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We talk about the members
Their tours and songs

BTS Miah Duarte

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We talk about the members
Their tours and songs

    Lets talk kpop (bts)

    Lets talk kpop (bts)

    we talk about all the members 

    their tours and some of their songs 

    • 6 min

Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5
228 Ratings

228 Ratings

jeguhdwqkdphicu ,

Hi I luvvvv BTS I’m a bigggg fannnnn

I always listen to it

-ExlaNevertheless- ,

The interview was really bad

They are so rude and they assume things and they say that their trash 😡 sorry but they did a really bad job. And It sounds like nobody did their research at all. True ARMYs would not say that and I’m really disappointed it was really bad. They don’t deserve to talk about BTS like that. If you can’t understand, learn KOREAN IF YOU HAVE TO please. And I think that’s a bit racist and it disgusts me that they talked like that about them. Really bad podcast sorry AND THEY DONT DATE EACHOTHER DUDE

And I think that truly the main girl is good but the boys are acting like crap

I feel like they aren’t cooperating and they aren’t being considerate with their words


Imagination and Creativity ,


I feel like the main people of this podcast are ARMY, but I feel like this podcast was just that weird one-off thing you do, and never come back to. Also, my biggest beef with this podcast was the interview. Why?!? If these are your friends, you must’ve known they think BTS isn’t very good. Plus, even if you didn’t know (odd, but okay) why did you keep it in!? You probably knew you were gonna get backlash. Lastly, if all of you guys are trolls, shame on you.

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