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Celebrating and promoting the convergence of God, the world, and the church.

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Celebrating and promoting the convergence of God, the world, and the church.

    Overcoming why we do not have goals

    Overcoming why we do not have goals

    This is the second episode of three in a series called, "God-sized and Jesus Oriented Goals." In it, Matt brings his message from Kyiv, Ukraine. He starts with a brief update about his time in Kyiv so far, and then offers several reasons why, and how we avoid setting God-sized and Jesus oriented goals in the church. At the end of the episode, Matt offers several practical steps local pastors and churches can take to help prepare their church to set healing and righteous goals that fit within the powerful mission of God in the world.

    In the final episode of the series, Matt will teach about how to set clear, concise, and focused goals which help lead the church forward.

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    The Martyrs and the Marginalized

    The Martyrs and the Marginalized

    This week, Matt visited and interviewed Father Yuriy Kozlovsky, PhD., at Ukrainian (Greek) Catholic University, in Lviv (https://ucu.edu.ua/en/).

    In this episode, Father Yuriy and Matt talk about the history of the university, its understand of their local martyrs, and how their faith community has always worked to bless the marginalized in their society.

    Having roots in the 1920's, the seminary which eventually became a university, was pushed underground during the Soviet era, and now continues to educate, inspire, and train the next generation of Ukrainian leaders.

    All of this takes place on the land which the USSR once held its most western military base, poised to attack key locations in Europe. Father Yuriy celebrates God's victory: a location that was made for war was transformed by God into a institution that works for peace, develops faith, and educates students.

    In his own words, you will hear how Father Yuriy is motivated by his students and desires to help them be the future leaders of a stronger and healthier Ukraine.

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    God-sized and Jesus Oriented Goals: Chapter 1--Contrasting Approaches to Ministry Goals

    God-sized and Jesus Oriented Goals: Chapter 1--Contrasting Approaches to Ministry Goals

    This is the first episode of 3 in the series "God-sized and Jesus Oriented Goals."

    In this episode, Matt compares two churches with contrasting approaches to ministry. The first church has a wonderful institution with a beautiful building and amazing music. The second isn't as shiny and "professional." Which would you want to come alongside? Wait...the second has a growing and inspiring ministry to the most volunerable in their city. Now, which moves your heart the most?

    While we can celebrate a strong institution, we are looking for God-sized and Jesus oriented goals which are the heartbeat of every congregation. So, what is your next step? At the end Matt offers some actions steps, and claims ownership for not having a critical mass of churches who embrace big ministry goals, yet.

    In chapter 2, Matt will explore why we do not set God-sized and Jesus oriented goals, and in chapter 3, Matt will offer a process to help every church set their God-sized and Jesus oriented goals for healing, wholeness, and salvation.

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    Do you have the LEADERSHIP you need?

    Do you have the LEADERSHIP you need?

    Every church deserves at least three forms of leadership in this era. In this episode, Matt challenges all churches to find ways to put the leadership they need in place:  

    1. Organizational leadership who helps the church focus on its mission 

    2. Pastoral leadership whose primary goal is equipping the church for the work of ministry 

    3. Local mission leadership who walks with the church to meet human and spirit need by developing mission funnels/pipelines  

    Churches can build these leadership categories through church partnerships, or piecemeal.   

    To get started, write Matt!   matt@mvpresby.org  matt@intersectpodcast.org

    Watch this episode on Youtube:


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    Mission Update January 2023

    Mission Update January 2023

    Some key things on the horizon!  

    1. We have our first Leadership Summit on February 11. The conversation will be lead by elder Jennifer Crow! She is amazing. Jennifer and Ben George helped design the conversations. Kudos to them:) The day is open to anyone who has a heart for God's mission in the world, and moving the church forward. Several people from outside our system will be there. To learn more or signup, visit: https://mvpresby.org/leadership-summit/ ; if you can not sign up on line, just send me an email.  

    2. Terri Bate is our new Director of Mission Development, her job is to raise funds so that we can call, train, and send local mission partners (missionaries) to work with churches around eastern Ohio. The mission partners will help churches engage and love their communities and emphasize both physical and spiritual care.  To connect with Terri, save her contact information: https://linqapp.com/terri_bate   

    3. We firmly believe that every church deserves 3 forms of leaders in this day: a) organizational leaders who can align the work of the church to the mission of God, b) pastoral leaders whose central focus is to equip others, and c) local mission leaders who help congregations love their local communities. One way we do this is through church partnerships. We have one partnership established and are excited that we have 2 others in progress. We are always looking for ways get these forms of leadership in every church, Presbyterian or not.  

    4. If you are new to our podcasts, there are a few great podcasts to nourish you and get you up to speed. You can listen through a web browser, or app on your phone.   

    The most recent is “Birthing Jesus,” in is a recap of a Christmas sermon I gave at Reedurban Presbyterian Church during Advent: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0SV7lwJc577beJe8aj4UFo?si=jH_4Jn4_TTKY7hTSd9HFdA This message is gentle and encouraging while it calls the church to birth Jesus in the world;   

    The second is called “Ministry Pipelines” with Pastor Mike Smith, and is focused on how to reach the masses, serve a subsets, and welcome as many as possible into a Christian community. https://anchor.fm/matt-skolnik/episodes/What-are-your-3-ministry-pipe-lines-e1qcijt/a-a8qoh88 

    5. We have changed contact information in the past year, and we are trying to stay in touch better. To save Matt's contact information, follow the link below, and click “save contact,” then “download contact.” Terri's contact information works the same way.  https://linqapp.com/matthew_j_skolnik 

    We want to do better at staying in church.  As elders, please sign up for our emails, so you can be up to speed on the exciting things that are going on around the presbytery. Currently, there is a sign up box at the top of our webpage https://mvpresby.org

    6.  Finally, we are in a mode of equipping. We have a wonderful training that is designed to help individuals build skills and comfort with praying out loud with and for others. To learn more see: https://mvpresby.org/prayer-lab/ You are welcome to join one of the upcoming Prayer Labs, or work with Matt to schedule one in your area.   

    Thanks for everything! Much love, Matt

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    Birthing Jesus Today

    Birthing Jesus Today

    In this episode, Matt reviews a message he delivered on Sunday, December 11 at Reedurban Presbyterian Church. There, Matt preached on Luke 1, Mary's Song, and encourages the church to consider how we are called to birth Jesus in our time and location.

    This message is short, but it is encouraging and powerful. In addition, Matt asks churches to invite him to walk with them so that he can help them birth Jesus in their local towns, cities, and regions.

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