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Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, and Registered Nurse is the NursePreneur Mentor who has empowered hundreds of nurses to monetize their knowledge and skills in business, while inspiring them to change the way healthcare is perceived and delivered. The NursePreneur Podcast is about Business + Marketing businesses that nurses have created.

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Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, and Registered Nurse is the NursePreneur Mentor who has empowered hundreds of nurses to monetize their knowledge and skills in business, while inspiring them to change the way healthcare is perceived and delivered. The NursePreneur Podcast is about Business + Marketing businesses that nurses have created.

Learn more: http://www.CatieHarris.com

    Heart of Gold Nursing

    Heart of Gold Nursing

    Jenny Johnson is a mother, BSN, RN, and the co-founder of Heart Of Gold Nursing. With nearly two decades of experience working in healthcare, Jenny has experienced the ups and downs of nursing firsthand. From Intensive Care, Trauma ICU, Hospice, Homecare, and more, Jenny became disenchanted with the politics of healthcare and the poor quality of care that traditional Critical Care units provide.

    Experiencing a major life change that allowed her to reevaluate her career, Jenny decided to pave her own path by starting Heart Of Gold Nursing with her husband. Now pouring her passion for quality care into her concierge nursing business, Jenny and her husband Thomas continue to impact lives through professional concierge nursing that includes:

    Post Operative Care
    Home Procedures
    Wound Care
    Injections, and more!

    Discussing the challenges of starting a business during the Coronavirus pandemic, Jenny understands the difficulties of putting yourself out there, and highlights the importance of networking and cold calling to get business off the ground.

    To learn more about Heart of Gold Nursing visit https://www.heartofgoldnurses.com/ or call 760-679-3355.

    Don’t Miss These Moments:

    → The turning point in Jenny’s life that led her to Heart of Gold

    → Starting a business during the Coronavirus pandemic

    → Importance of networking & cold calling

    → Jenny’s vision for Heart Of Gold Nursing in the future

    • 27 min
    MariCare Wellness

    MariCare Wellness

    Melinda Toussaint is a FNP, RN, and the owner & CEO of MariCare Wellness. Using her extensive experience working as a Nurse Practitioner, Melinda launched MariCare Wellness alongside her sister in 2017 to help patients explore the alternative treatment options of CBD and other forms of medical cannabis.

    Attributing a huge part of her success to her father, Melinda is passionate about helping others and is walking in her calling by providing her patients with the education and guidance needed to properly use medicinal cannabis.

    Melinda assists her clients by developing care plans that address individualized health objectives. With the hope of supplementing prescription medications with a natural and effective alternative, MariCare Wellness was built on the foundation of holistic health and the goal of improving overall wellness to live a more satisfying life.

    MariCare Wellness offers:

    TeleHealth Consultations
    CBD Products
    Cannabis Education
    Weekly Zoom at Noon
    Good Night Honey, and more!

    To learn more about Melinda and MariCare Wellness visit: https://www.maricarewellness.com/ or call (240) 206-7004.

    Don’t Miss Moments:

    → How Melinda’s family inspired her to start MariCare Wellness

    → Strategies to get your business off the ground

    → Cannabis education & services

    → Next steps for Melinda & MariCare Wellness

    • 27 min
    Concierge Nursing In Mexico

    Concierge Nursing In Mexico

    Valerie Therrien is a nurse from French Canada. When the opportunity arose for she and her family to move to the Mexican Riveria, they jumped on it. That was 7 years ago. Valerie, her husband and her two girls moved without knowing the language. When Valerie's girls quickly became fluent she realized they were staying put, she decided to put some effort into learning the language.

    Being able to communicate in Spanish opened up an opportunity for Valerie who missed working as a nurse. She went through the daunting task of getting a nursing license in Mexico, which took her almost 2 years, multiple trips to Mexico City and an astounding amount of paperwork.

    While she was waiting for the license to come through, Valerie wasted no time in getting to know her network - other doctors, nurses and allied health. She realized there was an opportunity to work as a freelance nurse in this area. She spent the time waiting handing out business cards and keeping her audience informed of her progress.

    By the time Valerie got her nursing license in Mexico, she already had referrals coming into her. She now practices Concierge Nursing in Mexico, provides nursing consultations and does IV Hydration.

    Valerie overcame obstacles that would have stopped most people including getting a license abroad in a language she didn't know in a country where she knew no one.

    Her can do attitude is a testament to the amazing work of nurses around the world, who just aren't willing to accept a "no" or "you can't do that".

