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We are Instructional Technology teachers who love to learn, share, and grow with techology.

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We are Instructional Technology teachers who love to learn, share, and grow with techology.

Visit our blog at www.itbabble.com

    Episode 183 - Damn Fine Cans

    Episode 183 - Damn Fine Cans

    1) Back at school in a COVID world
    a) Tony’s motto: “You have to think of every student as a virtual student that occasionally comes to school and if you do that your planning will fit every scenario.”
    b) GoGuardian: https://www.goguardian.com
    c) Cisco Umbrella: https://security.umbrella.com

    2) Why your online streaming is bad and mine is good
    a) iPad solution
    b) Euro Mic Stand with Klip
    c) Disable iPad audio
    d) DJ Podiums
    e) iPad is a “person” in the meeting

    3) Virtual Parent Conferences
    a) Zoom
    Waiting rooms
    b) Prep with teachers and parents
    c) Google Meet deadline - Sept
    ember 20, 2020

    4) Streaming in the Classroom - Final verdict!
    a) Windows schools - Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter
    b) Mac schools - Apple TV
    c) BYOD schools - BenQ Instashow/Barco WePresent

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Episode 181 - Zoom

    Episode 181 - Zoom

    Happy Easter/Spring Break

    1) Zoom
    a) Zoombombing
    b) Zoom and privacy
    c) Zoom alternative
    -Microsoft Teams
    -Google Meet
    d) Recommendations
    e) Zoom Basic (non-compliance) vs.
    f) Zoom K-12 (FERPA, COPPA, HIPPA compliant)

    2) Cybersecurity Part 5 - Where Did Your Resources

    a) https://itbabble.com/2020/04/12/cybersecurity-part-5-where-did-you-put-your-resources/

    3) Graduation 2020?
    a)July in person graduation
    b) What does a virtual graduation look like?
    c) Not popular
    d) Not a good product
    e) Think about music, time, speeches

    • 36 min
    Episode 180 - Empty shelves empty seats

    Episode 180 - Empty shelves empty seats

    No school!

    1) Distance Learning Plan
    a) So much to talk about here
    b) Be asynchronous
    c) Front load the content
    d) Elementary and Early Childhood -
    e) Choice boards

    2) How is Microsoft Teams?
    a) What do we think doesn’t work?

    3) Attendance?

    4) Great resource from Mark Stone and Elvin Aliyev in Azerbaijan
    a) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-mRNFvwZ17xLmWRTkCoO7lPQakAW6SzBy7tZEm1cgdQ/edit
    b) Distance Learning Resource

    5) Video Conference Options
    a) Zoom
    b) Teams
    c) Google Hangouts Meet

    • 42 min
    Episode 179 - Student Fails

    Episode 179 - Student Fails

    1) Online learning, biggest issue I am seeing: controlling students vs lesson prep
    a) Behavior problems online are not tech problems
    b) Be realistic - it cannot be business as usual
    c) Daily touchpoints for teachers and administration
    d) How often do students need to be online with the teacher?

    2) Chinese students try but fail…
    a) Funny story, but again Social Media thinks it is real.

    3) ViewSonic Viewboard - Awesome, but don’t get sucked in.

    a) https://www.viewsonic.com/us/products/shop/viewboard.html

    4) Sneaky, sneaky kids and electronic tests by Patrick Cauley
    a) https://itbabble.com/2020/02/13/sneaky-sneaky-kids-and-electronic-tests/

    • 55 min
    Episode 178 - Forced to Flip

    Episode 178 - Forced to Flip

    1) Tony’s post: Flipped without permission
    a) https://itbabble.com/2020/02/05/flipped-without-permission-some-advice-about-teaching-online-an-itbabble-no-frills-video/
    b) Basic rules
    c) Behavior
    d) Platform options
    e) Learning Management System
    f) Record content
    g) Microsoft Teams/Slack (middle school-high school)
    h) Avoid the need for a VPN
    i) Daily check in with department
    j) Weekly check in with administration
    k) Consistency

    2) Social Media is horrible- Coronavirus is more proof
    a) Do your own homework
    b) Trust vetted sources

    3) Emergency Tech in the Go Bag
    a) Laptop
    b) USB Cords
    c) Documents
    d) Battery pack (you can try)
    e) Two external hard drives
    f) International power adapters
    g) No Chromebook :(
    h) Core documents

    • 44 min
    Episode 177

    Episode 177

    1) RIP Kobe Bryant

    2) Parent Portals
    a) How to get parents to use them more
    b) Only use one portal - avoid fragmentation
    c) Consistency with the portal for teachers and faculty
    d) Survey coming soon (next few months)

    3) Tony wants to rant on vendors: Managebac

    4) Microsoft’s new Edge browser
    a) Based on Chromium
    b) Microsoft Chromebook? Edgebook?
    c) https://remotedesktop.google.com/
    d) Cast tab content

    • 42 min

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