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A podcast by a UFO nerd and his tolerant friend. Because if UFOs are real… what else? If any of this turns out to be true, it's a very exciting time!

It's a Very Exciting Time Scott Vandehey & Chuck Lauer Vose

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A podcast by a UFO nerd and his tolerant friend. Because if UFOs are real… what else? If any of this turns out to be true, it's a very exciting time!

    AARO’s New Boss Launches Website, Avi Loeb Finds Interstellar Material

    AARO’s New Boss Launches Website, Avi Loeb Finds Interstellar Material

    We’re back with news from around the UAP community. First, Chuck’s here to talk about Avi Loeb’s claim to have recovered fragments of an interstellar object. Then we’ve got a quick update on more whistleblower activity. And finally, we’ve got some news about AARO, who recently moved in the org chart to report directly to Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks, who knocked some heads together and finally got their website launches (though it still has no contact info). Also, we discuss some reports that AARO themselves may be in possession of “anomalous materials!”



    Avi Loeb: Discovery of Spherules of Likely Extrasolar Composition
    USA Today: Metallic spheres found on Pacific floor are interstellar in origin, Harvard professor finds
    The Guardian: Astrophysicist Avi Loeb: ‘UFOs should be the subject of mainstream inquiry. Science must bring clarity’
    New York Times: Scientist’s Deep Dive for Alien Life Leaves His Peers Dubious
    Liberation Times: People vs. Pentagon: The Battle for UFO Transparency
    Defense Scoop: Hicks takes direct oversight of Pentagon’s UAP office; new reporting website to be launched
    Kelly Chase: “Sounds like Kirkpatrick’s on a PIP.”
    All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office website
    The Debrief: The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office Has Finally Launched Its Official Website. Here’s What’s Missing.
    Michio Kaku: “The burden of proof has shifted.”
    Liberation Times: Multiple Sources Confirm The Pentagon's UFO Office Has Coordinated Collection And Analysis Of Material From Unknown Origin
    Matt Ford: “Multiple people have bypassed AARO to file whistleblower reports with the ICIG.”

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    Dainty DoD is Concerned UAP Hearings Have Sullied Its Reputation

    Dainty DoD is Concerned UAP Hearings Have Sullied Its Reputation

    Although Congress is still on break for another couple weeks, we’re back with a bit of news. Reps. Burchett and Luna are still pushing to get a SCIF to hear Grusch’s classified testimony, but claim the DOD is stonewalling them. Ross Coulthart says the Pentagon and Intel Community are applying pressure to Congress to drop the UAP thing, and suddenly Rep. Turner says there will be no more UAP hearings in the House Oversight Committee to protect the reputation of the DOD. Plus, White House national security spokesman John Kirby dodges an opportunity to deny Grusch’s claims, while Gov. Christie laughs off a UFO question at the Republican presidential debate.



    Rep Luna: “We’re working on getting Grusch clearance and access to a SCIF.”
    Jeremy Corbell: “Grusch has been muzzled, but it won’t last.”
    Rep Burchett: “We wrote to the ICIG for details.”
    The Hill: “Lawmakers want subpoena power in UFO inquiries”
    The Hill: “UFO whistleblower claims not denied by John Kirby”
    Jen Psaki: “I wasn’t on the alien or UFO portfolio.”
    Chris Mellon: “Sadly, no further UAP hearings in the HOC.”
    Klaus: “Lack of HOC hearings not the disaster some make it out to be.”
    Ross Coulthart: “The pushback from Pentagon and IC is intense.”
    Rep Burchett staffer: “Rep Turner convinced Rep Comer UAP hearings would harm DOD reputation.”
    Liberation Times: “Pressure Mounts On House Intelligence Chairman Following Dismissive And Baffling Approach To “Credible And Urgent” UFO Whistleblower Allegations”
    The Debrief: “Questions About UAP Enter the 2024 Presidential Race”
    Vivek Ramaswamy: “We can handle the truth.”

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    Grusch Health Records Leaked; Scientist claims ET body program

    Grusch Health Records Leaked; Scientist claims ET body program

    This week we’re covering two topics. Firstly, UAP whistleblower David Grusch’s past struggles with PTSD and suicide are published, sparking claims that the intelligence community is attempting to discredit Grusch and intimidate other witnesses. Then, we get weird, discussing a Reddit post where a molecular biologist claims to have worked in a program studying the genetics of alien bodies for a defense contractor. The details are fascinating, and there’s some indications that the scientist may be legit. Chuck and I are especially fascinated by his claims about the alien’s religion, belief in a “soul field.”



