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Whether your focus is on personal development or scaling your latest entrepreneurial venture, every successful project requires the right tools. LaQuita’s Toolbox presents implementable life “tools” that lead to lasting success in life and business.

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LaQuita’s Toolbox LaQuita Monley

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Whether your focus is on personal development or scaling your latest entrepreneurial venture, every successful project requires the right tools. LaQuita’s Toolbox presents implementable life “tools” that lead to lasting success in life and business.

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    Breaking Barriers and Finding Mentorship in Military Content Creation

    Breaking Barriers and Finding Mentorship in Military Content Creation

    If you're feeling frustrated and unheard despite your efforts to share your military experiences through content creation, then you are not alone! Many service members and their families are facing challenges in effectively reaching and engaging their target audience on digital platforms. It can be disheartening to see your content go unnoticed or receive minimal interaction, leaving you questioning the impact and value of your efforts. However, understanding the importance of military content creators in the digital age can help you overcome these setbacks and make a meaningful difference.
    My special guest is Mario P. Fields
    Our next guest, Mario P. Fields is a man of many talents, a retired U.S. Marine veteran who served for over 26 years. His compelling journey spans from his youth in Michigan to his impactful military career, but his influence doesn't stop there. Post-retirement, he found his true calling in the world of entrepreneurship and public speaking, guiding numerous startups and nonprofits. Embracing a forward-thinking approach, Mario champions the use of social media as a platform to disseminate wisdom and share influential narratives that resonate with global audiences.
    In this episode, you will be able to:
    Uncover the significance of military content creators in the contemporary digital era.Realize the exceptional impact that social media platforms have in linking and uplifting the military community.Digest the profound effect personal branding can have on career prospects.Embrace the importance of trustworthiness and authenticity in military leadership roles.Understand the value of seeking mentorship and actively participating in communities for aspiring content creators such as Parade Deck.
    The impact of social media platforms
    The rise of social media platforms like podcasts and YouTube has revolutionized how military creators share their stories, expertise, and resources. These platforms have not only allowed military families to connect and lean on each other for support but also to access an array of resources in real-time. Through this global access, they've created a more inclusive network that transcends geographical boundaries, ultimately strengthening the overall military community.
    The effect of personal branding
    Understanding and cultivating a strong personal brand on social media is more critical today than ever, especially for military content creators. This digital footprint not only reflects their values and expertise but can also significantly impact future professional opportunities. When carefully managed, a strong personal brand helps build credibility, fosters trust in the military community, and can potentially influence positive change in the military culture.
    The significance of military content creators
    Military content creators hold key roles in sharing important information, personal experiences, and expert advice within the military community. Through their unique perspective, they bridge the gap between civilian understanding and military culture, serving as the voice to the often underrepresented service members and their families. By sharing authentic narratives and creating influential content, they provide valuable support and insights to both potential recruits and those transitioning out of the military environment to civilian life.
    The resources mentioned in this episode are:
    Subscribe to Mario P. Fields' YouTube channel for motivational and informative content.Follow Mario P. Fields on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates and valuable insights.Check out Chaplain Tammy Briggs' podcast episodes for discussions on military experiences and maintaining a healthy military marriage.Connect with Mario P. Fields and other military...

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    Leading with Authenticity: Empowering Women Veterans to Leave a Lasting Impact with Rochelle Hemingway

    Leading with Authenticity: Empowering Women Veterans to Leave a Lasting Impact with Rochelle Hemingway

    Does this sound familiar? You've been told to simply blend in and conform to the civilian world, but you still feel lost and unsupported as a women veteran transitioning from the military. The pain of trying to fit in and not getting the recognition and support you deserve is overwhelming. It's time to break free from ineffective actions and discover the empowering strategies and authentic leadership skills that will truly empower you as a women veteran.
    My special guest is Rochelle Hemingway
    Today, we are introducing Rochelle Hemingway — the heart and brains behind Slay to Success. Rochelle, a United States Air Force veteran, served her nation with dedication for a whopping 30 years. Now, as an entrepreneurial genius, she's paying it forward, helping fellow women who’ve served over 20 years to transition to civilian life smoothly and confidently. Her work is helping these women step into the next chapter of their lives with courageous enthusiasm.
    Lead out loud. Embrace your leadership style and be genuine and sincere in your decisions. Your authenticity will inspire and make a difference in others' lives. - Rochelle HemingwayIn this episode, you will be able to:
    Uncover unique insights into successfully transitioning from military to civilian life.Gain a deeper understanding of the growing recognition and empowering support for women veterans.Discover authentic strategies for overcoming leadership hurdles that women often face.Learn about the strategic planning and effective coordination required in dual military families during deployments.Recognize the resilience shown by military families and how they support and cherish their spouses' sacrifices.
    Authentic Strategies for Overcoming Leadership Hurdles
    Rochelle shares her experience navigating leadership positions in a male-dominated field, offering authentic strategies to overcome hurdles. She encourages women to maintain their authenticity, ignore negative remarks, and build their visibility. Drawing on her vast experience, Rochelle underscores the importance of strategic decision-making and the courage to be ambitious.
    Successfully Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life
    Rochelle Hemingway provides valuable insights into the challenges posed by transitioning from military to civilian life. She discusses the emotional journey and underscores the importance of pre-planning and maintaining supportive camaraderie. The discussion serves as a guide to women veterans navigating post-military life and affirms that while the road may be tough, success is achievable with the right mindset and support network.
    Growing Recognition and Empowering Support for Women Veterans
    The episode emphasizes the need for improved recognition and support for women veterans. Rochelle highlights the unique challenges women veterans face and the significant role a supportive community plays in overcoming them. LaQuita Monley applauds the strength and resilience of these women while highlighting the necessity for resources tailored to their specific needs.

