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Intellectual, accessible, and provocative literary conversations.

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Intellectual, accessible, and provocative literary conversations.

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4.5 out of 5
270 Ratings

270 Ratings

13Johanna13 ,

If you want more than best sellers to read…

Many of the books that Silverblatt reviews and authors that he interviews have led to my reading the book or everything the author had published!
If you enjoy serious fiction, this podcast will help you to go beyond the most popular choices and discover quirky, not so ordinary fiction.

PissedLord ,

Sweet suffering succotash

I swear to whatever you find holy, any of you who love this podcast but complain about women’s “vocal fry” in other podcasts is an unabashed sexist. I truly recommend that you reconsider what you will tolerate in men’s voices and cadences but not in women’s.

Silverblatt is fine, sure, but is it worth it. Thoughtful authors are going to give thoughtful answers no matter the interviewer, you know?

Luckily, I listened to the episodes with Lauren Groff, Edward St. Aubyn, and Rachel Cusk, whose voices are honey. This is an episode-by-episode podcast for me; I’d have to really adore the authors to endure this.

Finally, I cannot recommend this while exercising; the only tempo that might be worse would be Gregorian chants. I might pick the chants, honestly.

artnouveauian ,


A few weeks ago, I finished reading Susan Orlean’s The Library Book, so surveying the episodes of KCRW “Bookworm,” I was eager to hear what Orlean had to say about the process and content of her great read. I came away wanting more from Orlean, which means more interview method from Silverblatt and less of his talk about the book. At one point, Silverblatt cut Orlean off mid-sentence in order to offer his own ideas? The topic was feminism in the world of librarians —surely Orlean had important things to say.

An interviewer is most effective using a voice and manner that does not interrupt the presence of the one interviewed, or the listener. The cadence of Silverblatt's voice made me impatient instead of at ease.

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