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Keeping It Real is a hangout between real estate professionals where we share ideas on growing your business and getting more leads.

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Keeping It Real is a hangout between real estate professionals where we share ideas on growing your business and getting more leads.

    The Magical Seller Lead Generation Email

    The Magical Seller Lead Generation Email

     Are you looking to send lead generation emails to everyone on your database, past clients, or unconverted leads in your CRM? A great email marketing strategy is to send emails that contain details regarding how much their home is worth or if they’re interested in getting an offer for their home. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps you need to know to set up your magical seller lead generation email. 
    Sending Out Leads  When you send emails, make sure that you send to warm leads rather than cold ones, and make sure to make it personal. No one wants spam in their emails and everyone knows what a templated email looks like, so don’t send out one of those. If it looks like junk mail or if it doesn’t look relevant, people are more likely to throw it away or unsubscribe. 
    Where to Get a List of Emails Before you can send out an email, you need a list of email addresses. These emails can be found from all of your contacts on Outlook, or your Gmail. Proceed to export all the people on your contacts to your email marketing program. Do the same for everyone on your cell phone and put them in a different spreadsheet. Then do the same for your existing CRM, whether you’re using Real Geeks or something else. Export everything except anyone who has unsubscribed from emails in that system. Another source is a dialer — these will make calls for you and may lead to people you’ve spoken to. Export these into another spreadsheet. 
    Scrubbing Your Emails Next, we need to scrub these emails — use NeverBounce.com to ensure that you don’t get bounced emails. This works by providing a ping to the email addresses to see if the actual mailbox works. A $50 subscription will be enough to scrub a couple of thousand emails, and businesses of all sizes use this tool. 
    Eliminating Duplicates  While you now have 4 to 5 spreadsheets of scrubbed emails, you will probably have a bunch of duplicates too. Use Myemma.com or Zoho Campaigns will help you send your marketing emails. Other tools include MailChimp and Salesforce for the big players. Upload each spreadsheet into your email marketing program so that the system automatically eliminates duplicates of the same email address. Now, you have a scrubbed, no-duplicate list of all your best contacts ready to get an email from you. 
    What To do When the Domain Name isn’t Authenticated  Be sure to do an SPF DKIM Authentication — Google will have a help file on how to set this up. Going through this process will significantly improve the likelihood of sending this email to mailboxes where it would be tagged as spam. 
    Enjoy Limitless Lead Generation  With the steps above, you should be able to get a wealth of leads from emails sent to your contacts. However, this isn’t meant to be done all the time and you can’t send out an email every single week. Keep in mind that this method is best used about once a month or once every two months.
    You can download a pdf of all the emails from this episode HERE

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    How to Build A $1 Million Net Income Real Estate Team w/ Chris Watters

    How to Build A $1 Million Net Income Real Estate Team w/ Chris Watters

    Chris Watters, one of the top real estate agents in Austin, is our guest this week on Keeping it Real - LIVE from Inman Connect in Las Vegas!

    In 3 years, back when he re-launched his real estate team correctly after burning it down, he went from earning $0 in real estate to $1 million dollars net income (after expenses), all while out of production. It's a pretty incredible story on scaling up a real estate team.

    In short, the secret is he started recruiting agents immediately to his online leads. In addition to that, Chris raised money from local businesses who benefit downstream from new movers (not on the settlement statement), all who chipped in financially toward his marketing costs to buy the online buyer and seller leads in the first place.

    This is one of the fastest stories of scaling up a real estate team we've heard on Keeping it Real. We're excited to interview Chris so you can model his success. If you're working to build up your real estate team fast from scratch, this is one you should tune in for!
    For a complete transcript of this episode go to KeepingItReal.com 


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    Become the Key Person for Your Niche w/ Daniel Priestly

    Become the Key Person for Your Niche w/ Daniel Priestly

    Daniel Priestly is an internationally recognized leader in strategy and technology for entrepreneurial businesses based in the UK. 
    In the next Keeping It Real as host Todd Tramonte and Daniel dive into Daniel’s book “Key Person of Influence”. They will explore some of the simple but powerful steps to help you make your mark.     
    “Key Person of Influence” details the five skills that will make you more “vital”. Join us to find out how you can utilize these skills to make you the go-to person in your market!
    You can get a free pdf version of “Key Person of Influence” on Daniel’s website here. 

