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VMware HCX Tips, tricks, updates and more.

HCX Majors Britton Johnson

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VMware HCX Tips, tricks, updates and more.

    Major Clouds

    Major Clouds

    In this episode, we welcome Emad Younis, to learn about HCX for Multi-Cloud https://emadyounis.com/ 


    • 36 min
    Major Updates 2.0

    Major Updates 2.0

    HCX 4.0 Release


    New Release Versioning and Lifecycle Policies
    Migration Estimation
    Migration Event Details
    Network Extension Details
    In-Service Upgrade for Network Extension Appliances

    • 39 min
    Major Disaster

    Major Disaster

    Episode  5 For Friday December 18th, 2020

    HCX and DR

    • 36 min
    Major Updates

    Major Updates

    Episode 4 with @anikasuri 

    5 features announced at VMworld , were GA for on Prem, but now available in VMC

    There will be no added cost for any customer to have the additional premium features at this time that for VMC on AWS Customers only.



    Note: HCX Enterprise Upgrade still allows the unlocking of additional features not included in this update.

    • 40 min
    Major People

    Major People

    Who is required to make an HCX deployment successful? 

    Getting Started Guide. 


    • 38 min
    Major Planning

    Major Planning

    Setting up a Successful POC 

    Validate Use Case
    Talk about      Environment and Scope the POC to ensure Success
    Setting up the      HCX Environment

    Source /       Destination
    Activation /       Licensing / Eval
    Network       Requirements / Proxy / FW
    NSX Fully       configured at Destination
    Overcoming IT       Silos
    POC to Prod
    Keep it Simple       and Grow

    • 41 min

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