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Peculiar stories from real life.

Hosted by Christopher Beale & Josh Taylor

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Peculiar stories from real life.

Hosted by Christopher Beale & Josh Taylor

    Our overnight romance with dating apps

    Our overnight romance with dating apps

    Swipe through the modern phenomenon of app-based romance. Featuring VidaSelect CEO Scott Valdez, and a true story about a San Francisco Grindr-hookup that sparked a relationship. Hosted & Produced by Christopher J. Beale and Josh Taylor

    • 25 min
    The bizarre tradition of New Year’s resolutions

    The bizarre tradition of New Year’s resolutions

    Why do we make New Year’s Resolutions?
    You’ll discover that this tradition has evolved over time. In this episode, Christopher Beale and Josh Taylor dive into the history of New Year’s resolutions, Auld Lang Syne, Methodist watch night services and popping champagne!

    Plus, our guest Peter Fenton (Author of Abandon All Hope) shares a personal story of a family tragedy that changed the way he lives, and the way he makes resolutions.
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    • 20 min
    Other People's Kids

    Other People's Kids

    An Unpacked bonus featuring an announcement about the future of the podcast, and Christopher is at California's Great America with a short story about how the pandemic changed one person's approach to the job they love.
    Thanks to California's Great America, Alaina Duffield, KALW, Lisa Morehouse, Abukar Adan, and Josh Taylor.
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    • 9 min
    Presenting: Stereotypes - Straight Talk from Queer Voices

    Presenting: Stereotypes - Straight Talk from Queer Voices

    Unpacked will return! In the meantime check out episode one of Christopher Beale's new podcast Stereotypes - Straight Talk from Queer Voices. Listen and subscribe!
    Everyone’s coming out is different. Some folks can’t come out, and for many — when we finally do — we discover that there are more questions on the other side.
    Meet Rae, a gender non-binary person who has learned to treat coming out as a process the length of a lifetime. Plus, Chris shares how he got caught in the act and forced out of the closet in high school.
    You can contact Christopher Beale on Twitter, and connect with the show at StereotypesPodcast.org.

    • 26 min
    San Francisco’s LGBTQIA Community Marches To Stop Asian Hate

    San Francisco’s LGBTQIA Community Marches To Stop Asian Hate


    Last weekend - San Francisco’s LGBTQIA community gathered to mourn with the Asian community, to speak and - in San Francisco’s long tradition of activism...to march.
    "Enough is Enough!" - Michael Nguyen (GAPA)
    To see photos from the event, and read the written version in Outword Magazine, click here.
    To read the print version in 3 minutes on Medium, click here.
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    Asian Pacific Fund
    San Francisco LGBTQ Community Center
    Sacramento Asian Resources
    Sacramento LGBTQ Community Center

    • 7 min
    Returning to work after COVID-19

    Returning to work after COVID-19


    If there is one piece of good news about the COVID-19 Pandemic its that more people recover from COVID-19 than die from it. In the state of California, so far, 40,000 people have died from COVID-19. But that’s out of more than 3 million diagnosed cases. Those people who recover, and quarantine...eventually return to work.

    That got me thinking - what kind of reception are they receiving in the workplace? The DeLeons have both experienced COVID-19 and both returned to work. That is where the similarities end.
    Special thanks to Angel & Ray DeLeon from Palmdale, CA for their story. Check out Angel's crafts here.
    - - -
    More information on my work at ChristopherJBeale.com.
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    • 10 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
40 Ratings

40 Ratings

obitron268 ,

One of my favorite podcasts!!

This podcast is great! It’s made me laugh and cry. But not matter what- always interested in the stories being told. Amazing production as well.

fuufuflcu ,

Keeping dreaming and wishing...

I had the pleasure of meeting Bret recently on a Disney Cruise. I so wanted to sit down and talk with him, but I’m always respectful and stand back to give people space. This podcast allowed me to feel like I got that chance. Thank you. And the end of Part 3 totally wrecked me, gave me goosebumps, and made me cry. I too am that kid and so is my son. It’s a big part of why I love Disney so much.

thehappiestphotography ,

I am very impressed!

Very well done and so emotional. I absolutely loved this.

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