    The resources mentioned in this episode are:
    Website: www.slaytosuccess.com
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rochelle-hemingway-1109548a
    Email: info@slaytosuccess.com

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    Surrendering to God's Will: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make a Difference - Erica Latrice

    Surrendering to God's Will: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make a Difference - Erica Latrice

    Surrendering to God's Will: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Make a Difference
    In the chaos of everyday life, Erica Latrice's search for a business name took an unexpected turn. A divine whisper led her towards a name, not for her friend's business, but for her own. With a powerful pull towards Amplify Her, Erica embarked on a journey that would change her life. But little did she know, this unexpected twist was just the beginning of a remarkable story...
    In this episode, you will be able to:
    Discover the transforming power of self-love and personal growth.Understand the pivotal role of positive thinking in altering your life perspective.Learn the art of embracing change and liberating yourself from past limitations.Uncover the significance of prioritizing self-care and cultivating self-awareness.Reveal the profound impact of aligning your footsteps with God's plan.
    My special guest is Erica Latrice
    Meet Ericaa Latrice - your catalyst for transformation and the founder of the successful international women's platform 'Amplify her.' Her mission is to help women convert their personal messages into remarkable movements, thereby empowering them to step out and make a mark in their lives. Ericaa's life story revolves around restoration and her strong conviction in the divine timing of God. She's also a newly-wed and mother who balances her personal life beautifully with her professional endeavors. The essence of her work and life centers around her spiritual beliefs and her remarkable ability to manifest them into reality.
    Discover the Transforming Power:
    LaQuita Monley and Erica Latrice delve into the transformative power of aligning ourselves with God's plan in this podcast episode. They highlight instances from their personal experiences, showing how surrendering to God's guidance led to rapid growth, steps that they had anticipated taking years materialized in a much shorter time. This key value underlines that releasing control and trusting divine guidance can lead to tremendous personal and professional transformations.
    Understand the Pivotal Role:
    Understanding the pivotal role of faith forms another key value in this podcast episode. Faith, as LaQuita Monley and Erica Latrice explain, anchors us in times of adversity and guides us towards the right path. They suggest that maintaining an unwavering faith propels us further in our journey towards success, and this commitment also invites reciprocal unwavering commitment from God.
    Learn the Art of Embracing Change:
    LaQuita Monley and Erica Latrice emphasize on the importance of embracing change, be it personal, professional, or spiritual. This key value is presented with practical considerations, discussing how an adjusted attitude towards change can help in overcoming obstacles and turning obstacles into stepping stones. Sharing their personal experiences, they encourage the audience to view change not as a threat but as a pathway to new opportunities and personal growth.
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    The Power of Publicity: How to Leverage the Media to Increase Your Credibility

    The Power of Publicity: How to Leverage the Media to Increase Your Credibility

    Growing up with a celebrity in the family, Taiisha Bradley had a front-row seat to the world of media and publicity. But her journey took an unexpected turn when she realized the power of teaching and guiding entrepreneurs to become their own publicists. As the pandemic opened doors for more people to approach the media on their own, Taiisha saw the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with a wider audience. Her passion for teaching and empowering others has given her a renewed sense of purpose and has helped entrepreneurs achieve credibility and authority in their industry. What will the power of publicity hold for your business? Join Taiisha on her journey and find out.
    In this episode, you will be able to:
    Discover the impact of strategic publicity on entrepreneurial success.Learn how to foster meaningful relationships for effective networking in the world of PR.Uncover the secrets to developing a captivating pitch that grabs the attention of your target audience.Explore how to maximize the potential of online platforms to achieve exceptional PR results.Delve into the importance of creativity in public relations and innovative ways to secure coverage.
    My special guest is Taiisha Bradley
    Taiisha Bradley, a public relations and media expert, has been a driving force in the world of publicity for over 25 years. From her initial involvement in media, Taiisha had a keen eye for detail and helped notable entrepreneurs and small businesses amplify their message and gain the recognition they deserved through the power of publicity. A natural teacher, Taiisha now focuses on empowering others with the tools, resources, and opportunities to take their business to the next level, attracting attention from various media outlets on their own terms. Taiisha's unparalleled passion for teaching, as well as her depth of experience, make her the perfect guest to discuss the power of publicity for entrepreneurs.
    The resources mentioned in this episode are:
     Earn publicity in less than 90 days without experience or connections with Media Circus Publicity Leads on Patreon! 7-day free trial of Media Moguls ($24/month) level membership.
    30 days free of OnePitch using code: TBFRIENDS30
    Empowering Entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurs often face the challenge of getting the word out about their business and gaining exposure in the crowded marketplace. Publicity can be a powerful tool in amplifying their message and reaching the right audience. By utilizing public relations strategies, entrepreneurs can make a significant impact on their target market and build credibility for their brand. Publicity also helps in creating brand awareness and establishing trust among consumers, which is vital for the growth and success of a business. Taiisha Bradley shares her insights on how publicity can empower entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise and achievements. During the conversation, she emphasizes how earned media can provide businesses with much more reach and authority than social media channels alone. Through her Media Circus Speed Pitching event and online platform Publicity Leads, Bradley is actively helping entrepreneurs connect with journalists and influencers, providing them with opportunities to pitch their stories directly and maximize their media exposure.
    Becoming a Go-To Person for the Media
    As entrepreneurs aim to gain more visibility and media coverage, they should strive to become a go-to person for the media in their industry. Being seen...

