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Sharing about my Human Design Journey

Human Design with Bar Bar Altshuler

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Sharing about my Human Design Journey

    Celebrating Impact

    Celebrating Impact

    Having intention & Creating it

    Spending time and Energy, thoughts and will power

    Making it rolling

    Working for it and with it

    Seeing it out there

    and  then... 

    Celebrating the Impact that is out there.  

    Enjoying and appreciating the journey 

    The effort 

    The down and the low

    and celebrating oneself & and its complete creation, 

    • 12 min
    3 Yeas of Deconditioning & John Martin

    3 Yeas of Deconditioning & John Martin

    Its been 3 years since I met Human Design, since I discover that I am a Manifestor.

    Its been 3 years that I am in this radical experiment that changes my life, that exposes to me - who AM I.

    Beyond thought,  beyond concept , pure body. 

    Endless times I see , who I AM NOT.

    Endless times, I see that I don't know anything. 

    That there are NO short cuts. 

    That the mind does know NOT the way.

    That the process is choosing me !

     I am not doing anything of it, 

    yet watching the process of what it means to take off all the unnecessary.

    AND to stand in my own unique frequency. 



    • 21 min
    The Ocean of Emotional Manifestor

    The Ocean of Emotional Manifestor

    I am an Emotional Manifestor

    I am the ocean 

    I am the waves and the horizon

    I am the danger and the beauty 

    I am the storm and the sand 

    I am the force of moving emotions, and deep Impact 

    upon myself and others.  

    • 20 min
    Peace at the heart of the Manifestor

    Peace at the heart of the Manifestor

    PEACE is the signature of the Manifestors, I found it very beautiful, inspiring one.

    I feel like talking about it today, as I woke up in the morning in peaceful presence.

    I Imagine how each Manifestor is the potential of being deep pool of peace that touch the heart of the each person that pass by it. 

    I wander, I remember what lad me to this peaceful morning, and what drives me to keep on cultivating it.    

    I wish you Manifestors, to move towards your peace, through active, attentive passionate state, out the the love to you-self.  


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