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Stepping out beyond boundaries takes courage and the ability to dream. We are excited to share our new audio podcast called Kut2thaChase. The structure of this podcast embodies open dialog with friends, family, and professional colleagues talking about reality and things that impact our means to thrive. We hope that you will join our unscripted, unbridled podcast.

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Stepping out beyond boundaries takes courage and the ability to dream. We are excited to share our new audio podcast called Kut2thaChase. The structure of this podcast embodies open dialog with friends, family, and professional colleagues talking about reality and things that impact our means to thrive. We hope that you will join our unscripted, unbridled podcast.

    E139 - Who R U?

    E139 - Who R U?

    Today, our featured guest is an enthusiastic, persistent, and creative problem solver who wants to help the world. She loves working in entertainment and employee advocacy; that is why she and her family founded a golf community Fairest Way.

    She currently leads customer marketing and content strategy for EveryoneSocial, where she helps teammates create, engage, and share with her ambassador amplification platform.

    Before joining the tech startup world, she worked in the entertainment industry for ten years in content research. Also, she is experienced at uncovering what matters to audiences and using insights to tell better stories.

    Her specialty is connecting people, research, and ideas to create innovative marketing campaigns and communities.

    She is also on a quest to learn as much as possible about growing engagement. We can hear all about it on her podcast, Engagement Drivers.

    Fun Fact: She has a “phonographic” memory. If she hears something, she likes she will remember the sound, lyrics and be instantly transported to the memory of when she last listened. You can test her on just about any pop song.

    Welcome to our featured guest, Courtney Morrison.

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    E138 - Defy the Odds

    E138 - Defy the Odds

    Today, our featured guest has a degree in Psychology, and also she is currently an Art, Project, and Talent Manager for a local artist.  For a decade, she was a successful career woman, holding titles such as a Corporate Trainer, Branch, and Regional Manager over five states. However, she left her career to care for her daughter, who has neurological and language-based learning differences, and her father’s primary caregiver, who was in the early stages of cancer.

    She spent the last decade dedicating her time and efforts as a volunteer and philanthropist, serving on multiple Advisory Boards, attended annual mission trips, and held positions with 11 nonprofits within her community. Even she loved the work; she had forgotten the power-driven and successful career woman she once was. After some soul searching, she began looking for a new career. Having been out of the workforce for nearly 12 years, mixed with the pandemic, hurt her ability to recognize her value.  Her executive titles and years of community service were heavily discounted, and it caused her to feel unappreciated and wondering what her purpose was outside of being a mother.

    Under the guidance and encouragement of her husband, she began weightlifting nine months ago. Building her muscles had put an end to her aches and pains, she began to feel invincible.

    She started her IG account hoping to inspire friends to follow her new weightlifting journey and begin their own. And after five months, she hit 50,000 followers; she has over a 25% engagement rate which is 10x the average for an account of that size.

    Her IG account represents her fully. She is not conventional and never has been. She believes that her bold and confident style has caused a separation from some of her friends and family. Surprisingly, for the most part, her closest friends and family are not her biggest supporters! They don’t comment on her journey or check in with her to see how she is progressing. They don’t fully understand the direction she has headed, her goals, or endgame. Many cannot comprehend why she is putting herself out there the way she is.

    She hopes to continue being an inspiration for her daughter and other women, especially individuals over 40, proving that they are never too old to start a new journey. She encourages them to be unapologetically and authentically free to defy the odds against them.

    Welcome to our featured guest, Kelly Thompson.

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    E137 - Who Knew

    E137 - Who Knew

    She has uses her voice as a source of support, positivity, and strength to encourage those who are struggling with mental health, paving the way to remove the stigma behind mental health conversations for all.

    Our featured guest Ms. Megan Gallagher is a 25-year-old 2x TED Talk speaker, 3x Amazon Best Selling Author, Afterbuzz TV Host, Mental Health Advocate, and Writer for Meditation Magazine. After starting her business at 18 years old, she embarked on a journey to speak at High Schools and Colleges across the country about her mission to implement courses on mental health in the modern day school system. She recently began speaking in corporate offices and workspaces across the country. With these current stressful times, Gallagher genuinely believes there needs to be open conversations about wellness and mental health, amongst all age groups in schools and workspaces. She has become a well-known figure in the mental health world amongst her fellow millennials. Having grown up in the tech generation, she truly knows first-hand, what it is like to become a healthy, happy adult in the midst of a social media crazed world.

    Welcome to our featured guest, Megan Gallagher.

