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    How Music is Wired for Healing with Adriana Barton

    How Music is Wired for Healing with Adriana Barton

    Episode #66 is my conversation with Canadian journalist Adriana Barton. Adriana just released her new book called Wired For Music in which she shares her search for health and joy through music.
    Due to unfortunate circumstances and extraordinary connections, I am privileged to have connected with Adriana and now share our conversation with you. It’s a significant honor that Adriana includes our family’s story in her book!
    In this episode, you hear the story of how Adriana and I connected. Next, Adriana discusses her quest to establish a healthy relationship with music after a childhood of relentless practice toward perfection left her injured and joyless.
    “Drawing from neuroscience, anthropology and evolutionary biology, my book argues that music is much more than entertainment or a rarefied artform: It’s an age-old system to boost human health, connect us to each other (even at a chemical level) and add meaning, resilience and joy.”
    -Adriana Barton
    Follow THIS LINK for the show notes to get your free FORTE account and your free sheet music from WENDY STEVENS.

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    How to Approach Kids Who Learn Differently in Private AND Group Lessons

    How to Approach Kids Who Learn Differently in Private AND Group Lessons

    This is episode #65 which is part two of my conversation with good friend and colleague. 
    Have you observed behavior in students who indicate that they may learn differently or are neurodivergent, but you can’t target how to guide them?
    Are you looking for tips and resources on how to help students with anxiety?
    Then start listening now!
    In this episode, Dr. Emily McGree and I continue our discussion on how to respond to a child who’s disrupting the class and how to talk with parents about their child who is showing behaviors that may indicate unique patterns in learning.
    We discuss the sensitivity required when approaching neurodivergent behaviors in group situations and focus on how to approach students who exhibit anxiety. 
    Make sure to back up to episode #64 for part one of this conversation so you don’t miss a thing.
    And...head to the show notes HERE for FREE sheet music from Wendy Stevens of ComposeCreate.com.
    Remember to use "keyideas" to get your free sheet music!

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    How to Approach Neurodiversity in the Piano Studio with Dr. Emily McGree

    How to Approach Neurodiversity in the Piano Studio with Dr. Emily McGree

    Episode # 64 is part one of my conversation with Dr. Emily McGree.
    If you’ve heard the term neurodivergent but aren’t sure what it means, or if you have observed behavior in students that indicate that they may learn differently, but you can’t target how to guide them, or if you are in need of resources for how to help students with anxiety, then stay tuned!
    Emily has so much to share and you will find her insight and advice incredibly valuable as you teach privately or in groups.
    Thank you to Wendy Stevens for her generous support of Key Ideas.
    I know that if you try just one piece you'll see why Wendy Steven’s music is known as Music Kids Love.®
    I'm thrilled that Wendy is offering to give any Key Ideas listener a popular, big-sounding elementary piece called "The Bold Escape" for free!
    I think you and your students will love it!
    Use coupon code keyideas to download your free sheet music of "The Bold Escape" from Wendy Stevens HERE.

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    Forte Lessons: Filling the World with Music

    Forte Lessons: Filling the World with Music

    This is episode #63 in which I talk with innovators Mark Murtagh and Hunter McGranahan.
    Together they founded ForteLessons.com.
    After years of settling on Zoom, I tried Forte and noticed an immediate difference and improved sound quality.
    You hear about the vision and work behind the scenes in our conversation. It's clear that the intentions of this small company are not only to be a free alternative to Zoom, but much more. 
    Curious how they intend to keep Forte free? They have BIG plans so listen in...
    Head to the show notes to set up YOUR FREE account HERE.

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    The Life-Changing Benefits of Off-Bench Time with Andrea Zimmerman

    The Life-Changing Benefits of Off-Bench Time with Andrea Zimmerman

    This first episode of 2023 features a conversation based on something rockstar piano teacher Andrea Zimmerman revealed to me in an email. 
    Have I sparked your curiosity?
    Hint, Andrea shares why she and her husband can afford to take ten weeks off every summer to travel. 
    No spoiler alert here, you’ll have to listen to learn her story.
    Stay tuned for fantastic ideas to keep your studio relevant in the 21st century.
    And make sure to listen to the end when you get to hear Andrea sing for us. You’ll be swooning!
    Grab the show notes HERE.
    Episode #62 is sponsored by Forte, a free alternative to Zoom built for teaching music.
    Follow this link to learn more.

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    These are a Few of My Favorite Things

    These are a Few of My Favorite Things

    In episode #61, the last one to drop in 2022, I share a few of my favorite things that have gotten me through this postpandemic world.
    If you know me well, I don’t prefer the phrase silver linings but some of the favorite things I share today come close to silver linings.
    The list bundles favorites for my business and personal life in no particular order. From a favorite recipe to bar soap to the top tools for my business, you’re in store for an eclectic list and some clever tips, too.
    Make sure to head to the SHOW NOTES for ALL the links.

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33 Ratings

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Great Variety

Always a content creator of excellence, Leila brings teachers a wide-range of thought-provoking episodes in a variety of ways. From solo episodes to interviews with top-quality teachers, to guest hosts, she works to keep us curious! Her endless energy for our industry is inspiring and a gift to us all!

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This is a Can’t - Miss podcast!

Leila is a genuine, creative person who will entertain and inform with every moment of this podcast. You don’t want to miss her valuable expertise and engaging guests!

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Leila’s creative and inspiring approach to teaching encourages me to keep on going! I don’t want to be a bored or boring teacher. Leila definitely puts an end to both!

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