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The science fiction audio drama series produced by Slipgate Nine Entertainment.

Edict Zero - FIS Slipgate Nine Entertainment

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    • 4.7, 219 Ratings

The science fiction audio drama series produced by Slipgate Nine Entertainment.

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
219 Ratings

219 Ratings

Dragonraver ,

Really enjoying! 1 suggestion tho

Really enjoying the podcast, the story lines are exciting and the characters are really interesting. Very well written and produced! Totally recommend!
If I may make one suggestion though to the creator, assuming they’ll ever read these....the incessant footsteps and foot shuffling is extremely distracting. Obviously I’m not suggesting all footstep sounds go away, but that sound byte is used way way too much, it’s like every character in the entire podcast is constantly on the verge of peeing their pants. So I can’t help but always picture all the characters doing the peepee dance the whole time. And I realize it’s just a sound byte for background noise that the editor inserted but I’m constantly wanting to scream to them “Stand still!!! Stop moving your feet for 5 seconds!!!” And I mean, even when the characters are supposedly sitting down in front of a computer, there’s still constant footsteps and shuffling, all I can picture is the top half of their body being still and concentrating on the computer screen while their legs and feet are just going wild under the table...which I imagine would look incredibly strange and awkward in real life. Funny sure, but I assume that’s not what you are going for. It’s not a dealbreaker or anything, the show is still great! I just have a tendency to pick up on little things like that and when it’s repetitive, my brain kinda gets stuck on the sound and it totally takes me out of the story and I miss what’s actually being said and I have to rewind it and listen again while consciously trying to ignore the repetitive noise. Anyway, that’s just my two cents. Still love the show regardless. Can’t wait for the next episode! :)

Ash8787421780 ,


God this is bad.

monininininin ,

Superb Production!

I found this series by accident, but I’m so glad I did. This is an incredibly well-imagined and well-performed show.

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