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The Kaya Cast podcast is a weekly show where we interview thought leaders in the cannabis industry about their experience and expertise of working with cannabis. The aim of the show is to help cannabis retailers do what they love and share their stories.

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The Kaya Cast podcast is a weekly show where we interview thought leaders in the cannabis industry about their experience and expertise of working with cannabis. The aim of the show is to help cannabis retailers do what they love and share their stories.

    Securely Scaling Your Cannabis Business with Munir Haque (Cure8)

    Securely Scaling Your Cannabis Business with Munir Haque (Cure8)

    In this electrifying episode of Kaya Cast Podcast, we dive deep with Munir Haque from Cure8, a seasoned expert in the cannabis business. He reveals some security challenges new cannabis businesses encounter while setting up, including the intricate process of compliance with different market regulations and choosing the best spots for security cameras.
    Munir emphasizes the importance of vetting vendors deeply, especially their experience in the cannabis industry and their knowledge gained from mistakes made in other markets. He also reveals his belief in the value of dreams and the pursuit of opening multiple locations. Still, he highlights the importance of understanding the differences required in scale, investment, and potential for profit in each new place.
    You'll learn about securing personal space, especially for multi-site operators, and the benefits of consolidating everything under one umbrella through one app or portal. Munir also provides insight into how security systems can help improve business operations. He discusses the importance of internet security in maintaining a compliant and secure cannabis business, particularly safeguarding valuable patient information contained in POS or med state.
    Finally, Munir shares his number one tip for business owners looking to scale their business: be discerning about your partnerships. In this line of business, growth and progress can only be possible with the proper collaboration. Tune in for an enlightening conversation! Munir is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced cannabis technology experts in North America. He specializes in retail technology and security and has worked closely with cannabis retailers to design, set up, and manage over 100 dispensaries in the last few years.
    One thing that sets Munir apart is that he has deep, ground-level experience in retail management, so he understands the day-to-day needs and frustrations of retail managers and employees better than most. Find out more about Cure8 at:


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    Utilizing the Mastermind Approach for Business Growth with Matt Ritchey (Inner Circle)

    Utilizing the Mastermind Approach for Business Growth with Matt Ritchey (Inner Circle)

    In this fascinating episode of the Kaya Cast Podcast, we sit down with Matt Ritchey from Inner Circle for a deep dive into the concept of Masterminds within the cannabis business community. Matt helps us unravel the initial hesitation within the cannabis space and the journey toward understanding and embracing the Mastermind concept. 
    Matt further explains the 95% rule of challenges in business and breaks down the concept of secret sauce within an industry, asserting that what truly matters is the execution strategy. Talking about the significant mindset a leader needs to thrive in this industry, Matt emphasizes the importance of a growth and abundance mindset and creating a culture as a magnet for like-minded individuals. He gives practical advice on shifting away from a scarcity mindset, critical characteristics for identifying growth-minded individuals, and effective communication strategies within a team.
    Matt ends the episode with strategic advice on how cannabis businesses can accelerate growth. He recommends surrounding yourself with skilled professionals and highlighting human capital's importance. He advises companies to be unattached and put ego aside to let the market be the driving factor. This episode is an essential guide with rich insights and actionable advice for cannabis business owners looking to scale. Matthew Ritchey is a passionate and innovative business growth strategist with over 15 years of experience in driving impactful results for small and medium-sized businesses. As the CEO of InnerCircle, a vetted and private community for leaders and advocates in the canna and alternative plant medicine industries, Matthew empowers companies to unlock their potential and achieve long-term, sustainable success through carefully crafted growth strategies, operational improvements, and effective leadership development.
    Adept at helping businesses adapt to the ever-evolving cannabis business landscape, Matthew is  sought after for his unique ability to align companies with their corporate objectives, optimize their performance, and establish effective growth strategies that yield results. With a keen eye for identifying inefficiencies and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, he has built a solid reputation for leading businesses towards achieving their goals while fostering healthy company cultures. Find out more about Inner Circle at:


