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Derek C. Lott, aka The Goal Guy, author of Say It Well, and professionalism mentor for nearly 30 years, breaks down goal-setting and goal-achieving step-by-step in this thorough, bootcamp-style audio series.

GOAL CAMP Derek C. Lott

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Derek C. Lott, aka The Goal Guy, author of Say It Well, and professionalism mentor for nearly 30 years, breaks down goal-setting and goal-achieving step-by-step in this thorough, bootcamp-style audio series.

    Episode 76 - Chrissy Das, You Can Be an Author Too...30 Days From Now!

    Episode 76 - Chrissy Das, You Can Be an Author Too...30 Days From Now!

    If you have ever endeavored to write a book? This episode is for you. If you want to know how to start and the tips that will help you move quickly? This episode is for you. And it doesn't have to take years to write your book. It can literally take 30 days. Make it a goal to listen to this episode and then make it a goal to become an author. You can do it. Listen to the end to hear our guest's amazing story and our discussion on mental health. It will help you power through and obliterate any excuses.

    Chrissy Das is a nonfiction ghostwriter, book coach, and editor who founded (i)nvisible writer to serve service-based business owners and creative professionals who want to use the best words to communicate life-changing ideas. They rely on Chrissy to help them better communicate their thought leadership and grow their business. Since 2015, Chrissy has ghostwritten more than a dozen business books and edited more than 100. In 2021, she started book coaching her clients when she realized that they needed more support to meet their goal of writing a book.

    You can find her on Instagram @nvisiblewriter and visit her website at www.nvisiblewriter.com.

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    Episode 75 - Laura Terrell, Effective Coaching Has Impact

    Episode 75 - Laura Terrell, Effective Coaching Has Impact

    Laura Terrell is an executive coach with over twenty-five years of experience as a legal and business leader.

    She offers an insider’s perspective for business, legal and corporate professionals, working to help her clients to improve and achieve success in their work lives.

    Prior to coaching, she was a Special Assistant to the President at the White House, a senior level appointee at the U.S. Department of Justice, an equity partner in two large, global law firms, and in-house counsel at a publicly traded company. Laura has also led and managed teams of people across multiple countries, serving as a top advisor to many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. 

    Partnering with her clients, she enjoys helping them reach their goals and build confidence in their careers. Learn more about Laura and follow her blog at www.lauraterrell.com.

    Connect with Laura at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauralterrell/

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    Episode 74 - Phyllis Johnson, Defying The Odds

    Episode 74 - Phyllis Johnson, Defying The Odds

    As an African-American little girl born in Alabama in the 60's, there weren't any expectations for her future. However, a supportive family taught her that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. And she did! As Group Director, Business Development Retail at Catalina, Phyllis Johnson is responsible for leading a team that manages the needs of retail clients by demonstrating Catalina’s value in the marketplace. She also participates in advancing Catalina’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. Phyllis measures her success as a leader in terms of how she is helping others. Helping others is her primary purpose in her workplace and personal life.

    Phyllis has over 25+ years of retail expertise and experience. During her career, she has worked with numerous US retailers such as Ahold, Southeastern Grocers, Giant Eagle and Price Chopper assisting them with private brand strategy development which included: Private Brand Portfolio Optimization, New Brand(s) Creation, and Private Brand Sales and Penetration Growth. Phyllis also spent time in London, England working with Sainsbury and their private brand supplier community. She led a team of 45 associates who covered Sainsbury’s total footprint to enhance private brands on-shelf positioning/merchandising and to drive expert bakery training for in-store associates.

    Phyllis is known throughout the industry as a true professional who strives for results without compromising her integrity. She is a proven leader who leads by example and puts service to her team first and foremost. In 2021, Phyllis was awarded the Store Brand 2021 Game Changers Award by StoreBrands Magazine. The award recognizes people, private brands and company innovations that are taking store brands to the next level. In addition, she was named one of WISE’s 2020 Top Women in Store Brands. She now sits on the WISE Board of Directors and mentors the WISE Junior Board. She is also sought after as a speaker/panelist for various industry conferences, such as the Velocity Diversity Conference on August 4, 2020. Her topic was “A Seat at the Table: Why Diversity Matters”. It explored issues relating to both black industry professionals and consumers and how retailers and their brands can create more diverse and inclusive organizations, experiences, brands, and products.

    Prior to joining Catalina, Phyllis worked with various celebrity chefs, TV personalities and their agencies assisting them in bringing their brands and products to the retail marketplace.

    Phyllis loves giving back to the community and supports various nonprofit organizations by volunteering her time to teach and mentor young and upcoming business professionals. She is also a fitness and health enthusiast.

    Contact @: LinkedIn: Phyllis Johnson (She/Her), Instagram: phyllisjohn77, TikTok: phyllisj1963

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    Episode 73 - Kenny Harper, Rock Your Image with Great Habits and Mindset

    Episode 73 - Kenny Harper, Rock Your Image with Great Habits and Mindset

    Kenny Harper works with businesses to save time and increase profits by optimizing and elevating the experience they provide their customers. Kenny is an author, speaker and passionate thought-leader on success habits and behavior transformation. He is the co-founder of Growth Amplifiers, a podcast and community of entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive. You can find Growth Amplifiers on YouTube, many top podcast channels, LinkedIn and at https://growthamplifiers.com. Join our conversation as we talk about how you can build winning habits, identify behaviors that are sabotaging your success, and develop the mindset to accomplish your goals.

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    Episode 72 - Allyson Hernandez, New York, The City of Dreams

    Episode 72 - Allyson Hernandez, New York, The City of Dreams

    Allyson Hernandez defines the word multi-passionate as a published Author, Executive Coach, Entrepreneur, Composer, Singer, and Mom.  As President and Founder of AH Coaching Group, LLC she empowers clients to embrace their "extra" and boldly follow their dreams.

    After a 20+ year career in Corporate Human Resources, in the past year, she launched a business, wrote and published her novel Ballad of Dreams, a novel with Music, was interviewed and performed her original song "It's Never Too Late" on national TV on the Tamron Hall show.  Allyson has performed at the acclaimed Apollo Theater and her EP, Soul Stories can be found wherever you stream music. She has a BFA in Musical Theater from Syracuse University, is a member of the Actors Equity  Association, and holds her ACC credentials through the International Coaching Federation.

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    Episode 71 - Luis Vargas, World Record Fitness

    Episode 71 - Luis Vargas, World Record Fitness

    During Covid, and as the lead for a corporate culture transformation initiative in a $20B project in Africa  and Europe, Luis brought his passion for fitness to life and developed a global Fit & Fun at Home  program to help with the physical and mental wellbeing of the corporate project teams worldwide that  was incredibly well received.

    After an overwhelming success in impacting not only the personal wellbeing of participants but also helping to improve cross-functional work within the company, he decided to pursue his passion for  fitness and healthy living full time and developed an innovative online wellness and fitness app that he  named World Record Fitness, inspired by his extraordinary achievements as a multiple Guinness World  Records holder.

    Luis has established a staggering 20 official fitness Guinness World Records, all of them after his 50th  birthday! Listen in as we discuss how to do what others think is impossible.

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5.0 out of 5
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9 Ratings

Paris W.. ,


I really enjoyed your last podcast Derek. Keep up the great work and continue to put other people first. You haven’t changed.

justenjoyyourlife ,


This podcast takes every day concepts and helps you apply them to your life! It’s inspiration motivation alchemy!

Rizzyvoe ,

Growth mindset

This podcast has so many gems! I enjoy all the great perspectives and the various guest. It’s a fantastic way to achieve a growth mindset

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