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HeroFront is a veteran owned podcast. We listen to inspiring stories from some of the greatest "heroes" around the world to include leaders in business, inspiring authors, innovative entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers. They all share stories of resilience and hope to inspire those struggling with their mental health. Some of these heroes you have never heard of until now.

Sit back, relax, and let's listen to a LEGEND build their legacy.

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HeroFront is a veteran owned podcast. We listen to inspiring stories from some of the greatest "heroes" around the world to include leaders in business, inspiring authors, innovative entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers. They all share stories of resilience and hope to inspire those struggling with their mental health. Some of these heroes you have never heard of until now.

Sit back, relax, and let's listen to a LEGEND build their legacy.

    Surrender or Die!: Reflections of a Combat Leader w/SEAC #3 Troxell

    Surrender or Die!: Reflections of a Combat Leader w/SEAC #3 Troxell

    Get the book on Amazon here:

    [00:00] Welcome to an emotional and insightful podcast episode where Josh and Troxell discuss the challenges and rewards of leadership, the power of loyalty and resilience, and the profound impact of their decisions on the military.

    I. Being a Leader: Challenges and Rewards
    [01:20] Leadership brings both challenges and rewards. Josh and Troxell share their personal experiences, highlighting the need for resilience and the importance of fostering a cohesive organization.

    II. Surrender or Die: Reflections of a Combat Leader
    [07:45] Explore the hero's journey through Duke Jacob's book, "Surrender or Die," and discover the parallels between combat leadership and WWE's tribute to the troops. Witness the indomitable spirit of leaders in challenging circumstances.

    III. Vince McMahon and the Military: A True Gentleman's Appreciation
    [14:32] Dive into the world of Vince McMahon, the chairman of WWE, and his relentless pursuit of perfection. Learn about his deep appreciation for the military and the profound mission of four boats, symbolizing the unity between the military and civilian communities.

    IV. Military Families: Unbreakable Bonds and Unique Qualities
    [21:05] Experience the unique qualities of military families through heartwarming stories of loyalty, resilience, and the profound impact of deployments. Discover the strength and sacrifices of those who support our military personnel.

    V. Lessons from General Dunford: Perspectives from a Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman
    [28:14] Learn valuable leadership lessons from General Dunford, the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Explore the importance of perspective, selfless service, and effective decision-making in shaping a successful leader.

    VI. Working with Vietnam War Veterans: Mentorship and Resiliency
    [35:50] Hear Josh and Troxell's experiences working with Vietnam War veterans and the invaluable mentorship they received. Delve into the lessons learned about readiness, resiliency, and the delicate balance of guidance and respect.

    VII. Overcoming Challenges: The Power of Resilience
    [42:18] Witness the resilience of Vietnam veterans and be inspired by their stories of triumph over tough times. Learn how the power of resilience can help overcome adversity and shape a stronger individual.

    VIII. Empathy and Leadership: The Importance of Caring for Others
    [48:55] Explore the impact of empathy in effective leadership and hear inspiring stories of leaders who genuinely care for their teams. Understand the role of empathy in building strong and cohesive organizations.

    IX. Facing Adversity: Lessons from a Trying Time
    [55:42] Reflect on General Dunford's unwavering leadership during a challenging period. Discover the power of resilience in the face of adversity and learn from his example in staying strong amidst pressure.

    X. General Dunford: Loyalty, Purpose, and Preparation
    [1:02:10] Celebrate General Dunford as the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and learn about the qualities that define his leadership: loyalty, sense of purpose, and preparedness for challenging situations.

    XI. Sandra's Decision: Changing the World and Embodying Heroism
    [1:08:26] Uncover the transformative power of Sandra's decision to stay in the military. Explore the hero's journey and its profound impact on individuals and society as a whole.

    [1:14:03] In this captivating podcast episode, Josh and Troxell explore the essence of leadership, drawing insights from their experiences and the wisdom of General Dunford, Vince McMahon, and military families. Through their stories, we are inspired to embrace resilience, loyalty, empathy, and purpose in our own

    lives, making a positive impact in the world around us.