    To find out more about Valerie (if you happen to need her while on vacation in Mexico), check out her website at:


    You can find her on Instagram: @nursevaleriapdc
    Facebook: /nursevaleriaplayadelcarmentulum
    Whatsapp: +52 1 984 593 8128

    Don't Miss Moments:

    --> How Valerie knew she could start a business in Mexico

    --> How Valerie found patients easily

    --> What services Valerie is able to offer

    --> Plan Valerie has for the future of her business

    • 29 min
    Cannabis For Kids

    Cannabis For Kids

    Vanessa Peck has worked as a nurse for more than 12 years. One day during a regular ED shift, a mom and her 17 year old son came in. The son had behavioral issues and was quite agitated. The ED attending ordered medications to calm him down, but the mother asked to give her son his cannabis treatment.

    Vanessa didn't think much of it till she came back and the boy who has severely agitated 20 minutes prior was watching TV in bed and laughing with his mother. This incredible transformation led Vanessa on a search for what cannabis and CBD could do.

    Vanessa got trained as a cannabis consultant and began exploring how cannabis can help kids with autism, behavior issues, fears, PANDAS, treatment resistant epilepsy, ADHD, anxieties and depression.

    Her research has uncovered astounding findings that she now uses to help parents make informed decisions about incorporating cannabis into a child's treatment regimen.

    Vanessa launched her business Elevated Healing to help parents to explore alternative options and to really understand what is available to help their children.

    If you have a child, you need to listen to this episode on the NursePreneur Podcast.

    To learn more about Vanessa, check out her website at: Elevated-Healing.com

    Don't Miss Moments:

    --> How Vanessa discovered cannabis

    --> Why Vanessa chose to work with kids

    --> Why cannabis seems to work for all diagnoses

    --> How Vanessa is looking to change pediatric care

    • 27 min
    The Energy Within

    The Energy Within

    Sheryl Sinico is the Relations Advisor at the InsideOut Institute. Sheryl is the most important part of when a new client gets started with IOI. She walks them through the program, helps answer questions, gets the new person plugged into the system, encourages them and does a complimentary healing session if wanted!

    After working with many people using the Emotion Code and Body Code that Sheryl discovered through the InsideOut Institute, Sheryl isn’t looking back. Sheryl uses this system to help clear trapped emotions and negative energies that she says directly impact health and well being. Sheryl has many stories of change that she shares during this episode.

    As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Sheryl can help clients through emails, zoom sessions and in-person.

    To find out more you can check out Sheryl at theInsideOutInstitute.com

    Don’t Miss Moments:

    → How Sheryl works with clients to help them

    → Why Sheryl started with the InsideOut Institute

    → How Sheryl began using energy to heal

    → Next steps for Sheryl

    • 37 min
    MD Coaches

    MD Coaches

    Rhonda Crowe, MBA, BSN, RN is a corporate nurse leader who worked as a bedside nurse and worked her way through the executive ranks. She began working with a wound care company in the role of recruiting physicians to work in the wound care clinics. Through her extensive conversations with physicians, she found that the majority of physicians who applied to work for the clinic were burnt out and looking for something else. Rhonda realized there was a major disconnect that physicians were encountering.

    In the midst of corporation restructuring, the management team of this corporation, including Rhonda, were let go. When she sat back to think about how she could leverage her skill set and experience, the idea of helping the physicians was a top priority for her. She had spent the previous years doing a deep dive into the core issue.

    Rhonda reached out to her network to help who helped her to build the business she has today which is MD Coaches. MD Coaches seeks to coach physicians to satisfying careers, drive industry change and engage across social platforms.

    Today, MD Coaches provides supportive leadership, social engagement and professional development resources that empower physicians to lead a satisfying career.

    To learn more about MD Coaches, check out Rhonda’s website at: myMDCoaches.com.

    Or you can find her on social media

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/md-coaches-llc/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mdcoaches.llc/
    You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtoiKbGsqaZIklPhUYFO63Q
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mdcoaches.llc/

    Don’t Miss Moments:

    → How walking the dog helped Rhonda to create MD Coaches

    → How leveraging conversations provided Rhonda with the idea to start her business

    → How Rhonda coaches MDs and what outcomes they want to achieve

    → The future vision Rhonda has for MD Coaches

    • 31 min

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4.9 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

VitBpleez ,

Great program!

Catie, thank you for providing a platform for nurses to share their stories of entrepreneurship. Each story demonstrates the versatility and creative spirit nurses possess. It was a pleasure to be a guest on your program!

Yolanda's Mac ,

Thanks for having me!

Catie, I love what you're doing with the show and sharing the unconventional journeys of other nurses! Thanks for having me!

Deanna Gillingham ,

Five Start

This podcast mixes two of my favorite topics, nursing and entrepreneurship. I never knew that there where so many opportunities for nurses to venture into entrepreneurship until I started listening to this podcast. It really opens your eyes to the possibilities out there for nurses. Thank you for inspiring us!

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