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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers both broad and focused techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


Instagram Insider Hacks Ruthie Gray

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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers both broad and focused techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


    Ep. 40: Using Kickstarter to fund your project on Instagram™ with Christa Hutchins

    Ep. 40: Using Kickstarter to fund your project on Instagram™ with Christa Hutchins

    Today we're discussing Using Kickstarter to Fund Your Project on Instagram. We're joined by my good friend, colleague, and member of my own Instagram Insider community, Christa Hutchins. Congratulations on your new podcast! It’s called “Just One Simple Thing” and it’s so great. It has short succinct gems of wisdom and practical tips! Every week, there’s an action step. So far, my favorite is episode 5 - “What type of stuck are you?” Let's get into it! 

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    Christa's website at Do A New Thing 


    Christa's Podcast: Just One Simple Thing 


    Ruthie: Christa, your tag line is, “Moving your God-dream from vision to action together.” How are you using Instagram to drive traffic to this effort?   



    Using Kickstarter to Fund Your Project on Instagram

    Christa: Well, I think one of the key words in that tagline is “together.” You know, I am big, big, big on relationships and on collaborations and bringing people together.


    So, I hope that through my Instagram work that people feel like they're less alone because I'm in there with them. I'm also helping them connect with other people who are in there with them. So I drive them to places like the podcast or my mastermind and my one-on-one coaching so they feel less alone and they feel comfortable joining those places because they've gotten to know me through Instagram. 


    R: Yes, you are one of the first people that ever reached out to me for collaboration. You've taught me a lot about collaboration and community and that we are in this together.





    How Using Kickstarter can Bolster Your Goals


    R: As you know, in this series we’re discussing ways to monetize using Instagram, and one of the ways you did this was by using Kickstarter to fund your Line-a-day journal. Obviously, I got on board because I thought it was a fabulous idea and I use my journal every single morning. Tell us the results of using Kickstarter and how you exceeded your goals!


    C: Yeah. So Kickstarter is a platform where you can offer new products, new product ideas, things that you're exploring, and offer people an opportunity to join in with you by crowdsourcing to fund your idea. I knew I had this idea for the line a day journal. I had done a short four month trial version and I was ready to launch the full year version for 2021.


    On Kickstarter, I set up a campaign and you can run them for a limited time. The suggested time is two weeks. So that's what I did. Then you pick a value that is your target goal for your Kickstarter--how much money you want to raise to be able to produce your thing.


    People who join in on your Kickstarter can get different levels of bonuses and extras to go along with whatever it is you're funding. So, um, if you reach your funding level, then Kickstarter collects all that money and gives you most of it and they can keep a little bit for themselves which is normal.


    Then you produce the thing, but if you don't make your goal, then nobody pays anything. You don't get funds and it's all gone. I set my goal at $1,500 in two weeks. That was what I was going to try to do. I promoted it on my Instagram, my newsletter, and my Facebook.


    A Real Audience Response


    I was shocked at the response. Partly, I think it was because,

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    Ep. 39: Social selling: How your amazing content can explode growth; with Carrie Wilson

    Ep. 39: Social selling: How your amazing content can explode growth; with Carrie Wilson

    Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Instagram monetization, Social selling: How your amazing content can explode growth (and sales!).  Today’s Instagram expert and special guest is Carrie Wilson, business owner and homesteader, at @thelittlepalletfarmhouse on Instagram. 

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    Carrie Wilson, thelittlepalletfarmhouse

    Carrie’s Passion to Profit Pathway



    Carrie shares her advice on how to take advantage of newly released features on the platform for growth, branding, and social selling, plus, how to hone your niche with something called, “talent stacking”!  By the way, if you missed last week’s Episode 38, "Generate Instagram Revenue by Driving Traffic to Your Website with Suzy Goodwin," be sure to catch that later, because you’ll hear her top 3 tips for IG monetization including Content Arcs and much more!


    Carrie Wilson of @thelittlepalletfarmhouse on Instagram has a very interesting background!  She grew up in the english countryside, graduated with a medical related degree, backpacked around the world, met celebs and royals, emigrated to the middle east, became a pro horse trainer, and all along the way ran her own companies and modeled professionally for over 20 years but she has always had a longing to be settled somewhere she can cultivate a garden and enjoy animals.


