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Each month, Jake and Page Fehling allow you to be the third wheel on a double-date with a prominent Charlotte couple. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want them to invite you next time. #datenightclt

Date Night with Jake and Page Date Night with Jake and Page

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Each month, Jake and Page Fehling allow you to be the third wheel on a double-date with a prominent Charlotte couple. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want them to invite you next time. #datenightclt

    Juston & Brittany Burris

    Juston & Brittany Burris

    On this episode of "Date Night with Jake and Page," your hosts sit down with Brittany and Juston Burris. Wolfpack, Panthers, Jets and Browns fans know Juston as an NFL player, but if you're looking for the inside scoop on anything football this is not your podcast. Sorry, not sorry. IF, however, you're looking to hear from a powerhouse couple that's known each other since middle school, dated since college, and is growing a real estate investment portfolio and Airbnb business we can ALL learn from... have a listen. You'll be glad you did.

    Learn more (and dare we say, book your next stay?!) at thenextstopco.com. Also mark your calendars for Oct 20th!!! Brittany's online self-paced how-to for Airbnb wannabe hosts (*raises hand*) drops that day. Details are on the website and for more follow @thenextstopcollective everywhere on social media!

    **This episode of Date Night is brought to you by The NASCAR Hall of Fame "Over the Edge Challenge." For just $20 you can give a kid in Charlotte an experience that will open doors and curiosity for a lifetime. More info and links to donate here: charlotteovertheedge.org. And if you'd like to come cheer on Jake, he'll be supporting the cause on Oct. 5 by rappelling down the side of a 10-story building in Charlotte!

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    Page & Jake's Takes: Wedding Anniversaries

    Page & Jake's Takes: Wedding Anniversaries

    On this episode of "Date Night with Jake and Page" your hosts celebrate their Sweet 16th wedding anniversary! At least they think that's what they're celebrating. Or... when they're celebrating it? Tune in to see who you agree with about the rules of celebration and to hear what Jake, Page, Michael Jordan, and one of the singers in "Color Me Badd" all have in common. Comment below and let us know when your wedding anniversary is and what you remember from the year you made it official!

    Speaking of things to celebrate, this episode is sponsored by Harriett's Hamburgers and they're turning TWO on September 14th! Harriett's Hamburgers is conveniently located right by the entrance to Optimist Hall in Charlotte. Just follow your nose to the delish burgers, fries, and sauces (Page won't shut up about the sauces) and scoop some cool gear while you're there. Even Jake (the family merch snoot) thinks their stuff is cool. And all the Fehlings (YUGE burger connoisseurs) agree these burgers are a MUST for any hungry Charlottean. Follow Harriett's Hamburgers on social at:

    Instagram @harriets.hamburgers
    Facebook: @Harrietts.Hamburgers

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    Joe & Liz Bruno

    Joe & Liz Bruno

    If you pay even the slightest bit of attention to the news in Charlotte then you already know Joe Bruno. Joe is one of Charlotte's most well-known and well-respected journalists. Liz Egan Bruno (current audio/video producer... but we're not convinced her goal of being on SNL is yet out of reach) is quite possibly the only human who can keep up with him.

    Together the Brunos are the first Date Night guests to (almost) beat Jake and Page in a tall-off. *cumulative gasp* The two couples discuss how Joe, Liz and Page all met at Charlotte's Fox 46... and how Page is the only one between her and Liz who liked Joe at first.

    They also discuss their other Charlotte media friendship crushes... and then proceed to forget key names of the people with whom they all want to be friends. You can catch Joe on Twitter @JoeBrunoWSOC9 or Instagram @joebruno and Liz on Instagram @lizard_bruno.

    This episode of Date Night was sponsored by The Jimmy! The Jimmy is a casual yet elegant trattoria reminiscent of the bistros found along the Mediterranean coastlines of Italy and France. They're open for lunch, aperitivo and dinner, Monday - Saturday in the Myers Park neighborhood in Charlotte. Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m. and the menu is 🔥. Jake and Page loved it so much that Jake even dresses like "The Jimmy" now. It's a whole lewk. See for yourself on our Instagram accounts... while you're there, check out theirs @thejimmyclt!

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    Jenn & Miles Andrews

    Jenn & Miles Andrews

    Please help us welcome Jenn and Miles Andrews to Date Night! They showed up with cans of Middle James Brewing's Hops on One Leg IPA, which was a great start, but more on that later...

    Jenn and Miles came HIGHLY recommended as guests. We polled our social media and got several requests to have them on. This was followed by Jenn introducing herself to Jake at a Panthers game and passing along some swag for her foundation. Once we heard her story, we had to have them on.

    Some back story: Jenn was getting a pedicure in 2013 when she was pregnant with her first child. During that pedicure, the nail tech discovered a pea-sized nodule on top of her right foot. The nodule eventually grew to a golf ball size mass. After several years of ups, downs and seeking multiple opinions, amputation was the only option to give her the best chance at a cancer-free life.