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    Turning Over a New Leaf: Insights into the Cannabis Industry with Brit Smith (Different Leaf)

    Turning Over a New Leaf: Insights into the Cannabis Industry with Brit Smith (Different Leaf)

    In this compelling episode, we delve into the world of the cannabis industry with Brit Smith from Different Leaf Podcast. During our discussion, we identify key challenges within the industry, from the heavy red tape and policy hurdles challenging cannabis entrepreneurs to the need for advocacy in shaping the future of cannabis in states like New York.
    Smith enlightens us on the customer experience in a modern dispensary, highlighting the burgeoning demand for clear guidance and precise expectations for cannabis experiences from new users. She underscores the essential role bud tenders play in this process, bridging the gap between product and patron, and details the importance of comprehensive, coherent staff training and education.
    We explore creatives ways for cannabis brands to stand out amid the growing competition, focusing on the power of personal connections at events and the utilization of medical professionals within dispensaries for enhanced customer support.
    Lastly, Smith gives budding cannabis business owners a crucial tip for growth and success: forming a trustworthy and knowledgeable team around you. This episode is packed with insights from an industry insider that will inspire and inform both aspiring entrepreneurs and established dispensary owners. Tune in now to garner a wealth of knowledge to help your cannabis business thrive. We are delighted to welcome our guest, Brit Smith, who serves as the Podcast Host, Editorial Lead, and Writer for Different Leaf, a leading magazine dedicated to guiding readers through the rapidly evolving world of legal cannabis. A proud graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology, Brit boasts over a decade of experience in journalism and the legal cannabis sphere. As a passionate advocate for both the cannabis and LGBTQ+ communities, Brit strives to help the burgeoning industry flourish by facilitating insightful conversations on cannabis business and increasing awareness of cannabis culture in the United States. Find out more about Different Leaf  at:


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    Soaring Above Common Cannabis Security Challenges with Chris Eggers (CCSS)

    Soaring Above Common Cannabis Security Challenges with Chris Eggers (CCSS)

    Welcome to another episode of Kaya Cast Podcast, join us for an insightful conversation with Chris Eggers from CC Security Solutions. 
    Chris has been crucial in bringing forward the security challenges that many cannabis businesses face today. In this episode, Chris revolutionizes the idea of cannabis security and how drone technology is empowering cannabis businesses in no-fly zone spaces while being cost-effective. With the discussion on common misconceptions in the field, we dig into the status quo of cannabis security and the pitfalls of the DIY approach.
    Chris brings to light the role security plays in contributing to community livelihood and how local law enforcement leverages security from cannabis facilities to gear up their investigations. 
    Towards the end of our chat, Chris shares his advice to aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs on tackling road bumps and growing their business. Listen in as he underlines the importance of staying calm, moving forward, and setting the right expectations. Don't miss out on this mix of insights on technology, misconceptions, industry hurdles, and ultimate business growth.
    So tune in now for an exciting venture into the world of cannabis security, an area often overlooked but one Chris has managed to delve into comprehensively and explosively. Don't miss it! Chris Eggers is a nationally recognized figure in the fields of cannabis security and cannabis risk management. Prior to founding CCSS, Eggers served 12+ years as a Law Enforcement Officer with both the San Francisco and Oakland Police Departments. His law enforcement experience included working undercover in Oakland, involvement in a broad range of burglary and robbery investigations (including cannabis facilities), and a broad range of compliance and other training and certifications (including cannabis). 
    These experiences were central to “Why” he founded CCSS - and the origin of CCSS’ Mission and Vision. Over the past two years Mr. Eggers has become an increasingly relied upon and trusted resource within the broader commercial cannabis community, different municipalities in California and other state regulatory bodies, and contact for various California and national media outlets on cannabis security and risk management matters.
     Find out more about CC Security Solutions at:


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    Maximizing Your Success with Digital Marketing with Dan Serard (Cannabis Creative Group)

    Maximizing Your Success with Digital Marketing with Dan Serard (Cannabis Creative Group)

