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Each week on The Cine-Files we enter the world of great film and explore its ideas, history, filmmakers and the influences it has on movies today

The Cine-Files Steve Morris & John Rocha

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Each week on The Cine-Files we enter the world of great film and explore its ideas, history, filmmakers and the influences it has on movies today

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4.9 out of 5
703 Ratings

703 Ratings

sharv34 ,

My first podcast...

Since I'm a member of the human race, I've obviously been aware that podcasts have become increasingly popular over the years. However, I've never found the time or the inclination to participate in this recent form of entertainment evolution. Until now. I stumbled on The Cine-Files in much the same way that a toddler stumbles when he gets too exhuberant and tries to run faster than his little legs will allow. With that said, my first foray into podcasts has been exceptional. I've loved movies for more years that I'd like to admit, and particularly love those indepth conversations that certain movies can elicit. That's what listening to Steve and John is to me... old friends discussing movies. Steve does excellent research, often providing behind-the-scenes information about a film's production, while John looks at a film more romantically, digging into a character's psyche and motivation to discover the movie's hidden thematic layers. It was also fun to realize that I'm roughly the same age as our indomitable hosts, so we've grown up with the same movies, similar viewing experiences, and similar social environments. That's not to say that this podcast isn't for everyone. It absolutely is! There is a little something for everyone from Steve and John. Not only are the shows insightful, but also a love and passion for film is patently obvious with every word, all while keeping the dialog fun and entertaining. Cinephiles, welcome home... to The Cine-Files.

LoveThePin ,

Can’t get enough...

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Steve and John (and the occasional guest) do an incredible job talking about one of my favorite topics; MOVIES! I love how they dive into all the amazing details, memorable moments and how films has changed our society and movie making as a whole. I appreciate the prep work and time it takes to go through each movie from start to finish and finding all the correct audio clips.

It is so hard to pick my top episodes but The Empire Strikes Back, The Princess Bride, The Breakfast Club, Star Wars: A New Hope and Jaws have to be my favorites!

If you haven’t listened to this podcast, you’re missing out!

Bruce Crawford ,

My favorite podcast to listen to.

Morris and Rocha discussion of film is something so special and something that I wished I could have with a friend. I couldn’t recommend their Cine-Files podcast enough. I love and respect their love of film. It’s amazing how much knowledge they have and how deep they go into discovering the meaning behind the many different stories of films and how it affects us, today. I find myself relistening to many of their podcast episodes over and over again. I could go on forever about this amazing podcast but I will just say that their worth a listen if you love films, old and new. I’m truly grateful for the Cine-Files podcast.

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