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Kevin Ott: A Resounding Voice for the Air Force Community - Navigating Challenges, Advocating for Change, and Inspiring a Legacy of Leadership

    Kevin Ott: A Resounding Voice for the Air Force Community - Navigating Challenges, Advocating for Change, and Inspiring a Legacy of Leadership

    In this episode, we sit down with AFSA Champion and retired CMSgt, Kevin Ott, a distinguished Air Force veteran with 30 years of service. Join us as we explore Kevin's life and career, from leadership lessons and 9/11's impact to his reflections on 40 years of Air Force transformations and uniform changes. Kevin's stories from basic training and his resilience after setbacks offer valuable insights. He emphasizes the importance of advocacy, from spousal licensing to Rapid City's housing challenges. Join us for an inspiring journey through the life of a dedicated Air Force leader. Don't miss it!

    Talking Points Include:
    Letting people make the decisions (11:06)
    How long did you serve for? (18:17)
    Risk takers as leaders (23:09)
    Changes in the air force over 40 years (27:25)
    Brown on brown on brown (33:44)
    Wiping out the promotion system (40:54)
    Trends in promotion and how to promote (46:41)
    Disappointment and resiliency in your career (51:58)
    The importance of becoming a first sergeant (56:52)
    Lessons learned from his early career (1:01:48)
    How did you get into the air force? (1:07:51)
    Pizza for the Super Bowl (1:13:07)
    The letter to the governor (1:17:28)
    The housing crisis in Rapid City (1:23:18)
    The importance of having a strong voice (1:28:56)

    Kevin M. Ott, retired as of November 1, 2012, is a distinguished Chief Master Sergeant with a rich background in the United States Air Force. He served as the Squadron Superintendent of the 28th Communications Squadron at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, managing a team responsible for mission-critical C4 equipment and systems. Chief Ott advocated for squadron member welfare, readiness, and development. Born in LaPorte, Indiana, his career spanned roles in radar operation, radio management, technical training, operational evaluation, and as a first sergeant. He served across the United States and overseas, deploying to regions like Qatar, Kuwait, Djibouti, and Jordan in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM, showcasing his dedication to Service.

    • 1 hr 41 min
    "RyeRoast" and Her Journey of Relentless Grit: How Riley is Positively Impacting The USAF and The World

    "RyeRoast" and Her Journey of Relentless Grit: How Riley is Positively Impacting The USAF and The World

    This is a special SUMMIT edition podcast episode!

    Join us in talking with the legendary Influencer - Riley! Known as Rye.Roast on Instagram and most notably RyeRoast on TikTok!

    "RyeRoast" and Her Journey of Relentless Grit: How Riley is Positively Impacting The USAF and The World

    In this captivating podcast episode, we embark on a journey through the lives of individuals connected to the Air Force. From personal struggles to remarkable accomplishments, these interviews shine a light on the diverse experiences of those who serve our nation. Get ready to be inspired as we dive into their stories, discovering the true strength and resilience of the Air Force.

    Becoming a Medic in the Military (5:43)
    Joining the military for a higher purpose, influenced by a dedicated father who served as a police officer, Riley shares the journey of overcoming physical and mental challenges. The proudest Air Force moment is a testament to unwavering commitment and determination.

    Riley's Social Media Journey (10:09)
    Riley's path to social media success is a fascinating one, intricately intertwined with past relationships and a mental health journey. Through content creation, including the famous pants, Riley discovered a unique voice and a supportive community. Her ability to connect with ideal subscribers highlights the therapeutic aspect of social media.

    Sharing Stories to Help Others (20:55)
    Riley's battle with PTSD and the long road to diagnosis transformed personal trauma into a means of support for others. Her journey underscores the importance of embracing bravery and strength in adversity and advocating for mental health within the Air Force.