    On March 7, 2018, Jenn did a Facebook live video requesting friends and family to move for her and those who physically can’t on her surgery date. This request unknowingly became a movement. On March 12, 2018, Jenn became cancer free, and the social media world flooded with #moveforjenn and #movebecauseyoucan posts globally. People all over the world were sharing posts with all forms of exercise in honor of Jenn and her request. This movement led her to realize that being an amputee, and someone who wanted to remain active, would be difficult without ample means of funding.

    The Move for Jenn Foundation was born from this moment. Fundraisers, 5Ks and IPA collaborations followed. Jenn and Miles now tell their story from a much larger - and growing - platform everyday. We were lucky to have them on the pod.

    Learn more about the foundation at moveforjenn.org and follow Jenn at @moveforjenn and @_jennandrews. Miles is no slouch at social media himself; he can be found on Instagram and TikTok at @j.miles.a. Thanks for listening! For past episodes visit jakeandpage.com.

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    Tiffany & Ciro Marino

    Tiffany & Ciro Marino

    "Looners," "Chambongs," and "Bad Bunny." Three new things your hosts learned about on this episode of Date Night!

    Tiffany and Ciro Marino are the duo behind "Confetti Castle," the balloon company that has BLOWN UP over the past few years. Sorry. We had to. Jake and Page talk with them about how they met on Tinder, blended their beautiful families, and moved to Charlotte for Ciro's job(s) in the restaurant industry... before he eventually left to join his wife as a jack of all balloon trades.

    The night started off with a shot of the bubbly, included life-changing tips on balloon fetishes, and how not to burn your garlic (you can decide which of those is the most life-changing), it and ended with Tiffany and Ciro leaving for a party that STARTED at 10 p.m. On a Thursday. Jake and Page were very impressed by both that, and the rest of what this rockstar couple brought to the table.

    Follow Confetti Castle on the 'gram @confetticastle ... or just look in the back/foreground of any picture you take anywhere these days. That's them. The colorful beauties (the balloons and the people behind the balloons) making everyone's day a little better and a lot more fun!

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    Ohavia Phillips & Dennis Reed, Jr.

    Ohavia Phillips & Dennis Reed, Jr.

    OH my goodness. This episode. This couple. Get REEDy for an OHmazing one, you guys.

    OK. Enough with the puns. But for real... buckle up. On this episode of "Date Night with Jake and Page," your hosts sit down (After they danced. Yes... there's a TikTok to go along with this one. You're welcome.) with media mogul Ohavia Phillips and "Inspire the Fire" Founder, Dennis Reed. The two have MANY more titles and jobs and accolades to their names, but frankly it would take up half the internet to list them all. Let's just say their list of collaborators include names like Fantasia, Stacy Abrams, and OPRAH WINFREY. Yes, your hosts were impressed too.

    Listen in as the two couples discuss how creatives work, how creatives play, and how Page awkwardly puts yet another couple on the spot about when they're gonna make it official. They also discuss what "official" even means, old and new school ways of thought around relationships in general, all while experiencing first-hand with each other the beauty of vulnerability. This episode is equal parts laughs and love, and if you know Dennis and Ohavia, they wouldn't have it any other way!

    You can follow Ohavia on Instagram at @ohaviaphillips and @theohverse, and listen to her new podcast "Beautiful People with Ohavia Phillips" wherever you listen to podcasts. And you can find Dennis on Instagram at @thedennisreedjr and inspirethefire.org!

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

McKSmitty ,


Y’all. Subscribe now. These 2 make me laugh so much! Their sense of humor is on point with mine so I completely enjoy listening to them banter! In these unprecedented and pandemic times (🙄) we need any reason to laugh. Oh, and then the guests they have on the podcast are really fun to listen to — especially if you live in or around Charlotte!

Fantam ,

I don't know how i found this but I'm lucky

..through some youtube wormhole,I found these guys and they are pretty great. Salt of the earth fun. Jake has a nice Jason Sudekis vibe going on and the humour is... music (this guy played guitar). Jake is on beat and SO lucky.
Page, is Outrageously Hot and witty... and Hot... and hot... (too many hots gets creepy. ok)

I love this podcast. They can't podcast often enough. I wish them well.

thesparkymcgee ,

Flighting on Air?

I have listened to many episodes so far but 9/19/19 threw me for a loop to write a review that will hopefully give some constructive criticism. In general, not just this episode, the volume fluctuates too much - the intro/outro are much louder than the podcast, and you can tell they’re working off of fewer mics when there are guests. Also in general, Page talks way too quickly. For teaching public speaking and being on air in news, that’s an odd thing. Maybe it’s a different setting for her recording a podcast but it makes things feel heightened when they shouldn’t be and is hard to follow. I tend to laugh a few times and some conversations are interesting but there doesn’t seem to be closure or wrap up many episodes. The Screens episode in particular was uncomfortable. Having different opinions is completely fine and good to hear if it sets a good example of communication. This one didn’t. It just seemed like fighting and it was talking over each other too often and too quickly to finish a topic before starting to do the same thing on the next topic. I am still subscribed but this was a miss. I was cringing and ready for it to end. It should be enjoyable to listen instead. I hope it’ll get better in which case I’ll stay subscribed and update my review.

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