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Retired podcaster.



    snippet from a 2019 Jam session with Tony Trimm and Kintaro

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    Powerful music

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    55. The Jeff Tomsic Episode

    55. The Jeff Tomsic Episode

    It’s Tag week and we have a new episode with the director of the movie Jeff Tomsic. We talk about the process of making Tag from start to finish. He called me the best actor of my generation but we edited it out. It was a fun fascinating talk for me. We recorded this the day before the premiere so the energy and nerves are alive in this episode. Tag is in theaters June 14th and 15th and 16th and 17th and others.

    2:50 - Red Carpet Rambler
    5:18 - First Feature Film
    9:00 - Two Take Tomsic
    12:35 - Watching Yourself
    17:30 - Peaches ATL Outing
    21:15 - Booking The Gig
    22:15 - Cedar Rapids/Tag
    33:10 - Tag Tag Tag
    35:00 - Press Junkets
    40:00 - Day Three
    43:15 - Down Time?
    45:00 - Crew Changes
    52:45 - Mnemonic Devices
    53:55 - Siblings/Tay Zonday
    59:00 - Editing Time
    1:01:45 - New Segment
    1:03:40 - Tony Brings Up Birdman (Again)
    1:06:35 - HB Directing Move

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    46. The K'Valentine Episode

    46. The K'Valentine Episode

    On this episode we talked with fellow Chicagoan K’Valentine. I met her in Denver while she was opening for Talib Kweli.  We talk about how she got started crashing green rooms. I added some unnecessary theremin to her songs. We had a good talk.  Her album “Here for a reason” is available everywhere.  Check it out.   Bevel gave us money this episode.  Go to getbevel.com/hannibal for 10% off your first order

    @KVALENTINE1 on SoundCloud

    4:15 - Sober Discipline
    7:55 - Weed Song/Breakup Track
    12:20 - Getting Backstage
    14:50 - HS in Minneapolis
    16:40 - Dr. Maya Angelou
    21:20 - Footworking Ability
    24:00 - Tell Maliah I’m on fire
    28:10 - Debut Album Here for a Reason
    31:10 - Similar Names
    34:20 - Fav Track
    35:50 - Big Production Items
    38:15 - Relaxation Technique?
    41:35 - Siblings/TV Placement
    45:27 - Let’s Go Into All of That (New Segment)
    55:10 - Buy My Album Song

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    Hannibal Buress announces his new podcast "Handsome Rambler," coming soon to Earwolf!

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4.7 out of 5
1.4K Ratings

1.4K Ratings

LessCouchOn ,

Dear Hannibal,

A pubic bone is not an erection. 🕯

-Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

panda541 ,

More episodes

Love this podcast

J MacP ,

Truly a Classic Podcast. Pitchfork will give it a 10/10 in 10 years

Hannibal legitimately loves music, and it’s beautiful that he has randomly begun uploading songs where the podcast is. I used to listen to this podcast and the nxworries album while doing food delivery in 2016-17.

Great assortment of guests. The use of inexplicable auto tune jams mid-interview is a strong artistic move, the interviews are with interesting people, and I appreciate the casual nature and randomness of the interviews. Definitely a one-of-a-kind podcast, and the Lizzo interview casually dropped a surprising bombshell.

Tony Trimm is the MVP. His presence and knowledge allows the podcast to be all it can be. His skillset is what allows for the unique format, and he always has an interesting opinion on any given topic that helps create a dynamic conversation.

Why did Miami Nights get uploaded to the internet and then pulled? Not sure what happened there, but it was a great special. This has nothing to do with the podcast, but is a legitimate question.

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