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Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.

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Keys For Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.

    The Free Gift

    The Free Gift

    "I can't wait to choose a new book to buy with my birthday money!" Abigail said, her brown eyes sparkling as she and her mom walked toward Sheldon's, a new children's bookstore that was opening that day in town.

    Outside the store, Abigail stared at the window display with a collection of

    colorful new hardbacks and photographs of the authors. A crowd of people dashed passed them to the door. Abigail and Mom waited for them to go by before stepping inside. When they entered the store, a bell jangled and a man bustled toward them.

    "Congratulations!" he said excitedly. "Welcome to Sheldon's. I'm Mr. Sheldon, the owner. I'm pleased to announce that you're our one hundredth customer today and will receive a free gift to celebrate our grand opening."

    "A free gift?" Abigail exclaimed. "I can't believe it! If we hadn't let all those other people pass, we wouldn't have won."

    Mr. Sheldon handed her a small token. "With this prize token, you can choose five free books today and have a snack at our caf."

    "Thank you," Abigail said in disbelief. Mom nodded in agreement--she looked as stunned as Abigail.

    They wandered all over the beautiful new store, browsing all the different books available before selecting five free ones.

    "I never expected this at all," Abigail said, biting into a delicious blueberry muffin at the caf. "I can't wait to tell everyone."

    "Me neither," Mom agreed, sipping her coffee. "The owner was so kind."

    Later that evening, when Dad got home from work, Abigail told him the good news about her free gift.

    "That is wonderful news," said Dad. "It reminds me of another free gift--the amazing gift God has given to us. It seems too good to be true, but He has given us the free gift of salvation and eternal life through Jesus. We don't deserve it and could do nothing to earn it, but God freely offers it to everyone because He loves us. We just have to accept it."

    As Abigail walked to her room to read one of her new books, she smiled and thanked God for the most precious gift of all--salvation through Jesus. Cindy Lee

    How About You?
    Have you ever been surprised by a free gift? Maybe someone gave you a prize without you having to do anything to earn it. The good news is that God offers us the most precious gift of all--salvation and eternal life through His Son, Jesus. We don't deserve it, but He gives it to us freely because He loves us. Accept His free gift today. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page.)

    Today's Key Verse:
    For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (NKJV) (John 3:16)

    Today's Key Thought:
    God gives us salvation

    Sticking Your Neck Out

    Sticking Your Neck Out

    "I like our new church, don't you?" said Claire's mom. "And don't forget, your kids' class will be starting soon."

    Claire walked over to the aquarium where her pet turtle Shelley lived. As she dropped some fresh greens into the aquarium for Shelley to eat, she said, "Mom, I'm nervous about the new class. What if the other kids don't like me? What if I don't make any friends?"

    Her mom walked over and put a hand on her shoulder, and they watched Shelley the turtle peek out of her shell. She slowly came out and walked over to eat the greens Claire had left for her.

    Mom smiled at Claire. "Did you see what Shelley did?"

    "What do you mean?" Claire asked. "She's just eating the food I gave her."

    "Yes, but before Shelley could eat, she first had to come out of her shell. She had

    to stick her neck out in order to walk to the food she wanted." Mom looked at Claire. "Sometimes we have to come out of our shells too."

    "Mom, I don't have a shell!" said Claire.

    "What I mean is, sometimes we have to step out and do things that seem scary to us for our own benefit," replied Mom. "If we want to make friends, we have to step out and be friendly."

    "Oh, I see what you're saying," Claire said. "You mean if I want to make friends, I'm going to have to be brave enough to be a friend to the other kids."

    Mom nodded. "Church is where we go to learn about Jesus and worship Him, but it's also where we have fellowship with other believers. Spending time with other Christians nourishes us spiritually. It's one of the ways Jesus helps us grow and know Him better." Mom pointed to the aquarium, where Shelley was slowly munching her food. "But in order to have fellowship, you need to be willing to come out of your shell."

    Mom gave Claire a gentle hug. "I know it's hard sometimes, but remember Jesus is with you. Trust Him to help you reach out to others."

    As Mom walked away, Claire stood and watched Shelley nibble on the greens, thinking about what her mom had said. Katrina Douglas

    How About You?
    Do you ever get nervous about meeting new people? Do you worry that others won't want to be your friend? Getting to know people in a new place can be scary, but remember that Jesus is with you. He will help you develop friendships with other Christians that will feed your soul. Don't be afraid to stick your neck out so you can have fellowship with others.

    Today's Key Verse:
    Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid...for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Reach out to others

    Hungry Again?

    Hungry Again?

    "When are we going to eat?" Henry asked as he and the others in his Sunday school class hiked down a trail in a national forest. For weeks the class of sixth-grade boys had been planning this outing--a couple days of backpacking, cooking over a campfire, and sleeping under the stars. "My stomach has been growling for an hour," Henry said.

