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A weekly podcast with two HP nerds dissecting the movies of the wizarding world *approximately* 10 minutes at a time.

Harry Potter Movie Minutes Harry Potter Movie Minutes

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A weekly podcast with two HP nerds dissecting the movies of the wizarding world *approximately* 10 minutes at a time.

    Season 2, Bonus Episode

    Season 2, Bonus Episode

    Join us this week for a chaotic yelling about the deleted scenes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! We see Harry interact with yet another dead hand and are delighted to see more of Hogwarts at Christmas! Follow along with us on the deleted scenes on YouTube with the fabulous French subtitles we chat about during the episode. 

    Thanks again for listening and join us very soon for Season 3, Movie 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

    • 44 min
    Season 2, Episode 15

    Season 2, Episode 15

    Episode 15: (Minutes 2:21:11 to END)

    This week finally puts us out of our misery as this long movie comes to a screeching halt in the last few scenes. We get excruciatingly slow deliveries of lines in Dumby’s office as well as a revelation in what Lucius actually starts to say to Harry in the hall (spoiler-not trying to kill the kid. We were shocked, too).

    Join us for the last few moments of cheese in the final chunk of this movie and join us for the bonus episode (deleted scenes!) next week!!

    • 38 min
    Season 2, Episode 14

    Season 2, Episode 14

    Episode 14: (Minutes 2:10:32 to 2:21:11)

    This week continues the “battle” between HP and the basilisk while Hot Tom continues to hang out monologuing. We take issue with the camera choices during this chunk and wonder why Hot Tom wouldn’t just kill Harry himself? Also, is the basilisk even a snake?? Enjoy our ranting in this penultimate episode, ALMOST DONE WITH SEASON TWO! (Whew!)

    Join us next week for minutes 2:21:11 to THE END!

    (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Dumbledore saying, “It would take a true Gryffindor to pull that out of the hat.”)

    • 45 min
    Season 2, Episode 13

    Season 2, Episode 13

    Episode 13: (Minutes 2:00:45 to 2:10:32)

    This week winds us deeper into the chamber to meet Hot (Ghost) Tom and the largest snake you ever did see. We enjoy the ridiculous drama of it all but have to question where Fawkes was hanging out in between appearances?? Enjoy our slightly ADHD episode this week and make sure to join us for the final two episodes before Season 3 (finally!) begins.

    Join us next week for minutes 2:10:32 to 2:21:11!

    (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Tom saying to Harry, “..but it can still hear you.”)

    • 41 min
    Season 2, Episode 12

    Season 2, Episode 12

    Episode 12: (Minutes 1:50:58 to 2:00:45)

    This week finds us in the hospital wing with Harry touching yet another petrified hand, this time belonging to Hermione. Cory drops some knowledge about the history of the pipes at Hogwarts and Andrea realizes she doesn’t know what the bones are in the Chamber of Secrets...so much to discover!

    Join us next week for minutes 2:00:45 to 2:10:32!

    (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Ron telling Lockhart, “Go on.”)

    • 42 min
    Season 2, Episode 11

    Season 2, Episode 11

    Episode 11: (Minutes 1:41:48 to 1:50:58)

    This week follows the spiders into the Forbidden Forest to get some info from a wet-mouthed, wheezing Aragog.  We rejoice when we see the Ford Anglia but have some real problems with Hagrid’s hut (again!).

    Join us next week for minutes 1:50:58 to 2:00:45!

    (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Harry saying, “He was innocent.”)

    • 35 min

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4.7 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

SpaceOwl! ,

Weirdly negative

I don’t hate this podcast, but I feel it falls into the same trap that most of these movie minute podcasts fall in. It’s almost completely critical. I too agree that you shouldn’t just worship something if you really like it. The movies are flawed. Sure. But these hosts almost never say anything but what is wrong with them. For fans of the series it’s just a bit annoying.

That being said, I’m glad you’re doing the show and I hope it goes well!!


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