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Two amateur radio experimenters discuss workbench radio projects

SolderSmoke Podcasts Bill Meara

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Two amateur radio experimenters discuss workbench radio projects

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4.5 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

Spoticus Norvegicus ,

Fantastic, fun, and entertaining!

This is a wonderful monthly podcast about the shear joy of wireless. It feeds that fascination that some of us have with radio communications. You know it if you’ve got it ;) I’ve been listening to this ‘cast since the very beginning (with Mike, RIP) and can honestly say I look forward to every ‘episode’. I put episode in quotes because they’re not really episodes at all, they’re more like rag-chews or hangouts — friendly and personal interactions that are also informative and inspiring. I’ve had a life-long interest in electronics (and radio), but *this* is what inspired me to get my ham ticket and actually participate a bit. Keep up the great work Bill and Pete, it is very much appreciated! Cheers, Scott KB1WMH

bandopening ,

Hombrewers, beware, this is addictive.

This is an absolutely addictive podcast. After every episode Bill and Pete will make you want to fire up that soldering iron and melt some solder. They explain their various projects with just enough technical information to not bore you with absolute basics, but still not so complex as to be way beyond most of us homebrewers. They love tinkering with circuits and have years of experience and share in what they have learned. They even explain how they have released the magic smoke that makes components work. This and QSO today are the two ham podcasts that are extremely well done and inspirational. Bill has written a couple of books that are worth looking into. 73 DE K7RJ


Best Amateur radio show out there

Bill has the gift of the gab and his shows are always interesting and entertaining. The production isnt too cheesey or too over the top, he invites you into his shack to discuss electronics and ham radio over coffee and the lovely aroma of solder smoke. Keep up the great work Bill.


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