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The podcast where I attempt to interview, and get to know, as many of the world’s “Heathers” + their stories as humanly possible!

"Hey, Heather!‪"‬ Heather Edwards

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The podcast where I attempt to interview, and get to know, as many of the world’s “Heathers” + their stories as humanly possible!

    Heather Askew

    Heather Askew

    Today's Heather comes to us from Thailand!

    She grew up in a tiny town in Washington State, then moved to LA to work as a script supervisor in film/tv/and commercials for a decade.

    She then moved to Thailand to work in anti-trafficking work with children. In 2015, she started a non-profit called Jojo's Sanctuary.

    She does prevention and protection work through education, citizenship rights, foster care and family strengthening programs. 

    IG: @jojosthailand
    Website: jojosthailand.org
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    • 25 min
    Heather O’Brien

    Heather O’Brien

    Today's Heather comes to us from Las Vegas! 

    She's in the hemp + cannabis industry, and dedicated to healing others. 

    We talk all things CBD, from how it can help kids + pets, to finding your right dosage. She's also getting ready to launch a brand new line of family products called Rasayana Mama - it's exciting stuff! 
    Sidenote: Apologies for how my end of the conversation sounds this time around. We experienced some technical difficulties on my end, but I didn't want you to miss out on this episode. So...here we go!

    IG: @rasayanaoils

    Website: https://www.rasayanaoil.com/

    Linktree: Linktr.ee/rasayanamama

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    • 22 min
    Heather Hausman

    Heather Hausman

    Today's Heather comes to us from Missouri!

    She's a personal trainer, yoga teacher, self myofascial release specialist, as well as sports nutritionist.

    We talk about taking advice from the social media famous, not accepting health problems as "normal aging", and potentially starting a #HeyHeatherBeHealthy Hashtag!

    IG: @h2_pt_
    Website: HeatherHausman.com
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    • 23 min
    Heather Kennedy

    Heather Kennedy

    Today's Heather comes to us from Castaic, California.

    She's a Special Education teacher who's in her 14th year of teaching!

    In this episode we discuss how the pandemic has affected teachers and students, and address a few of the misconceptions about teachers during this tough time.

    She's also a great friend of Heather Stewart AKA Ditto from Episode 22!

    IG: @hkennedy725, @teachingwhole, @castaicmrskennedy
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    • 23 min
    Heather Travis

    Heather Travis

    Today's Heather comes to us from Ontario, Canada.

    She's a PR boss and entrepreneur, an artist and muralist, and a budding textile designer.

    We talk about her art, her Shitty Art Class for Adults, and something we like to call... "The Heathering Effect". (*trademark soon to be pending, lol.)

    Please help me welcome this power tool obsessed loud mouth to the show, Heather Travis!

    IG: @heathertravis
    Website: Heatherlynnetravis.com
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    • 37 min
    Heather Lisle

    Heather Lisle

    Today's Heather comes to us from Dallas, TX!

    She is a professional problem-solver, business coach, and entrepreneur with 20 plus years of experience helping business owners and leaders identify their biggest pain points and develop a fast track for growth and success.

    We talk all about finding your "why"...and our favorite cocktails!

    IG: @heatherlisleco
    Website: www.heatherlisle.com
    6 Steps to Find Your Why Cheatsheet
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    • 25 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Heather #001 ,

So much fun

I admit I was perhaps the very first guest on the podcast and I had a great time!
The concept is so original, you never know who you’ll come across.
The host Heather Edward’s has the best traits for an interviewer: unbridled enthusiasm for other people.
Thank you Heather!

Majestic Wisdom ,

More than a podcast!

There are so many things to love about the Hey Heather podcast! Such a unique idea to hear from different Heathers and to create a community around a name! Even though each interview is so different, the anchor of a name creates such a beautiful connection across so many people. The host exudes support and encourages it in others. Something we need more of in this world (in my opinion). Have fun listening and see how you are inspired!

HeatherCpeters ,

Fun twist on an interview show

I love interview shows but have grown tired of all the celebrities interviewing their friends. This is so much more relatable and down to earth. And it doesn’t hurt I’m also a Heather! Although, this certainly isn’t just for us!

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