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Diane Brennan is a realtor in Phoenix and host. Own It Girl is dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge and tools needed to get ahead in the real estate game! It's no longer a man's game. New shows weekly!

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Diane Brennan is a realtor in Phoenix and host. Own It Girl is dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge and tools needed to get ahead in the real estate game! It's no longer a man's game. New shows weekly!

    Show Trailer: Officially Starts Wednesday December 11

    Show Trailer: Officially Starts Wednesday December 11

    The Own It Girl real estate podcast for women officially launches on Wednesday December 11. Diane, Tina, and Tom are here to help women jump into the exciting world of real estate and property management. They will focus on a particular topic each week. From finding a general contractor to having the right credit for a loan.

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    Welcome to Own It Girl!

    Welcome to Own It Girl!

    Welcome to "Own It Girl", That Real Estate Show For Women. We've done a radio show until recently and we're venturing into the podcast universe!
    Below we've outlined a bit about ourselves, but the episode talks about our mission of empowering women in all matters related to women - not just real estate, but investments and much more! Tina Tamboer talks about buying her first property as a newly single woman, and how that felt. She talks about some of the challenges that women face when it comes to maintaining the home. She also talks about the current state of the markets.
    Tom Ross discusses the initial steps that need to be taken to purchase a home. From getting pre-approved before looking to what is a good credit score to make that happen.
    Diane talks about what she does and first steps that should be taken when buying a home.
    The Crew on the Show Diane Brennan - Host I'm a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker and I've always been an investor in real estate and spent much of my free time following market trends. I decided to turn my passion into a full time career and hangs her license at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and hosts the weekly podcast, "Own It Girl" along with her co-hosts below.
    Tom Ross - Bay Equity Home Loans As a lending professional at Bay Equity, I'm dedicated to helping my clients with all of their home mortgage needs. The housing and mortgage markets are constantly changing and I pride myself on helping clients navigate the many options to find the right loans for their family.
    Tina Tamboer - The Cromford Report I hold a finance degree from Virginia Tech and have spent 19 years in the real estate industry as a database designer, data analyst, software trainer and sales executive. I began working as a consultant with Michael Orr in 2011 and I currently perform custom research, analysis, sales and customer support for The Cromford Report. My background in both trend analysis and sales allows me to help Realtors and lenders track their local market, target their sales efforts, and stay ahead of the game in today’s fast paced real estate environment.

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    Recession: Is it Coming?

    Recession: Is it Coming?

    Diane Brennan, Tina Tamboer, and Tom Ross give their memories of the 2008 Great Recession that rocked the state of Arizona. They discussed if we are heading for any kind of economic slowdown in the housing industry in the near future. At this point, the demand is higher than the supply for houses in Phoenix.
    Diane is a dual citizen and a resident of Canada as well. She got into the real estate business right during the crash in 2009 and started her show largely based on the fact that there was no trusted source for real estate information right after that time.
    When the word "recession" comes up most of us conjure stressful memories of the 2008 crash. This episode covers some essential things to remember whether you're displaced, buying, or selling.
    Tina Tamboer joins us and besides being a trusted market analyst, also has some experience in buying and selling real estate. 
    Her key piece of advice in this episode: Have a trusted handyman/handywoman if you're going to own or rent properties!
    Tom Ross talks about questions he's been receiving from clients about what might be happening in the markets going forward.
    Tina also talks about the trusted relationship that The Cromford Report has with MLS (multiple listing service) and how that data is used for analyzing supply and demand in the Valley, buy and flip options, and much more. 
    One thing that's important to note is that headlines can be deceiving - and some may point out how they "called the market", but don't talk about any of the items that didn't exactly hit the mark...
    Robert Schiller - Case/Shiller Index Analyst. Here are the last three weeks of headlines (at the time of this episode)
    Nations' Jobs Picture Not as Bright as it Seems (3 weeks ago) Economic Stories Like Fears of A Recession Can Go Viral and Be Self-Fulfilling (3 weeks ago) A Recession That Could Discredit Trump Looms Large (3 weeks ago) There WILL Be a Recession - the Question is When? (2 weeks ago) How to Avoid A Market Bubble (6 days ago) Recession Likely Years Away (3 days ago) Trump is a WALL Against Recession (1 day ago) The point is that it's easy to make a statement, then just simply revise that point as you see fit. but it doesn't help the consumer and can create panic when facts (and good market data) are essential to making informed decisions.

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    Credit Is A Good Thing

    Credit Is A Good Thing

    Diane Brennan, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report, and Tom Ross, with Bay Equity Home Loans walk through the why credit is good thing and that it is unrealistic to live in modern society without being involved with it.
    First we discuss taglines for the show. Lot's of interesting choices. Recently, I posted a poll on my twitter account, @thatrealestateshow, asking the best way to improve credit. I discuss the results with Tina and Tom.
    We believe that paying for everything in cash is like "living off the grid". Tom gives his
    Tom's 5 MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT CREDIT All you have to do is pay your bills on time (misunderstanding of all of the metrics that are looked at) Closing all of your accounts that you don't use Paying off your installment loan Don't carry balances on your credit cards Paying off or settling old collection accounts

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    Home Improvement

    Home Improvement

    Diane Brennan, a realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty & Tom Ross, from Bay Equity Home Loans, want to help you as you look at home improvement. 
    Tom discusses several different financing options, along with which will work best for you and your project. While Diane looks at what these upgrades and projects can do as far as adding value to your investment. 
    Diane also covers some simple items to do or avoid when planning and executing your remodeling or improvement projects.

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    Real Estate Life After Divorce

    Real Estate Life After Divorce

    Diane Brennan, Tina Tamboer, from the Cromford Report, and Tom Ross discuss the life altering event, divorce.
    Diane shares what your lawyer won't tell you about real estate post divorce. This tip could save you thousands of dollars! Also, how the purchase of a new home, post divorce, will look. Lastly, should you be sleeping with your door opened or closed? Diane clues you in on your safest option.
    Tina shares her personal experience and some other common pitfalls to avoid. And, what is happening right now with the market as well as what she expects to see in the coming months.
    Tom looks at your credit and options in real estate as you proceed through divorce. And your new financial picture as your income and expenses change dramatically. As well as breaking down interest rates and how they change, including the role that lenders play in the changes.
    Looking to buy property after a divorce? Take your time in finding the right place Know your priorities Give yourself time to grieve and heal

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

DUTravelerCR ,


I appreciate this podcast-being a single woman dealing with ownership can be difficult. I really like learning about all of the fun things to do around Phoenix as well! Great deals and unique/creative places to go to!

Desert Bunny 2000 ,

A must listen to for the ladies in Phoenix area or those thinking of relocating here!

Informative and very entertaining real estate focused podcast geared towards woman. Not only do you learn about the real estate market and useful tips for homeowners or those looking to be homeowners, you learn about all the fun things to do in Valley. Plus the shows humor is on point! A++

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