    The Real Strength of the Air Force (26:00)
    In a critical incident that prompted action and advocacy, we gain insight into the life of an Air Force instructor. This incident unveiled hidden knowledge gaps among airmen, emphasizing the importance of peer-to-peer connection and sharing experiences. It's a reminder that the true strength of the Air Force lies in its ability to adapt, learn, and grow together.

    Leadership Style and Proud Moments (31:41)
    A unique leadership approach is explored, emphasizing mentorship and education for airmen. Acknowledging the diversity of knowledge and skills within the Air Force, the narrative highlights a proud career moment that underscores the power of nurturing talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

    Riley's Impact and Commitment (36:35)
    Riley's advocacy journey has left a profound impact on those she connects with. Her unwavering commitment to supporting others, especially those in need of someone to talk to, demonstrates the power of compassion and empathy within the Air Force community. She is a beacon of hope and a source of strength for many.

    Final Thoughts
    In this podcast episode, we've embarked on a remarkable journey through the lives of individuals whose connection to the Air Force goes far beyond duty. These stories, marked by resilience, determination, and compassion, inspire us to embrace our own journeys. The lessons remind us that, in unity, we find our greatest power. Dive deeper into these inspiring SUMMIT discussions and stories by tuning in to the full episode, and let the spirit of the showing up for yourself guide your own journey of service and resilience.

    • 42 min
    From Trauma To Triumph: How Andriea Cook Breaks Barriers and Empowers Her Team

    From Trauma To Triumph: How Andriea Cook Breaks Barriers and Empowers Her Team

    Turning Trauma into Triumph: The Inspiring Andriea Cook Leadership Story
    This is a special AFSA SUMMIT edition episode!

    In the latest podcast episode, "From Trauma To Triumph: How Andriea Cook Breaks Barriers and Empowers Her Team," Andriea Cook shares a deeply transformative journey of turning personal trauma into triumphant leadership. This episode is a masterclass in resilience, transparency, and empowerment. Let's dive into the powerful insights she shared.

    The Power of Words and Transparent Leadership (21:34)
    Andriea Cook's journey begins with a profound reflection on the power of words and the importance of distinguishing mistakes from crimes. She advocates for leaders to meet their team members where they are, providing guidance for growth rather than punitive actions. Transparent leadership takes center stage, emphasizing the significance of fostering an environment where honesty thrives, and trust is built brick by brick.

    Addressing Avoidance Patterns and Leading with Authenticity (33:57)
    Avoidance patterns have a pervasive influence, even on leaders. Cook's experience underscores the necessity of addressing these patterns head-on. She highlights a critical gap in leadership training—conflict resolution—and how its absence can impact leaders' effectiveness. Authenticity emerges as a beacon, as Cook encourages senior leaders to exemplify genuine behavior, setting the tone for their teams.

    Embracing the Air Force Family and Finding Purpose (46:28)
    Within the Air Force community, Cook emphasizes the importance of unity and support. Embracing the Air Force family nurtures personal and professional growth, creating a safety net for airmen to thrive. This supportive environment serves as the breeding ground for discovering one's purpose and deeply connecting to the mission at hand.

    Overcoming Trauma and Leading with Compassion (57:56)
    Cook's journey takes a poignant turn as she shares her personal encounters with trauma. These experiences have shaped her leadership style, enabling her to lead with empathy and compassion. She sheds light on the remarkable power of channeling childhood trauma into positive leadership attributes when managed effectively. Compassionate leadership, she suggests, bridges gaps and nurtures accountability.

    Strategies for Effective Leadership Development (1:09:12)
    Emotional intelligence becomes a cornerstone in Cook's leadership philosophy. Recognizing subtle shifts within team members, she believes, is pivotal for effective leadership. The podcast delves into the art of asking "why," fostering curiosity in interactions, and discovering purpose. Cook's insights on helping airmen unearth their purpose resonate as actionable steps toward holistic development.

    The Journey Towards Healing and Empowerment (1:22:08)
    Cook's turning point comes under the spotlight—a story of personal challenge transformed into leadership strength. She underlines the crucial necessity of intentional healing and facing past traumas headlong for personal growth. The metaphor of a "buffalo vs. herd of cows" illustrates her message: to choose the path less taken, to stride towards self-empowerment and growth.