    "Mine too," said Connor. "I hope we stop soon."

    "It won't be too long now," Mr. Larson assured them, and soon they came to the place where they were going to set up camp. "This is it, boys," said Mr. Larson.

    "Good! When do we eat?" Henry asked again.

    Mr. Larson smiled. "We'll start a fire right away, and then we'll fix supper. You can all help gather wood for the campfire."

    The boys got to work, and soon they were eating beef stew from tin mugs. "Yum! This tastes better out here than it does at home!" declared Connor, and everyone agreed. After supper, they played games and told stories around the fire.

    "Do we have any more food?" asked Henry after a while. "I'm hungry again!" "Me too," echoed several other boys.

    Mr. Larson nodded. "Okay. We'll have a snack in a few minutes, but first, let's have some spiritual food," he said, getting out his Bible. "Who can remember the Bible verses we've studied in class so far this year?"

    The boys began to recite the verses and were doing fine until someone said, "I am the Bread of Life." Everyone moaned in hunger.

    "Okay, okay!" Mr. Larson laughed. "We'll eat. But while you eat your snacks, I want you to think about something. How do you think you'll feel when you wake up in the morning?"

    Several voices gave the same answer. "Hungry!"

    Mr. Larson nodded. "That's because the food we eat only satisfies us for a short time. But when Jesus calls Himself the Bread of Life, He means He can satisfy our spiritual hunger forever. The grace, peace, and life we have through Him will never end."

    Mr. Larson pulled some fruit, cookies, and crackers from his backpack. "Okay, boys," he said. "Let's eat!" Raelene E. Phillips

    How About You?
    Do you eat when you feel hungry? Even if you do, it's probably not long before you feel hungry again, is it? Do you ever feel hungry--or empty--deep down inside?
    Do you try to fill up feelings of loneliness or restlessness with TV, friends, or lots of activities, but still feel empty? Jesus is the Bread of Life. He's is the only one who can satisfy our spiritual hunger. Trust in Him today. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page.)

    Today's Key Verse:
    Jesus replied, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. (NLT) (John 6:35)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Jesus satisfies the hungry heart

    The Coffee Can

    The Coffee Can

    "Close your eyes, Eric, and tell me what this smells like," said Aria. Her brother did as directed, and Aria held a stack of papers under his nose.

    Eric sniffed cautiously. "Coffee," he said, making a face. He opened his eyes and stared. "Wow! I thought you had a cup of coffee in your hand! How did those papers end up smelling just like coffee?"

    "I've been keeping them in this old coffee can," Aria said, holding up a big aluminum can.

    "Too bad," said her brother. "Now those papers stink!"

    Aria looked at him in surprise. "You don't like the smell of coffee?"

    "Of course not!" said Eric. "Do you?"

    "I don't like the taste--Dad let me try his once, and it was really gross--but I love the smell!" Aria held the papers to her nose and breathed in deeply.

    "Yuck!" said Eric. "Keep them away from me."

    Dad, who was on his computer in the corner of the room, looked up. "It can be really hard to get rid of strong smells like coffee," he said. "At least Aria likes that smell, so she can continue to use the coffee can to store things."

    Eric scrunched up his nose. "I just don't get how someone could like that smell."

    "That reminds me of a passage in the Bible," said Dad. "In the book of First Corinthians, Paul says that the lives of those who have been saved by Jesus are like a sweet fragrance that rises up to God. But to those who don't know Jesus, it's not a fragrance--it's a stench. Because they aren't willing to admit they're sinners, the truth of Jesus dying for their sins is like a bad smell instead of a good one."

    Aria nodded. "One of my friends used to laugh at me when I talked about Jesus, but then she decided to trust in Him too!"

    "Yes," said Dad. "When God works in someone's heart, He can open them to the fragrance of His love. That's why we need to keep sharing His love with others and praying for them--so they can smell the sweet aroma of Jesus in our lives." Holly F. Cepeda

    How About You?
    Did you know that Christians are the fragrance of Jesus? He fills us with His love so others will be drawn to the sweet aroma of His salvation. But to some, the reality of sin is a truth they don't want to believe, and they turn away like they would a bad stench. But God can change any heart. Keep showing His love to those who don't know Him, and pray He would open their hearts to His sweet aroma.

    Today's Key Verse:
    We are to God the fragrance of Christ. (NKJV) (2 Corinthians 2:15)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Christians are the fragrance of Jesus

    Sweet Like Honey

    Sweet Like Honey

    The peace and quiet upstairs was suddenly shattered by accusing voices. "You're a crybaby!" Will told his sister, Chloe.

    "Oh yeah? You're a tattletale!" Chloe replied.

    "Will! Chloe! Come down right now!" Mom called from downstairs where she and Aunt Susie were cooking.

