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We teach product-based business owners who don't know how to market themselves how to get consistent traffic & sales online.

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We teach product-based business owners who don't know how to market themselves how to get consistent traffic & sales online.

    Outdated Marketing Practices You Can Stop Doing Immediately

    Outdated Marketing Practices You Can Stop Doing Immediately

    Today is about what you can STOP doing. There's a some questionable marketing going on out there and I'll share what's really working for my clients and what's not. If you sell physical products - clothing, accessories, jewelry, home goods, pet products - this is for you. There's so much misinformation out there  and I'd like you to know what to do and what to skip.

    We cover:
    posting on social media and the "old school" (and unprofitable) way people are still doing it the mistake of "us too" branding even though it seems safer Calvin Klein vs. Ralph Lauren and which one's kicking arse with engagement the product photography that looks outdated right now SEO - the slow and steady success of search engine optimization for ALL OF MY CLIENTS! Every single dang one (who bothers to do it) can small fashion & jewelry brands just ignore Facebook altogether? (I know you want to...) the highly curated Instagram feed -- good or bad? Show Notes & Links: 
    Private Coaching with Jane - clarity, ccountability, action

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    Top 3 Product Planning Mistakes Fashion & Jewelry Designers Make

    Top 3 Product Planning Mistakes Fashion & Jewelry Designers Make

    What products should I drop when? How much inventory will I need? What's a logical way to set sales goals? We cover all of this and more. 

    You'll get a deeper understanding of the top product planning and inventory mistakes I see with my clients (and I've made them all myself) plus how to fix them. 

    This is for fashion products, accessories, jewelry, home goods, CPG...
    1: Setting Sales Goals Based on Nothing

    - Pop quiz: What's the #1 predictor of sales for a DTC market, craft show, or retail store?
    2: Not Understanding How Much Inventory You Will Need

    - Stock to Sales ratio, sell-thru percentages, POD vs. in-stock vs. pre-order vs. made to order...
    3: Dropping Seasonal Products Too Late
    - your "too early" is my "way too late", seasonal vs. evergreen products
    We also cover markdowns and how to actually PLAN for them and deal with markeitng things down. 

    xo - Jane

    • 19 min
    Holiday Season Planning in 30 Minutes or Less (phase one)

    Holiday Season Planning in 30 Minutes or Less (phase one)

    What if you spent 30 minutes planning your Holiday sales and emails? 

    As in...right now. Today. 

    Without overthinking, over analyzing, or fancy planning tools.

    This episode breaks down 4 simple steps to crushing your BFCM and Holiday season sales. This is phase One of planning and I promise you, it can be done quickly.

    Let me know how it goes, OK? Hit me at brain@fashionbrainacademy.com. 

    Show Notes: 

    If you’ve been slogging away at your business for a while & still thinking:
    “I’m working way too hard to be making this little money.” “My business looks good on paper but it’s killing me.” “I’ve totally lost track of my ideal customer and how to speak to them.” Maybe it's time to consider some coaching. Check it out here: 

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    Entrepreneurs with ADHD: This One's for You

    Entrepreneurs with ADHD: This One's for You

    "You're a Ferrari with a flat tire." 

    The doctor stared straight into my eyes with almost creepy iontensity as he said these exact words. This is how he let me know I was actually diagnosed with ADHD. 

    Hmmmmm... I'm a Ferrari.

    Shiny, red, and fast,

    With a flat tire. Hmmmmmm...

    That explains a lot.

    This episode gives you the 3 main things that help me get more done and not feel stupid. 

    I hope it helps. 

    Note: Huge shoutout to jewelry designer Trisha Flanagan who inspired this episode with her AMAZING fidget rings & morse code jewelry. 

    You should buy her stuff. She's amazing and so is her product.


    Show Notes and Links: 


    • 14 min
    (Startup Story) Multiple Streams of Income in the Fashion Industry w/ Tommie Hernández

    (Startup Story) Multiple Streams of Income in the Fashion Industry w/ Tommie Hernández

    We hear about the magic of multiple streams of income. But how does a fashion designer actually pull this off? 
    Tommie Hernández is a Puerto-Rican fashion designer who has figured it out and she tells us her secrets today.

    For 17 years she had a boutique-atelier where she made custom clothing and swimwear. She pivoted to owning an online fashion academy and the only Puerto-Rican sewing pattern company and sewing club: Sirena Patterns. She has over 2,000 students in her academy and sells the patterns to over 50 countries.
    I learned a lot from Tommie in this episode and I think you will too.

    Show notes and links:

    Our courses and business coaching programs for fashion & jewelry designers:

    • 59 min
    Hand Woven Fabrics for High Fashion Clothing w/ Jackie from Motif Handmade

    Hand Woven Fabrics for High Fashion Clothing w/ Jackie from Motif Handmade

    Sustainable fabrics, social impact, living in Bangladesh, consumer awareness in fashion, hand-woven textiles, small quantities BUT with the ability to scale production yardage... wow. Just wow.

    My guest today is Jackie Corlett from Motif Handmade.

    Jackie tells us about a whole new way of sourcing fabrics, and she allows designers to actually design the very fabric you want and need from scratch with zero waste yarns, zero carbon production. So you know you're launching with the most ethically sourced and eco friendly fabrics available. She's going to dive into what is possible for even small quantities, for designers to get the types of fabrics they are dreaming of. Hand woven people!! 

    You'll want to see the visuals that go with this episode. 

    Visuals, links, and show notes:

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
121 Ratings

121 Ratings

MOsoianu ,

Educational, uplifting and at times tough love

Jane is so amazing, aside of being a talented designer, she shares her incredible knowledge and experience in such an easy and digestible way. Whatever stage of your fashion (and not only) business, you will find useful information here. Sometimes, I just need an inspiration and to hear that my struggles are not unique, and I listen to this podcast. I had a personal session with Jane, which was super helpful and she helped me to get a new perspective on my business, so I highly recommend going to her website and checking out her classes too! Thank you Jane for sharing your knowledge with us!

Libgkore ,

Absolutely Brilliant!

I am currently in the pre-launch phase of my fashion brand and I am so grateful to have found this podcast! It is a must, if you're about to launch or have already launched your brand. There’s so much we don’t learn in fashion school and Jane was able to teach me so much! Every episode is short, funny, informative and very impactful! Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us Jane!

caitysyourstar ,

I look for her new episodes!

I’ve been listening to Jane and have used some of her programs before and I love her advice. She has really given solid advice to consider that has made big impacts on my business.

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