    Ruthie: Tell us Carrie, when did you first become passionate about homesteading - did you grow up around gardening and farm life?  

    Carrie: Well, I grew up in the English countryside, as you can probably tell by my accent, I'm not from around here. I really did have a childhood amongst those picturesque stone built farmhouses, fields of cows, and spring lamb.


    Sticking to Your Roots When Developing Your Social Presence

    C: I’d say that having my own farm  so early on, and I had parents and grandparents that were both avid gardeners, maybe a different style of gardening. Nonetheless, we would enjoy home grown produce. Even if it was just strawberries or salad greens. So, I guess the culture in which I was raised was very much about a home grown and local grown is better.


    That was something that was difficult to have during my sort of 20 years of traveling around and living in all these different places.





    R: Your tag line is, “Bringing homesteading and social media together for self sufficient living.”  (That is a fabulous tag line, btw.) Although you’ve only been on Instagram six months, your platform is growing quickly! How did you grow from zero to over 8,000 in 6 months? 



    6 Ways to Successful Social Selling

    1.)Defined my story

    2.)Got authentic

     3.)Niched down

    4.)Got consistent

    5.)Engaged with audience

    6.)Use IG’s new features bc they will push out your content more.


    R. As you know, in this series we’re discussing ways to monetize using Instagram, and one of the ways you’re doing this is with a kickstarter to fund your docu-series with a view towards getting on a major network, correct?  Could you tell us how social selling with a kickstarter works for those who may not be familiar with this topic?


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    Ep. 38: Generate Instagram revenue by driving traffic to your website with Suzy Goodwin

    Ep. 38: Generate Instagram revenue by driving traffic to your website with Suzy Goodwin

    In this episode, I spoke with Suzy Goodwin on how to generate Instagram revenue by driving traffic to your website. Suzy is a 100 mile ultra marathoner, former Guinness World Record holder, triplet mom, and podcaster.  Her podcast, called "Run, Lift, Mom" provides quick bites of training advice and interviews with subject matter experts, and she is today’s Instagram Expert for our series on Instagram monetization!  We will hear from Suzy on how she uses organic marketing to drive traffic to her podcast from Instagram, her thoughts on Strategic Quitting (for those of us who like to do #allthethings), and, of course, Instagram monetization.

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    Suzy Goodwin's Zone of Genius (Click below)


    Follow Suzy on Instagram @runliftmompod

    Listen to the Run Lift Mom Podcast here.


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    The Dip, by Seth Godin



    Delivering Value on Instagram

    Ruthie: You and I have a couple things in common - one is our faith in Jesus (one of the first things you said to me was that your ultimate goal is to honor God).  This makes my soul sing!  The other thing we have in common is that I’m a former runner myself.  Not near to the extent of your accomplishments, but I used to run 3 miles a day and even ran and placed in a few 5K’s and a 10K!  Speak to these two passions for just a moment, just on the personal side, and if you have a favorite verse, share that with us too!

    Suzy: Running is a large part of my identity (I’ve got a goal to run a marathon in each of the 50 states, 47 down) but it can also be an idol (and a world that praises fitness is not helpful). I struggle with that! That’s why my favorite verse is 1 Timothy 4:8 for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. 


    Growing a True Audience to Generate Instagram Revenue


    R: You have a nice sized following on Instagram.  Obviously we know it takes many moving parts to grow a successful IG account, but what would you say you did first to get the wheels in motion?

    S: Consistency. I practiced the Gary Vee 1.80 strategy religiously for 6 months. Something most entrepreneurs don’t think about when they see large accounts (& mine isn’t huge but I started from zero in July 2018 & i’m not famous or anything) is that they convert less. I noticed my sales going down as my account grew and I can only conclude it made me less relatable (“she’s not a real person”).

    Sure, it’s nice to have a link to swipe up to but I want listeners out there with that goal of 10K to understand a new challenge to problem solve around will arise! 






    Strategic Quitting

    R: Do you have one specific goal for your account, like the podcast, or do you diversify?  If so, how much traffic would you say goes to your shop from IG as compared to, say, your shop or resulting affiliate sales?

    S: Podcast is my focus, period.

