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Two hypothetically witty guys talking about the topics of the day and... stuff.

Heat Stroke James Fryer & Christopher Ferman

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Two hypothetically witty guys talking about the topics of the day and... stuff.

    #45: Christopher Breaks His Chronotype

    #45: Christopher Breaks His Chronotype

    Goblin Quarterly
    People forgetting how to be people
    Christopher takes Fridays off
    The four day work week
    Ford invented the five day work week
    Working nights at Office Depot
    Corporate sucks
    Working too long makes for bad work
    Barbecue Fridays
    Work doesn't have to be miserable
    James's four day work week was actually six
    Are Chronotypes BS? Probably.
    Christopher breaks his chronotype
    Europe closes on Sundays
    Renaissance Faire Devil
    James is a Thief
    Kevin Lee: China's white devil
    Wolf Warrior
    Netflix is over

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    #44: Christopher Goes to Hollywood

    #44: Christopher Goes to Hollywood

    Always on my mind
    The world goes to hell
    Canoeing trip
    Democracy may suck, but it's the least worst
    No backdoors anymore
    Ocean Elevening a crack writing team
    Afraid of links
    Hunting comedians
    Free therapy and free coffee
    Bill Dawes
    Bizarre crazy people
    The Laugh Factory
    Christopher forgets how to use Google Maps
    "It was hip until you drove up"
    "Hey Bryan!" "...My name's Bill."
    Surprise podcast!
    Looking for cameras because Christopher is paranoid, or maybe just weird
    James doesn't go to bars
    "Aren't you curious?" "No."
    Cheers sucked, but Boston was cool
    The Good Place
    James went to MIT
    USA has 3% of the children of the world, but 40% of toys
    Lego inheritance
    Don't waste your money on a storage unit
    James the moving guy
    Podcasting from the (airplane) graveyard

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    #43: Christopher's Covid Adventure

    #43: Christopher's Covid Adventure

    A Brief History of Time
    Artists throw-down
    No one for Christopher to talk to about art
    Christopher takes his son to college
    Covid at Christopher's
    Flintstone vitamin is the best
    'Teen Guy' vitamins
    Snorting vitamins
    Acai berries
    The American Diet
    Too many choices at the grocery store?
    Americans are fat
    Are there anti oxidants in coffee?
    James has a feeling
    Alcohol isn't really that healthy
    Christopher doesn't get drunk
    A 12 pack a night
    $2 Chuck follow up - not a divorce story (Charles Shaw)
    Graham crackers and coffee
    Graham Crackers: 'The anti-masturbating treat!'
    James eviscerates Gettr's branding
    Social media sites shaking down users down for their phone number
    What is ghosting?
    Herbal remedy for ghosting
    Dash Rip Rock - Let's Go Smoke Some Pot
    Heat Stroke Podcast totally, sometimes, maybe endorses the use of certain unspecified herbal medicines which may or may not be legal in your local.

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    #42: Things That Suck: College Process and China

    #42: Things That Suck: College Process and China

    James isn't angry
    Antifreeze tastes sweet
    Christopher will do a taste test of poisons
    The tyrant that is Christopher
    Dial-tone PSA
    Reservoir of hate
    Italian coffee machines don't work
    McDonald's milkshake machine controversy
    Don't sue McDonalds
    Walmart mountain bikes: "Not intended for off-road use"
    Bezos sues NASA because he's an a*****e
    "The other billionaire d******d"
    Creative destruction
    Free-ride interviewee
    The terrible college process - Shots, insurance, grades, verify awards, financial setup, etc...
    Predatory college loans
    Student loan forgiveness
    Discharge student loans through bankruptcy
    College is expensive because of sports
    The Nads
    Christopher needs a little reeducation
    Full negative
    James isn't pro China anymore
    "It's not a declaration of war, he's just being a dick."
    Christopher and James argue about China
    Pontica Fiero
    Race horse takes off and ends up in a burning barn (Bold and Bossy)

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    #41: Interview with Darron Basinger

    #41: Interview with Darron Basinger

    First day of school photo
    School bus couldn't find James's house
    'Stranger Danger' is not a thing
    School starts and Christopher thinks FOOTBALL!
    James's iPhone 4 drowns
    Pop Warner Football
    Phoenix kids can't run in the rain
    James was an angry kid - good for football
    The Washington Football team logo was the best
    James doesn't like a lot of things
    Piestewa Peak
    "Patricia Peak"
    "Stop remembering things I say."
    Pedantic vs didactic
    "One man's pedantic is another man's awesome."
    Christopher ambushes James again with a guest
    Starting the game with a 5 minute warning
    Shoes, insurance, and mortuary
    Friends since 1974
    "Let's be clear, I'm not a nice person."
    Jimmy stole Darron's skateboard and Christopher's 'medicinal herb'
    Cremation blowback - 'over the top' is not a good line for funeral homes
    Mortuary business doubled
    No days off for Darren
    How many COVID 'customers'? in early 2020 - 1/3 were COVID, now only 1/4
    Darren's mortuary saw mostly elderly dying from COVID, but also Hawaiians, Samoans, Philippinos (not overweight) & Latinos, and 30-60 year olds who were overweight
    No bailout for the funeral home (none needed)
    Death AND Taxes
    Philippinos not respecting PPE at funeral home
    The headshop next door ruined James's gallery insurance
    Was that supposed to be a joke?

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    #40: Interview with Katie Corso

    #40: Interview with Katie Corso

    Katherine Corso: Insurance Broker, Notary, & Tax Accountant
    tel: (360) 519-7516 (please text)
    email: kc_agent@yahoo.com

    Coke free household
    "And a pound of sugar"
    Don't help Christopher
    "Thor mode"
    Red tape and dental plans
    Healthcare and taxes...
    Princess Cruises
    .01%, 1% ($400K+), 4%
    Lifestyle vs income
    DON'T tax food, water, and residence
    "Government clothing"
    Part of the body that's not part of the body
    Cover the basics!
    Christopher's teacher healthcare story
    Is it in the morning or afternoon?
    Price transparency
    Malpractice insurance
    A thousand little cuts, PC nonsense being one of them
    Christopher gets his physical the tax guy (from behind)
    A little bit of COVID
    Social media contagion
    Big tech tracking you in ways that would surprise you
    "Your fault for reading the New York Times"
    Concierge doctors
    Market places and health insurance
    More red tape

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5 Ratings

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Phoenix Funny

The Heat Stroke Podcast provides an outlet to distract, entertain, educate, inform, provide laughter and perhaps even tears, and overall acts to elevate the podcast medium. Christopher Ferman has bizarre and a little bit crazy life stories and James Fryer’s sarcasm leave you laughing out loud.
Many of Christopher’s stories are from his years living in Los Angels. James dry humor is flavored with his growing up in New York and other cites on the East Coast.
It is occasionally deep, but broad all at once. I enjoy listening to this weekly podcast, especially if you are from Phoenix, or Los Angeles. This podcast is a guaranteed laugh out loud every single episode show.