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A daily breakdown of the latest story lines, trends, and important developments in the NBA. We promise to keep the Sixers and Celtics discussion to a reasonable amount … or to at least try.

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A daily breakdown of the latest story lines, trends, and important developments in the NBA. We promise to keep the Sixers and Celtics discussion to a reasonable amount … or to at least try.

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4.3 out of 5
6.1K Ratings

6.1K Ratings

mikeyyyyypalms ,

the mismatch

the mismatch is a 5 star pod for sure

Dartmouth James ,

Final product is less than the sum of its parts

19.8.20 I just tried to listen to the mismatch with KOC/Vernon. From October-July I listen to the Chris Vernon Show 2-3X a week even though I live in Chicago and have never lived south of NYC. I think he has a good personality that he can carry a conversation almost no matter what he discusses. This latest podcast was so grating. Both guys were trying to sound like they are very smart and maybe had less to disucss and it felt like someone was scratching a chalkboard. I don't know how they fix it. I have bene a relatively lotyal listener - though I would rank this maybee #12-13 among the NBA podcatss I listen to. BKOC has come a long way in terms of his knowledge of the NBA. He has some very good takes. I hope you guys figure this out. Maybee Ryan joins the grouping?...I root for both Vernon and KOC and underdogs and hope this goes well for them.

19.8.1 After writing a critical review below, I have listened to every episode and decided I was a bit too harsh in givign 2 stars and have upgraded to 3 stars. Upon further consideration and more listening, I think some of the folks outside of KOC/Verno are developing voices. If they shows and episdoes were produced better, I think they could present with more gravitas which is essential to becoming successful - like Bill S/Zach L/Chris M/Ben G/Sam A/Howard B. etc,

MidJune 2019 review: The Ringer does some great stuff, but the current version of the NBA show is not one of them. At times, I have enjoyed the Vernon/KO pairing as both offer great insight but they have no chemistry and the show often devovles into something worse than fingernails srcatching a chalk-board. The other shows are consistently medicore. W/o being specific, I think the talent is generally much, much better than what they show us on the NBA show. That is not the problem. The NBA show is poorly conceived and produced. With the possible exception of KO, noone has developed a clear voice. The show tries to do the hardest thing possible (and something Bill is uniquely good at)- to simultaneously be cool and insightful. So far, the Ringer's NBA show succeeds at neither. The strategy may be to throw 10 guys into a blender and see if "another Bill" comes out. Bill's franchise is more valuable than any basketball or sports analyst. So I get the temptation. But you can't become another Bill w/o a clear voice....A cynic might say either intentionally or not, consciously or subconsciously, the NBA show is designed not to allow any single person to ascend to heights reserved for Bill - IMHO his basketball podcasts are one of the most entertaining things for me out there. In particular it ensures, noone will develop a reputation as a superior NBA analyst - as Zach did....Hopefully, they will reformat, redeploy their resources more effectively and improve this corner of their content kingdom.

s_long ,

All of good except...

Chris Vernon is unpleasant. Every other contributor to this podcast offers solid analysis and opinions, making for a very pleasant and informative listen.

My morning commute is irritating enough—I don’t need Vernon’s abrasive delivery to start the day.

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