    The Debrief: The Struggles of a Whistleblower: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Latest UAP Revelations
    Ken Klippenstein: “Multiple people told me to look at run ins with law enforcement.”
    Ross Coulthart: “The tip could only have come from Grusch’s security files.”
    Tim Burchett: “Someone needs to lose their job.”
    George Knapp: “Attempted slime job on Grusch is a warning to other whistleblowers”
    Lue Elizondo: “A veteran’s PTSD should NEVER be used against them.”
    Reddit: “I worked as a molecular biologist in a program to study EBOs.”

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    UAP Hearing Aftermath: Kirkpatrick attacks, Pentagon evades, and Lockheed locks.

    UAP Hearing Aftermath: Kirkpatrick attacks, Pentagon evades, and Lockheed locks.

    In this week’s exciting episode, we cover the aftermath of last week’s explosive UAP hearing, including Chris Mellon’s claims that AARO is withholding satellite imagery of UAP from Congress, the fallout and possible legal consequences of Dr. Kirkpatrick’s weird LinkedIn post, continued evasion from the Pentagon, and the major aerospace companies going into press lockdown following whistleblower allegations that they’re involved in the reverse engineering program.

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    Chris Mellon: “AARO has not shared satellite images with Congress”

    Chris Mellon: “The oversight committees were asking about satellite data back in 2017.”

    Chris Mellon: “I've seen some VERY compelling evidence.”

    Liberation Times: Department of Defense Confirms UFO Chief Did Write Scathing Letter Following Public Hearing

    Rep Luna: “We had a witness testify he was in fear for his life and his former boss posts a letter attempting to discredit him? Seems odd.”

    Nick Pope: “firing off a personal missive like this was unheard of.”

    Rogue UAPTF: “Kirkpatrick’s statement was unethical and likely illegal.”

    Tim McMillan: “Never seen a sr civil servant publicly admonish Congress”

    Jeremy Corbell: “Interfering with Congress and whistleblowers is illegal”

    Eric Weinstein: “warring factions in the US government.”

    Sen. Gillibrand: “I asked for Dr Kirkpatrick to meet with Grusch.”

    Ross Coulthart: “AARO is sending a shocking signal - no phone, no email”

    Liberation Times: “Dozens of firsthand whistleblowers are frustrated with AARO’s handling of their claims.”

    AOC: “I do think something is going on.”

    Condorman: “sudden hard industry crackdown on all things UAP”

    NewsNation: “Lockheed does not deny whistleblower claims.”

    Ross Coulthart: “Why should DOD answer for Lockheed?”

    Condorman: “Executives’ past bonuses can be ‘clawed back’ if they’ve withheld financial significant information.”

    Attorney: “C-Suite will sing like canaries to avoid prison”

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    Alien Bodies!? Whistleblower Grusch and Navy Pilots in House UAP Hearing

    Alien Bodies!? Whistleblower Grusch and Navy Pilots in House UAP Hearing

    The House Oversight Committee’s UAP Hearing just happened, and it was remarkable! Navy pilots David Fravor and Ryan Graves recounted their historic UFO encounters, and intelligence community whistleblower David Grusch reiterated his claims that the government has illegally concealed a UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program from Congress. Though these claims have been heard before, it was notable that they testified under oath to an engaged and bipartisan group of representatives. There was no joking, no attempts to undermine the claims being made, and no political maneuvering. The tone was remarkably serious, and the clear impression is that Congress isn’t letting this topic go. They’re on the ball, and already talking about next steps, including the formation of a UAP select committee with subpoena power!

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    Video: Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency

    Opening statements from David Grusch, Ryan Graves, and David Fravor

    The Debrief: Whistleblowers Testify Under Oath Regarding "Craft of Non-Human Origin" and Military Encounters with UAP

    The Debrief: Congressman Provides Account of Military UAP Image That He Says Matches No “Human Capability”

    The Debrief: The Congressional Hearing on UAP: What We Learned From Yesterday’s Testimony

    Reddit: Grusch’s rank and type

    Sean Kirkpatrick: statement on “hearings and transparency”

    Rep Moskowitz: HOC working to get classified Grusch info from ICIG

    Rep Moskowitz: I support the creation of a select committee on UAP

    Chris Mellon: “I’ve been told we have recovered non-earth technology.”