    Celebrating Success and Creating Positive Change (1:33:35)
    Cook's journey culminates in an inspiring success story, radiating hope and possibility. Her experiences underscore the importance of comprehensive training in crisis management, conflict resolution, and relationship nurturing. The transformative impact of self-belief emerges, as Cook advocates for breaking generational curses through purposeful leadership.

    Final Thought
    Andriea Cook's leadership journey encapsulates a remarkable odyssey—a testament to triumph over adversity. As we wrap up this journey of empowerment, remember that every challenge can be a stepping stone, and every setback, an opportunity for growth. Apply the invaluable lessons from this podcast episode to your own leadership roles, and watch the seeds of transformation

    • 1 hr 39 min
    Contagious Positivity: Sully's Blueprint for Amplifying Impact and Mastering Micro Decisions

    Contagious Positivity: Sully's Blueprint for Amplifying Impact and Mastering Micro Decisions

    In this captivating episode of the #AFSASUMMIT23 podcast special - We delve into the world of positivity, growth, and the art of making impactful decisions. Our guest, Sully, a notable influencer with a passion for spreading positivity, takes us on a journey through his insights and experiences. Join us as we uncover the transformative power of positivity and its role in fostering personal and collective growth.

    His Website:

    His Book:

    **Introduction** *(00:09:00)*
    As the curtain rises on "Contagious Positivity," we set the stage for an enlightening conversation with Sully. An influencer on a mission, Sully's engaging presence and dedication to positivity promise a discussion that will leave a lasting impact.

    **Spreading Positivity in the Social Media Space** *(00:12:45)*
    Sully's influence extends beyond the digital realm. We explore his role as an influencer, where he harnesses the transformative power of positivity. Dive into the ripple effect of spreading positivity and how it contributes to a more uplifting online landscape.

    **Navigating Chaos and Creating Value: Sully's Perspective** *(00:19:10)*
    In chaotic times, value creation becomes paramount. Discover Sully's approach to thriving amid chaos and learn how his experiences in the seven cfm field management team have shaped his perspective. Uncover the importance of value creation even in the face of challenges.

    **Health of the Force: Managing the Cyber Functional Community** *(00:26:35)*
    Peek behind the curtain of the deputy chief of staff's responsibilities, from managing the health of the force to overseeing the cyber functional community. Gain insights into the intricacies of maintaining efficiency and readiness within the armed forces.

    **Cultivating Strong Foundations for Growth** *(00:34:02)*
    Drawing from the metaphor of cultivating tall trees, Sully emphasizes the significance of strong foundations. Explore how laying the groundwork for personal growth paves the way for towering achievements.

    **Ecosystems of Impact: Individual and Collective Growth** *(00:41:28)*
    Embark on a journey through interconnected ecosystems. Sully delves into the idea of personal growth and its far-reaching impact, echoing through broader collective well-being.

    **Strategies for Sustaining Momentum and Personal Improvement** *(00:49:15)*
    Sully's strategies for sustaining momentum and purpose come to light. Join us as he unravels the value of self-improvement, consistency, and maintaining equilibrium through life's ups and downs.

    **Micro-Decisions and their Far-reaching Effects** *(00:56:40)*
    Small decisions, when approached mindfully, have the potential for monumental impact. Sully shares examples of how these micro-decisions accumulate, shaping the trajectory of one's life.

    **Contagious Positivity and Energy: Insights from Sully** *(01:04:03)*
    Experience the contagious energy and positivity that define Sully's approach. Gain insights into the qualities that make positivity a driving force in leadership, relationships, and personal growth.

    **Conclusion: Embracing Growth and Amplifying Impact** *(01:11:27)*
    As we conclude this episode, we reflect on the takeaways from Sully's insights. The blueprint for amplifying growth, impact, and mastering micro decisions becomes clearer. Embrace positivity, prioritize self-improvement, and step confidently into a future shaped by impactful choices.

