of workshops on Customer Engagement, Establishing & Maintaining Highly Effective Teams, Enhanced Communications and Service Excellence. Matt is the lead staff training facilitator for the Appreciative Advising Institute at Florida Atlantic University and is currently on the board of directors of the Great Lakes Bay Veteran’s Coalition.

    Matt counts himself blessed with a wonderfully brilliant egg-headed son, a delightfully ditzy and adorable daughter and a beautiful, intelligent and extremely patient wife who edited this introduction for him.

    Donate to Matt's page:


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4.9 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Emeric Damian ,

A fan from the beginning and it keeps getting better.

The Glistening Particle podcast with Jane Ellen touches the soul of those whom you never knew you wanted to know, the people you pass by in the street, people you share a smile with but never go any deeper with even though you wish you would have. All those missed connections that live before us, come to life here on Glistening Particles. Take a listen to Jane and Chloe and you will understand why those smiles and waves to each other matter, and why the conversations we never imagined having may change you life, if you take the time to have them. Your story is worth sharing, too.

hs92 ,


Something drew me to this episode, and I really needed to hear this today❤

ellenmaryeliz ,

unique, inspiring and highly engaging!

Jane is a wonderful interviewer and her random acquaintance guests are so interesting! I never want to miss an episode! I love the concept and the execution both, thanks Jane for launching this podcast, your enthusiasm and love of life is contagious!

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