    Sean Cahill: “People mischaracterize Grusch as a witness. He’s the investigating officer.”

    Reddit: “Wasn’t analyzing secondhand info Grusch’s job?”

    Kelly Chase: No legal mechanism to share classified info with public

    Kelly Chase: The firsthand whistleblowers are coming

    Kelly Chase: The popular debunker narrative is no longer tenable

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    Grusch, Fravor, and Graves to testify at House UAP Hearing

    Grusch, Fravor, and Graves to testify at House UAP Hearing

    They’ve announced the witnesses for the House Oversight Committee’s UAP hearing, including whistleblower David Grusch as well as Navy pilots David Fravor and Ryan Graves. Several Congresspeople are hopping mad about being denied access to videos and whistleblowers during a visit to Elgin Air Force Base, and they’re making it clear that the upcoming hearing is a direct effort by Congress to confront ongoing Pentagon interference in their UFO investigation. It’s clear Congress knows more than they’re saying… Could it be the reason they’re pushing so hard is because they already have smoking gun evidence?


    Video: Rep. Burchett and colleagues hold press conference on upcoming Oversight Committee hearing on UAPs

    Rep. Burchett: “I don’t believe they can keep their thumb in the dam much longer.”

    Rep. Luna: “The Pentagon answers to the people and thus Congress”

    Rep. Moskowitz: “Disclosure is coming!”

    Exoacademian: “This is not your imagination.”

    Dr Kirkpatrick: “We believe [the whistleblowers] have seen something.”

    Gaël Lombart: “It’s not clear to me that Grusch has no firsthand info.”

    Lue Elizondo: “You are wrong [that Grusch has no firsthand info].”

    Lue Elizondo: “Chris and I are still very much in the fight.”

    Chris Mellon: “Congress should ask the ICIG what it has uncovered.”

    Lue Elizondo: “I know Grusch personally and he’s an American treasure.”

    Ross Coulthart: “Here’s someone Congress should question under oath.”

    Post Disclosure World: “For those disappointed… the media will cover it.”

    Rep. Burchett: “We lost a witness because of Pentagon interference.”

    Rep. Burchett: “Why is the intelligence community blocking my amendment?”

    Yankeenate: “From a certain point of view, both Burchett & McGovern are correct.”

    Rep. Burchett: “We were denied access to footage.”

    Debrief: Pentagon Official Warns of Potential Threat From Extraterrestrial “Technical Supremacy” as UAP Hearing Approaches

    Mick West: “Witnesses have told their story before. What will we get from this hearing?”

    Garry Nolan: “Congress is doing this scientifically. This is the validation process.”

    Oversight Committee: “All witnesses are sworn in prior to delivering testimony.”

    NASA: “NASA was not requested to participate in the UAP hearing.”

    Mid Bay News: Members of Congress Lambast Eglin General Over UFO Information

    Rep. Luna: “The level of backtracking from the Pentagon is unreal.”

    Matt Gaetz: “I have seen evidence of craft that I am not familiar with.”

    Liberation Times: As UFO Momentum Accelerates, Something Has To Give

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

boboso ,

Great overview of current events

Worth your time if you are looking for clear, timely updates on the mess that is this field.

HotCake69420 ,

Levelheaded, friendly and engaging

This podcast is worth your time! I love the banter between the hosts, and I also love that there are noo ads or fluff in this podcast. Great audio quality and very well researched. 100% recommend, I’m binging!

habloinglespormimadrr ,

Refreshingly balanced and not actually insane

Some UFO pods are just insane antigovernment people who believe anything that lines up with their worldview. That’s not Scott and Chuck though. They have a good dynamic and play off each other well. Scott makes the case, Chuck has his doubts and the pod moves forward. One thing I have enjoyed is watching Chuck get progressively more open to the idea of real UFOs as the show has gone on. Also Scott, while a true believer, has done more research into the motivations of some of the bigger UFO congresspeople’s political motivations, weasel wording and grandstanding than many other UFO researchers who take anything at face value. These guys are enthusiastic, but critical thinkers, very refreshing perspective in a crowded field of sycophants.

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