    Please tune in and listen to this episode hands-down it's worth exploring every minute of their discussion. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #137 #whoknew #mentalhealth #healthconversations #pavingtheway #millennials #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer

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    E136 - When U Lose Everything

    E136 - When U Lose Everything

    Today, our featured guest has spent 10 years working and thriving in the field of Art education. After winning the 2016 Maryland Art Education Association Elementary Teacher of the Year Award for the state's highest performing county, she started thinking about how to keep achieving more as a young, hungry, and passionate artist and educator.

    She decided to quit her job in art education to pursue her own illustration/art workshop business. The leap into this new career pursuit came around the same time her mother was dying of multiple Myeloma.

    At the most crippling moment of her life and feeling more lost than ever, she was able to use her creative outlet in illustration to build a thriving business in freelance illustration and muraling. The love of art education led her to facilitating professional development workshops for the Maryland State Department of Education as one of the youngest Roster Artists ever hired while working as an Educational Director of an art education non-profit called Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Center.

    She is a young creative leader, and she believes it is time for young professionals to view themselves as the same to make positive changes in our world. She also designed a coloring book, House of Curiosity, that incorporates unusual juxtapositions of architecture, wildlife, and nature. The coloring book is meant to heighten curiosity through subject distortion and playful imagery.

    Welcome to our featured guest, Saz Ross.

    Please tune in and listen to this episode hands-down it's worth exploring every minute of their discussion. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #136 #whenuloseeverything #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer

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    E135 - Let Me Introduce Myself Again

    E135 - Let Me Introduce Myself Again

    Today, our featured guest is an American soul-pop, rock, and R&B artist, originally from Seattle, WA.

    Classically trained, she has been praised for her powerful bluesy vocals and energetic stage presence.

    Performing as the frontwoman for popular East Coast bands HyJinx and Steal the Sky, she was recruited by guitar virtuoso Greg Howe as the lead singer for the internationally recognized rock band Maragold.

    Influenced by music legends such as Whitney Houston, Ann Wilson, and Mariah Carey, she has been singing since she was a young child. Now her new self-titled album, featuring the lead single "Let Me Introduce Myself Again," is ready to be shared with the world.

    Welcome to our featured guest, Meghan Krauss.

    Special thanks to AMW Group & David McDonald for coordinating this interview and allowing us to be apart of Meghan' Krass debut album release. For those that listen to the entire episode there is a special bonus at the end; yes debut music track from singer/songwriter Meghan Krauss! featuring the single "Let Me Introduce Myself Again".

    Please tune in and listen to this episode hands-down it's worth exploring every minute of their discussion. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #135 #letmeintroducemyselfagain #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer

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    E134 -The Experience Wrap Up

    E134 -The Experience Wrap Up

    Today, our featured guests:

    Antoinette "Toiné" Houston is a Chicago native, who gained her passion and love for entertainment and technology at the tender age of 7. 

    As a leader in User Experience Engineering by "day" and Hip-Hop Soul Artist by "night", Toiné is unapologetic about creative expression on all levels - from how she facilitates UX + Usability-centered workshops and client engagements......to how she transforms + comes alive while performing her music on stage to her fans.

    Being authentic in ALL she does matters x motivates Toiné.

    Asia Roberson brings a unique voice to those that struggle to find their place in the technological landscape. With a background in music, theater, and improv she’s been able to combine her arts and entertainment training with her ability to lead agile teams, manage technical programs and develop educational technology curriculum.

    As a servant leader, Asia prides herself in making the goals clear and doing whatever it takes to help people win.

    Meeting during their time on the theater stage, Toiné x Asia's friendship, shared experiences and synergy as BOTH entertainers and UX Practitioners, birthed the idea of The Experience (W)rap-Up  - an edgy, candid, lyrical storytelling lens and dialogue highlighting their unique perspectives working within & across UX.

    Welcome to our featured guests, Antoinette “Toiné” Houston & Asia Roberson.

    Please tune in and listen to this episode that is undoubtedly worth exploring every minute of their discussion. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #134 #theexperiencewrapup #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer

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5.0 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Nate Dukes ,

I’ll be back for more!

This is my new favorite podcast to binge, its been a safe space for much needed conversations to happen.

gemarlin ,

Great listen!

You can tell Gregory puts a lot of thought into curating a vast array of guests from diverse backgrounds. Highly recommend!

THE Fred Moore ,

Love the variety of professions

This podcast is great, such a wide variety of backgrounds from the guests make this interesting and informative. Check it out.

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