    Two red-faced kids trudged into the kitchen of their aunt and uncle's house. Mom looked at them sternly. "I'm disappointed in you. You know better than--"

    Suddenly, a door slammed. Mom, Chloe, and Will snapped their heads up, the scolding forgotten. "Uncle Matthew!" Will shouted. He and Chloe raced out of the room to greet their uncle. Soon they all came into the kitchen. Uncle Matthew carried a rectangular wooden frame filled with hexagon-shaped wax.

    "Thought I'd pop in and let you try some honey I harvested," he told the kids. "Can we taste some honey, Mom?" Will asked.

    She nodded. Chloe and Will gathered around Uncle Matthew.

    "Press your finger into the wax," Uncle Matthew told them, then demonstrated.

    Some wax broke under his finger and covered it in gooey, golden honey.

    Chloe and Will followed his example. Will licked a honey-coated finger. "Wow," he

    said. "This is the best honey ever. And I've eaten lots of honey."

    Chloe tasted hers. "Mmm!"

    Mom's eyes widened with an idea. "You know, the Bible mentions honey."

    "Cool!" Chloe exclaimed. "Where?"

    "Proverbs 16:24," Aunt Susie said. "'Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the

    soul and healing to the bones.'"

    Uncle Matthew nodded. "Honey's delicious, and it's perfect for healing our bodies.

    Words are similar."

    "We need to remember the impact words have," Mom said, eyeing Will and Chloe.

    "Our words need to show others the love of Jesus. There's a verse in Psalms that says God's words to us are as sweet as honey. His Word, the Bible, speaks truth to us and encourages us. Those are what our words to others should be like--words that taste like honey, not words that hurt like a honeybee sting."

    Will and Chloe looked at each other. "Sorry for calling you a crybaby," said Will. "Sorry for calling you a tattletale," Chloe replied.

    They smiled, then each reached for another taste of honey. JULIE POTTER

    How About You?
    Are the words you say to others sweet like honey? Or are they more like angry bees on the attack? It's easy to be hurtful or careless with our words. But as Christians, what we say should point others to Jesus and His kindness and love. Apologizing, giving genuine compliments, and thanking others are a few ways to use our words for good. How else can you share God's sweetness in your words?

    Today's Key Verse:
    How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! (NIV) (Psalm 119:103)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Speak loving words

    Sir Brendan

    Sir Brendan

    Brendan stared at the rain pouring down outside his living room window. "Something on your mind, son?" asked Dad.

    "I'm just thinking about spiritual gifts. I don't think I have one," Brendan said.

    "Hmm," Dad said thoughtfully. "Well, think about things that give you energy and joy. What comes naturally to you?"

    Before Brendan could answer, his very wet and drippy mom sloshed through the front door. "I forgot the groceries in the car!" she exclaimed.

    "I'll get them," Brendan volunteered. He hopped up and dashed out into the rain. Later that evening, Dad found Brendan in his room reading about knights and heroes in the Middle Ages. "Hey, buddy. I think I have an idea of what your spiritual gift is--you're a good helper."

    Brendan shrugged. "But that's not anything special."

    "It is to Jesus," Dad said. "He gave you that gift. And it was special to your mom today too--you helped her so she wouldn't have to go back out in the rain. You also help our neighbor and lots of other people."

    "Yeah, but I wish I had a more important job--like being a knight," Brendan replied. "Did you know knights made a promise to serve their king and country? They had a special ceremony and everything!"

    "Well, how about we have our own special knighting ceremony for spiritual gifts?" Dad suggested.

    Brendan thought about that. "Okay," he agreed, "but I have to kneel down." He reached for a coat hanger and handed it to Dad. "We can use this as a pretend sword." "You're the expert," Dad told him. Then he added, "Do you think this coat hanger is tired of hanging around?"

    "Daaad," Brendan groaned.

    Clearing his throat and becoming serious, Dad spoke with authority. "Brendan,

    when you use your spiritual gift of helping, you're serving Jesus, who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He gave you that gift so you could show His love to others and bring Him glory."

    Dad gently tapped the coat hanger on each of Brendan's shoulders. "I dub thee Sir Brendan, Helper of Others. Now arise, knight, and advance in God's name."

    Brendan slowly rose and shared a grin with dad. He was no longer Brendan- without-a-spiritual-gift. He was Sir Brendan, Helper of Others. Kelly Hope

    How About You?
    What's your spiritual gift? The Bible says that if you know Jesus as your Savior, you have been given a spiritual gift to bring Him glory and help others know Him. Make a list of things that bring you joy when you do them. If you're still not sure what your gift is, that's okay! Keep serving others and trusting God to help you use the gift He's given you.

    Today's Key Verse:
    God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. (NLT) (1 Peter 4:10)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Serve God with spiritual gifts

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