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    Ep. 37: How to drive Instagram traffic with stories

    Ep. 37: How to drive Instagram traffic with stories

    Have you ever wondered how you can drive Instagram traffic to your podcast, blog, product, or website? You've come to the right place! In this episode of Instagram Insider hacks, we discuss just how you can do this by incorporating one of Instagram's most powerful and simple tools. 

    click below for show notes!


    If you're unfamiliar with stories or how to use story features, take my free 7-Day Instagram Story Challenge for a quick win every day! (link below.







    The Secret to Driving Instagram Traffic

    The secret to gaining engaged IG followers is through stories. Remember how your mom read you stories as a kid? You got sucked into that story.  Same is true for your followers. If you learn to do stories right and regularly, you can get your audience sucked in! That means more podcast downloads and an engaged audience!


    Let's talk about what you need for stories (your phone=your life), how often to create stories, and how to drive Instagram traffic through your stories.



     Covering Your Bases


    Is it bad to post something in your stories and also in your feed?

    No! Not everyone who watches your stories sees your feed and vice versa. Cover your bases by posting to both-- even if you only share a post to stories. 


    When looking at analytics from a story under navigation there are these words: back, forward, next story and exit. You may be wondering, does forward mean they skipped you to go to the next post? Or is that what next means? Does back mean they scrolled back to look again? 

    Let me break this down. Forward means they’re going to the next frame of your story. Next story means they’re going to the next person or account’s stories. Backwards taps are gold because it means you caught their attention somehow! You should do more of that, because the analytics show you're able to drive Instagram traffic from that content. Exit either means they got bored or ran out of time and exited your stories.






    What to Post in Stories

    Stories are a great way to practice doing video for your audience in 15-second frames.


    Go behind the scenes

    Share your life and use engagement stickers

    Tag people in stories when it makes sense - share other’s posts and tag, geo tag, etc. 

    Use hashtags “podcast” don’t shrink too small, use only 2-3 per story 

    Share 5 days per week

    A "story" is 3 frames!



    Continue Driving Traffic by Recycling Content

    How do you post from archives to stories?

    You can go to your current stories OR your archive (go to your profile and in the top right corner you'll see the button that is three horizontal lines and then select "archive"), tap the story you want then at the bottom right there is the option to highlight. From there you may choose the highlight you want to add it to or create a new highlight from it!


    I drive Instagram traffic from stories all the time, translating into regular podcast downloads because...

    A. I share my life

    B. I ask about their lives through engagement stickers

    C. I share their answers and tag them, and

    D. I use the different video aspects afforded me in stories.

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    Ep: 36 How Instagram accountability leads to growth

    Ep: 36 How Instagram accountability leads to growth

    In this special episode, I interviewed several members of my Insider Intensive group about Instagram accountability! You’ll get to hear valuable insider information from these soon to be graduates. First, we hear from Melissa Smythe of Braver Boulder Living she and her husband share an account and run it. 


    12-Week Insider Intensive


    BONUS with your 12-Week Insider Intensive

    It Starts With Community

    Melissa: At first, I was floundering. I knew in my heart what I wanted to do but I didn't know how to express it. The ladies in this group tried to help me hone in and figure out how to say what I'm trying to say. For me, that means encouragement and helping people slow down and live Brave and Boldly for Jesus. 


    Everything these women do in every area their life they live brave and boldly. That’s my avatar! Additionally, I needed women that have big dreams and want to pursue and live fully for God and not play small. 


    That's what these women do. None of us are playing small. We're taking those brave bold steps of faith. Your group has just helped us to do that and that step out of our comfort zone. You push and you challenge us then you give us grace and instructions. Sometimes it's scary but you're doing awesome. I think I think that that's been the biggest blessing for me is having other women around me who are dreaming big. They want to live all out for the Lord and do the business that God has put in their heart. That's what I take out from this group. 






    Ruthie: Community and mindset are so important for Instagram accountability. Then, eventually, that germinates and creates opportunity. This group has collaborated like crazy. Every day I get on there and it'll say Jennifer and Vina are going Live together or someone else new from the group is going Live together. It’s amazing and I can't even keep up you know. That is pride and in your message. I’m so so proud of you guys and the strides you've made.



