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    Dr Aseem Malhotra: "Covid-19 vaccines should never have been approved for a single human."

    Dr Aseem Malhotra: "Covid-19 vaccines should never have been approved for a single human."

    Dr Aseem Malhotra is a British Consultant Cardiologist and a world-renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis and management of heart disease.

    He is regularly published in the British Medical Journal, British Journal of Sports Medicine, BMJ Open Heart, JAMA Internal Medicine, Prescriber, The Pharmaceutical Journal, European Scientist, The Guardian and Observer, BBC online, Huffington Post, The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and the Washington Post.

    He joined Discernable to discuss the evidence of the net harm of the pharmaceutical industry, the over-prescribing of statins, and the harms of Covid-19 vaccines.

    Dr Malhotra placed no limits on the interview topics, so we pressed him on his motivations, his financial incentives, and his apparent contradiction on mRNA vaccines.

    A critical interview to see!








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    Saluting Their Service: Victoria Police Officers Conscripted to Vietnam Tell Their Stories

    Saluting Their Service: Victoria Police Officers Conscripted to Vietnam Tell Their Stories

    These are the stories of ten Victoria Police officers who served in the Vietnam War between 1964 and1972. Plucked from policing the streets of Melbourne, they were expected to serve their mandatory period of national service before returning to Victoria Police with no support, psychological evaluation, or job retraining, often policing protests against the very war they never wanted to serve in, and had just returned from.

    Many of them rose to the highest ranks within Victoria Police, with some experiencing debilitating and life-long complications from their time in the military.

    In 2023, Victoria Police formally apologised to them and recognised their service in a series of events called ‘Saluting Their Service’.


    1. James Stuart ARCHBOLD MMRetired Senior Constable VicPol 14923Corporal 3790920Military Police

    2. Iain Mcculloch FINDLAYRetired Sergeant VicPol 15929Corporal 3796498Military Police

    3. Gordon Kenneth BEACHRetired Superintendent VicPol 15138Corporal 3790002Military Police

    4. Dr Raymond Neil SHUEY AM, APMRetired Assistant Commissioner VicPol 14696Lance Corporal 3790218110 Signals Squadron

    5. Ivan William RAYRetired Inspector VicPol 14897Corporal 3791124Military Police

    6. Brian Eric FOXRetired Senior Sergeant VicPol 17250Private 37943055 Royal Australian Regiment

    7. Trevor Charles THOMPSONRetired Assistant Commissioner VicPol 15045Private 3790257Royal Australian Army Service Corps

    8. Eric James HORNERetired Chief Inspector VicPol 11324Captain 3106899Command and Staff Training UnitCitizen Military Forces

    9. Maureen Joy SMITH- widow of Ronald Wayne SMITHRetired Senior Constable VicPol 14881Lance Corporal 3788016532 Signal Troop

    10. Ian Graham PAYNERetired Inspector VicPol 15150Corporal 3791889Military Police

    This project was produced with the assistance and support of:

    Community Advocacy Alliancehttps://caainc.org.au

    Australian War Memorialhttps://www.awm.gov.au

    Victoria Policehttps://www.police.vic.gov.au

    Vietnam Veterans Association of Australiahttps://www.vvaa.org.au

    Retired Police Association of Victoria Inchttps://rpavictoria.org

    Adam Creighton: 'Most Journalists Fell for the Hysteria'

    Adam Creighton: 'Most Journalists Fell for the Hysteria'

    Adam Creighton is an award-winning journalist and now Washington Correspondent for The Australian. He has been a vocal critic of lockdown policy by governments around the world back when it was dangerous to stand out from the journalist crowd

    He joined Discernable to discuss:

    Insane Covid-19 policies that wrecked the world

    Is there pressure in mainstream media to take a particular stance?

    Did the Australian 'larrikin' ever really exist?

    TRUMP the frontrunner for the Presidential race

    Democrats can't stop Biden

    Biden's cognitive decline

    Why is DeSantis' popularity waning?

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr would beat Biden

    Did Bernie Sanders sell his soul?

    Massive salaries for Inclusion and Diversity Officers

    Keynesian economics may just work after all

    Forecasts and models are 'fake' and pointless

    Living standards are declining

    You can't appeal to 'the ordinary man' anymore

    The threat of New Media


    • 59 min
    A Nation of Serfs? Australia's Destiny, with Rob McMullan

    A Nation of Serfs? Australia's Destiny, with Rob McMullan

    Rob McMullan returns to Discernable to discuss the ongoing drift in society toward 'empathising' and 'caretaking' which ultimately leads to mass dependence. Is Australia destined to become a nation of compliant serfs who are comfortably satiated but totally without agency?