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    Getting the Most Out of a Platform w/ Craig Schneider

    Getting the Most Out of a Platform w/ Craig Schneider

    Craig Schneider has been a driving force in Rochester’s new construction residential real estate sector for more than 15 years.
    Craig was a Real Geeks user but left after frustrations with building his brokerage around the website and CRM. He experimented with using many different platforms for his business that eventually didn’t work out either. He'll discuss what he was looking for, why some of the platforms he tried didn’t work for him, and why he eventually came back to Real Geeks. PLUS, how he’s using it now!
    Join host Todd Tramonte as he dives into how Craig has been able to maximize the Real Geeks platform for lead generation and distribution for his entire team with a very high return on investment.

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    How to Reconnect with Your Database w/ Frank Klesitz

    How to Reconnect with Your Database w/ Frank Klesitz

    Join us for this Keeping it Real where you’ll learn how to reconnect with your neglected past clients, sphere, and lead nurtures so more people call you without spending a lot of money.
    You’ll learn a simple process to export all your contacts into one file - properly de-duplicated and scrubbed - so you can email them a re-connect message about the latest local real estate news. You'll get a copy of this message on the show.
    Then, you’ll put everyone on a “36 touch” plan so you’re top of mind as their go-to real estate agent. You’ll even be able to track who engaging with you so you can follow up.
    The strategies you’ll learn to do this are inexpensive and simple. As a bonus, not only can you reconnect with your database, but you can also work the databases of other agents in your market for a referral fee – a low-risk way of generating high-quality leads for yourself.
    Join Frank Klesitz this week to learn everything you wanted to know about how to get the most business from your #1 asset – all those emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses sitting in your Gmail, Outlook, mobile phone, and CRM(s).

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    The Best Economic Model for a Profitable Team w/ Kevin Kauffman

    The Best Economic Model for a Profitable Team w/ Kevin Kauffman

    Kevin Kauffman and his business partner Fred Weaver have 25 agents on their real estate sales team in Phoenix. They sold 306 homes last year ($110 Million).

    They originally set their agent splits based on what’s taught in the Millionaire RealEstate Agent book. Their bottom line, however, was only 10-20%.

    After reflecting on that, they decided to actually increase their agent splits to 60/40 and70/30 (in favor of the agent), while cutting all the fixed, hard costs their agents saw as “low-value,” but in fact were very high cost to them.

    Kevin says his agents are happier than ever, keeping more money, and his business is now more profitable than ever. This is a topic we wanted to dive deeply into with you!

    Join Frank Klesitz and Greg Harrelson for this insightful Keeping it Real.

    We talk about the optimal way to pay your agents if you have a real estate team. Kevin shares how he did it, how his numbers work, and why it was the best move for their agent/team model. This is a hot topic with a lot of opinions - this is an exciting discussion!

    To hear even more from Kevin:
    Join Kevin's Facebook Group
    Listen to Kevin's Podcast
    Watch Kevin's Youtube channel for Realtors

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4.8 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

Anzel360 ,

Best Podcast of a Real Estate Agent

These guys don’t waste any time. Everything they talk is actionable TODAY. Love the business growth hacks without the fake motivational drivel.

S H Elliott ,

Such an addicting podcast!

So motivational, great guests and very relatable topics especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. and investors.

J. Barshop ,

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Jeff and his guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help you become better, more well-rounded real estate investor and business owner.

Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Keeping It Real if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to confidently invest in real estate (and inch closer towards financial freedom as a result)!

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