    Don't go it Alone

    Alison: I need to go from a very different perspective. My mindset is overly confident! I think I can figure this out on my own. However, there are things that I need to learn. So, I'm reaching out to you and getting information.  I learned that my overconfidence has pushed me to be very narrow in my view as to how to serve my audience. The Hot Seat experience that I had delivered Instagram accountability from you and from the rest of the women in the community. That message was, “Yes, you’re a teacher. Yes, you have great information. But, you have got to pull back and just be you.” 


    I have this sense of humor. People are always telling me I’m making them laugh, but I wasn’t sharing that because I was so busy teaching them. 

    As soon as I had that hot seat, the next day I shifted my strategy on stories completely in a different direction. The interaction I am getting now is through the roof on my stories!  I chuckle because I wonder, what do I have that people like? Well, I have a sarcastic sense of humor but turns out people love that. 








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    7 Focused tips for reaching followers

    7 Focused tips for reaching followers

    One thing I’ve learned in the past few years while growing my platform is that I want to reach followers -  authentic followers.  This translates into quality over quantity; letting go the vanity metrics. Click below for show notes!


    12-Week Insider Intensive


    Authentic Instagram Engagement Facebook group


    A Quick Word on the Insider Intensive


    Before I share what did and didn’t work for me, I want you to know the doors just opened for my spring 12-Week Insider Intensive.  This is a thriving community of godly women from all walks of life - authors, speakers, podcasters, MLM’s, bloggers, and business women, all focused on growing an authentic platform while broadening their reach, learning marketing techniques, and honing their messages to connect with their target followers on the platform.  This Intensive starts April 5 and I would love to have you join me if this sounds like something you’re looking for.  I will leave the link to the Intensive in the show notes, but I wanted to quickly share a testimony from Joni Scott, who went through the 5-Day challenge with us and after watching a Zoom roundtable with my current 12-week Insider Intensive members, decided to join the course!  Here’s what she said to me in a direct message:


    I have been praying about a new platform to use for my writing/podcasting. During the 5 day challenge I focused on just making genuine heartfelt comments to my new Instagram friends. I then noticed I was doing the same at work, in person! Which THEN made me realize how I usually hide from people I don’t know well. (Online and off) That alone caused your 5 day challenge to be life altering! I wanted to thank you for that.”


    I’m tearing up just reading this again!  What a blessing. What a tool we have at our fingertips to not only broaden our message and promote our product, book, or podcast, but to reach others for the kingdom in the process!


    Wow.  We’ve been entrusted with a lot here. Therefore, without further ado, let’s delve into what worked and didn’t work for me on Instagram and I just have to wonder if you’ve done some of these things too?  Listen in.


    7 Focused Tips for Reaching Followers

    When first navigating the platform, I didn’t understand the point of social networking.  I just thought it was about getting followers, I didn’t realize the marketing potential available to me through growing an authentic community.  As a result, I stumbled a few times, made several mistakes, quit the platform only to return again. 

    However, there was just a visually different draw on Instagram that aroused my curiosity.  As I learned more and tested methods, I realized what I was doing was not working.

    In my recent 5-day growth challenge inside my Authentic Instagram Engagement fb group, I shared 4 things I tried that didn’t work, plus 7 focused tips that helped grow my community. This is the second half of the training from that week, and if you didn’t catch the first half, called 5 steps to Authentic audience growth in episode 34, go back and listen to that next.  



    Things I’ve done to reach followers that haven’t worked:


    Been a ghost admin of a large follow train, Let follow trains participated and follow trains that sucked up all my time and energy. This is NOT a good way to reach followers in the long run!

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78 Ratings

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She’s the bomb for learning IG!

I’ve learned so much from Ruthie’s example of using IG to serve her audience and LOVE that she’s sharing her valuable tips on IG on this show. Highly recommend you subscribe and get the latest and greatest tips on IG! ~ Kim Stewart

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Ruthie’s podcast are what podcast dreams are made of!! Each episode is full of practical information given in a manageable amount of time.
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Ruth Gray is an insta-bomb! I love her clear and practical weekly tips for upping our instagram game. When anyone asks me about Instagram, I answer mostly by sending them to Ruthie - she’s an expert who shares so much in short manageable snippets. Her site ruthiegray.mom has awesome resources and she offers courses and coaching too. Thanks, Ruthie!!

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