    Join us in this enlightening exploration of "Contagious Positivity," where Sully's wisdom guides us on a path to personal and collective growth.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    SUMMIT LIVE! Beyond Orders: The Role of Mandatory Romance in Military Relationships w/Ashley Glass

    SUMMIT LIVE! Beyond Orders: The Role of Mandatory Romance in Military Relationships w/Ashley Glass

    Coming to you LIVE from the #AFSASUMMIT23

    Welcome to a captivating episode of the #AFSASUMMIT23 podcast, featuring the dynamic Ashley Glass. With a 17-year Air Force career, Ashley's leadership, advocacy for writing and mental well-being, are highlighted. In this episode, we explore her journey, philosophies, and insights into the Air Force and beyond.

    **I. The Three Questions to Ask: A Peek into Ashley's World**

    - Ashley's Special Edition: Access Ashley's experiences and perspectives exclusive to #AFSASUMMIT23 attendees.
    - The Significance of the Forearm Tattoo: Her tattoo as a symbol of strength and resilience.
    - Unveiling Her Spirit Animal: Ashley's spirit animal and its alignment with her journey.
    - Mental Health's Impact on Reality: Insights into the importance of maintaining mental well-being.

    **II. Proudest Air Force Moment and Journey: Seventeen Years of Triumph**

    - The Pinnacle of Pride: Ashley's proudest Air Force moment encapsulating her journey.
    - Endurance and Longevity: Lessons learned from her 17-year service.

    **III. Narrative Buddy and Communication: Revolutionizing Connections**

    - Unpacking the Narrative Buddy: Fostering communication through the innovative concept.
    - Harnessing Technology for Effective Communication: Strategies for enhanced understanding in a tech-driven world.
    - Social Media's Role in Mental Health: Ashley's experience with postpartum depression and social media.

    **IV. Community Building and Creativity: Writing for Self-Improvement**

    - The Air Force Writing and Self-Improvement Page: Fostering community and growth.
    - Innovative Initiatives: EPR page and chat GPT templates for communication.
    - The Power of Social Media: Connecting like-minded individuals.

    **V. Marriage Policy and Relationships: Navigating Love and Life**

    - A Unique Marriage Policy: Balancing career and personal life.
    - Lessons from Relationships: Insights from Ashley's personal journey.
    - Communication: The Cornerstone of Relationships: Importance of mutual understanding.

    **VI. Balancing Military Life and Personal Time: Strategies for Harmony**

    - Family Activities Amidst Military Commitments: Navigating family time.
    - Carving Personal Time: Importance of personal well-being.

    **VII. Career, Rank, and Beyond: The Journey to Excellence**

    - The Weight of Rank and Time: Significance of rank and time in service.
    - Psychological Challenges of Promotion: Navigating career advancement.
    - Rising to Excellence: Ashley's journey as one of the 12 outstanding airmen of the year.

    **VIII. The Temptation of Leaking Information: Balancing Responsibility and Frustrations**

    - Understanding Leaking Information: Complex motivations and impacts.
    - Navigating Frustrations: Challenges of integrity and duty.

    **IX. Conclusion: Nurturing Growth, Building Relationships, and Embracing Resilience**

    Ashley Glass's journey embodies resilience, growth, and commitment to self-improvement. Her wisdom serves as a beacon for aspiring individuals, both in and out of the service, emphasizing personal growth, relationships, and resilience. Join us for more insights at #AFSASUMMIT23.

    • 1 hr 2 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

MSgt JC ,

Insight into our Air Force leaders and more

Josh sits down with our current leaders and makes them relatable. He gets them to open up, brings their leadership style and experiences eye to eye with our youngest airmen. Every enlisted leader needs to share this podcast with their troops!

Stephen Brevig ,

This guy is the Big Man On Campus!

No words needed. Just listen in!

Chelsea In Recovery ,

Inspires & Challenges Me

Thanks Josh for introducing us to some amazing people who are making a real difference in this world. Hearing from others who’ve been through similar mental health struggles gives me so much hope!

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