    Rob foresees a two-tiered society of Elites and Serfs...a 'dependent mass' and an 'inner city elite' as opposed to a mixed and dominant middle class.

    Unless and until an inevitable retaliation takes place.

    Watch the full episode at: https://discernable.io/australias-destiny-a-nation-of-serfs-with-rob-mcmullan

    Discernable links: https://linktr.ee/discernableofficial

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    Case Against Premier Daniel Andrews failed because Judge found it might cause him 'stress'

    Case Against Premier Daniel Andrews failed because Judge found it might cause him 'stress'

    This is a standalone episode summarising the 'Not Above the Law' case against Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and other named politicians and bureaucrats, run by Self Employed Australia over hotel quarantine failures.

    It is a story of government malfeasance, admission and farce (government prosecuting itself), and ultimately judicial activism where the presiding judge created and offered a defence for government that ultimately led to the case failing because of concerns over the mental welfare of Daniel Andrews and others named in the case.

    The 57 page judgement makes the point that allowing the case to proceed would cause 'stress of potentially being subjected to prosecution for serious criminal offences' for the named individuals including Daniel Andrews, Jenny Mikakos, Lisa Neville, Martin Pakula, Chris Eccles, Kym Peake, Brett Sutton, Shane Patton, Graham Ashton, Andrew Crisp et al.

    Justice McDonald goes on to say that if the case proceeds, 'the 20 individuals identified in the First Request may suffer considerable prejudice'.

    Watch the full episode at: ⁠https://discernable.io/the-peoples-project-victoria-is-broken⁠

    Discernable Links: ⁠https://linktr.ee/discernableofficial⁠

    The 57 page judgement:


    The full list of named individuals to be prosecuted:


    • 26 min
    Medical Censorship of Australian Doctors and Health Professionals

    Medical Censorship of Australian Doctors and Health Professionals

    Three cancelled medical professionals joined us to tell their stories of censorship by the Australian medical system. All three were de-registered by their professional licensing bodies for expressing views divergent from the ‘allowed’ opinion.

    Since their expulsion from medicine, many of their views have become accepted fact though that does little to restore their careers.

    Dr Paul Oosterhuis practiced Critical Care medicine for more than 32 years in Sydney, Australia. On 3rd September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on four anonymous complaints submitted to the regulator in relation to his Facebook posts.

    Dr Robert Brennan taught anatomy and biomedical sciences for a decade before entering medical school and forging a career in mental health care. On 20th September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on five complaints (four named and one anonymous) in relation to distributing flyers/pamphlets warning about concomitant harms of lockdowns and other Covid-19 measures.

    Ros Nealon-Cook was a registered psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience until 23rd September 2021 when the Psychology Council of NSW suspended her psychology registration, citing 10 anonymous complaints, related to a video she had released outlining serious concerns around harms to children due to the government pandemic response measures.

    Watch this joint interview to hear about alarming adverse event signals, nudge units and medical manipulation, groupthink and peer pressure, medical ethics and faulty science, population psychology, and the state of Australia’s medical fraternity.

    Discernable Links: https://linktr.ee/discernableofficial

    • 1 hr 58 min

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5.0 out of 5
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4 Ratings

jrt737 ,

Thought provoking listening

So refreshing to find intelligent, nuanced and balanced discussion in an environment of such poor quality media

AwesomeSauce777 ,

So You Think You’re Open-Minded?

You’re not open-minded and you’re not a free thinker unless you objectively consider all sides of any issue, a nearly impossible feat given the glaring mainstream media bias. Enter this podcast. I don’t agree with every point made by hosts and guests (though I do agree with most of them) but they never fail to offer intelligent, well-reasoned arguments and perspectives that truly broaden my mind and help congeal the partially-formed thoughts running through my head that I can’t seem to solidify on my own. I’m not Australian, but across-the-board, I find the commentary relevant to life, politics, and philosophy in my country as well. Also, frankly, it’s one of the few things keeping me sane during the pandemic and I’m eagerly consuming each episode as soon as it’s released. In short, it’s good stuff. Try it.

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