    Welcome to a brand new episode of Kaya Cast Podcast, where we're all about empowering dispensaries to flourish. Today, we're giving budding businesses a deep insight into innovative marketing with Dan Serard from the Cannabis Creative Group. Dan shares how the power of well-segmented and purposeful email and SMS drip campaigns can dramatically boost dispensary success. With invaluable tips on crafting engaging content that captivates and drives conversion, this episode is a gold mine for dispensaries eager to grow.
    Our conversation with Dan doesn't stop at content optimization. He stresses the importance of a scalable, performant, and thoughtfully designed website. From converting videos into static images to bringing forth your star products, he elaborates on effective website optimization strategies. In an era where digital footprints are just as crucial, if not more, than physical storefronts, Dan makes a compelling case for SEO investments that leave lasting impressions and boost discoverability. 
    But fear not if those budgets seem beyond reach. For smaller brands and social fairness applicants, Dan proposes a frugal yet effective solution: optimizing your Google My Business profile. With advice on how to seize and use Google reviews to their fullest potential, even dispensaries on a shoestring budget can cash in on the enormous benefits of superior online reputation management. 
    And one last tip that Dan leaves us with? Don't bank on the "build it, and they will come" strategy, but instead, invest time and effort in laying a strong brand foundation. Tune into this illuminating conversation to reap the rewards for not just the next six months, but far into your cannabis business's future. Dan Serard heads business development and strategic partnerships for Cannabis Creative Group. He has been working in the cannabis industry for over four years and has been a part of marketing over 200+ brands. He is a member of many cannabis associations, and holds Co-Chair of Education and Content for the National Cannabis Industry Association‘s Marketing and Advertising Committee.Dan is also a well respected writer and speaker for various cannabis industry events. With years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Dan’s background as a business development professional complements his interest in the innovating world of cannabis. Dan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management and Policy with a focus in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire. Today, when he’s not in the office, Dan can most likely be found outside – his passions include hiking, snowboarding, fishing, camping, traveling, and playing basketball, to name a few.
     Find out more about Cannabis Creative Group at:


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    Unleashing Independent Cannabis Retail Success with Jazz Samra (VIP Media Group)

    Unleashing Independent Cannabis Retail Success with Jazz Samra (VIP Media Group)

    Welcome to another episode of the Kaya Cast Podcast! On today's episode, we continue our conversation with Jazz Samra, founder of the VIP Media Group. Jazz dives deep into the state of the independent cannabis retail sector, sharing his observations on the perils of running a cannabis shop on a shoestring budget, learning from the fate of Alberta's independent stores, and the importance of diversification.
    Throughout the episode, Jazz underlines the need for cannabis retailers to be well-capitalized and also the value of giving their budtenders a sense of ownership. He contrasts the passion and connection of independent stores with the detached, boardroom approach of big corporates.
    We also talk about scaling at a minimum of three locations, the significance of training and educating business owners, managing a diverse menu for clients, and the importance of strategic alignment with LP's, and of course, the passion for the product that greets happy customers every day.
    This episode is packed with actionable insights for anyone running or aspiring to start a cannabis business, with an emphasis on best practices, sales strategies, and solid business skills. Join us for the journey as Jazz Samra unravels what it takes to launch, scale and grow in the cannabis industry, making it a business like no other. You won't want to miss it! Jazz Samra is the founder of VIP Media Group, a collaborative cannabis retailer network aimed at empowering the industry to strive for excellence and equity by creating opportunities for all cannabis operators. Jazz is passionate about helping independent cannabis businesses succeed. 
    Jazz is also the President of Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique. A chain of licensed cannabis stores with locations throughout Ontario, Canada. Sativa Bliss is an independent, Canadian owned & operated Cannabis Retail Company committed to providing a unique shopping experience that delights the senses and provides customers with the right products they need.  Find out more about VIP Media Group at:


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2 Ratings

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I absolutely love this podcast! I’ve learned so much about the cannabis community, the challenges it faces and how to prevent dealing with certain roadblocks. Amazing interviews with great guests. Lots of gold nuggets!

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