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Dedicated To All Things Guitar. Artists, Music, Gear.

Guitar Radio Show Mark Daven

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Dedicated To All Things Guitar. Artists, Music, Gear.

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scm_one ,


Fun guitar-related podcast.

Bluesman_29154 ,

Good But!

Update: 10/21/2017 I've decided to unsubscribe to this podcast. For the simple fact that the audio is so poor. On a recent road trip I listened to the episode with Johhny Highland. Between the host and Johnny, the audio of them talking on what sounded like speaker phone chatting was just too much torture! I'm Out! Show content is good but really, Mark needs to work seriously on his audio. It's hard on the ears listenting to someone talk in a hard room and the sound of the quest coming out of a speaker phone. In this day and age, there is no excuse for audio being produced this bad. Oh and I might add, you could hear the lawn being mowed outside as well!

Tmuster4444 ,

Great show!!

Mark is a great interviewer and has found top artists and gear builders to talk too! He has turned me onto some music I may not have found otherwise. I even ordered pickups from one of his sponsors (nicos pickups) .. Great tone and a awesome product!

His podcast is well worth a listen!

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