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Mastering Streaming TV for Small Business Entrepreneurs with Zondra Evans

    Mastering Streaming TV for Small Business Entrepreneurs with Zondra Evans

    Small business owners, have you heard these myths about streaming TV?
    Myth #1: Only big brands can afford to advertise on streaming platforms.
    Myth #2: Streaming TV is just for entertainment, not for promoting businesses.
    Myth #3: Streaming TV is only for local audiences, not for global reach.
    But here's the truth: Streaming TV is more accessible and affordable than ever before, providing small businesses with a valuable opportunity to increase brand exposure and potentially expand globally.
    Our guest, Zondra Evans, will share insights on how small business entrepreneurs can leverage streaming TV to take their brand to the next level. Don't miss out on this game-changing discussion!
    "Do not develop an exit strategy in bad times. You develop an exit strategy in good times." Zondra EvansMy special guest is Zondra Evans
    Meet Zondra Evans, a corporate veteran with over 40 years of experience and a passion for helping small business entrepreneurs. After being laid off from her long-standing career, Zondra took a leap of faith and pursued her dreams of becoming a motivational speaker, best-selling author, and a leadership and transformation coach. As the CEO and founder of Zondra TV Network, she is dedicated to giving small businesses the opportunity to be on streaming TV, ultimately increasing their brand exposure and global growth potential. Zondra's commitment to helping others succeed and her Texas charm make her an engaging and inspirational figure within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    This is Zondra Evans's story:
    Zondra Evans, a corporate veteran of 40 years, never expected her life to take a turn into owning a TV network. After being laid off from her job seven years ago, she set out to pursue her passion for motivational speaking and writing. Along the way, she discovered the significance of streaming TV for small business entrepreneurs and felt compelled to share her newfound knowledge with the world. Zondra's relentless dedication to helping others succeed led her to create a platform where entrepreneurs could level the playing field and gain global exposure for their businesses. Her mission is to empower small business owners to own their content and distribution, making a significant difference in their lives and the lives of their customers.
    In this episode, you will be able to:
    Discover the potential of streaming TV as a game-changer for small business entrepreneurs.Learn how to develop an innovative mindset to adapt and thrive in the entrepreneurial world.Uncover the secrets of owning and effectively distributing your unique content.Enhance your personal brand by identifying and promoting your true identity.Empower your business growth by mastering the art of collaboration and networking.
    Overflow of Information
    The age of information has made it easier than ever to access knowledge, but this abundance of information can overwhelm and confuse business owners who are looking for clear guidance. To navigate the vast sea of information and extract the most valuable insights, it's essential to adopt a structured approach, focusing on the most reliable sources and networking with other professionals in your niche.
    During their conversation, LaQuita Monley and Zondra Evans discuss the importance of collaboration, networking, and building relationships with other professionals in the industry. By tapping into the wealth of expertise and experiences of others, small business owners can streamline their learning journey, adopt proven strategies, and accelerate their growth in the competitive business landscape.
    Personal Branding
    Personal branding holds vital importance, not only for entrepreneurs but also for individuals working in a corporate environment. Recognizing and promoting one's unique identity and

    • 47 min
    Finding Success Through Faith & Purpose: A Chat with Shelley Jeffcoat

    Finding Success Through Faith & Purpose: A Chat with Shelley Jeffcoat

    Believers who seek inspiration and motivation, have you ever heard these common myths about the role of faith in defining your mission and journey towards success?
    Myth #1: You must have it all figured out before God can use you.
    Myth #2: Success is only for those who have strong faith and never doubt.
    Myth #3: If you fail, it must mean that God wasn't in it.
    But fear not, Shelley Jeffcoat is here to share the truth and shatter these myths once and for all.
    In this episode, you will be able to:
    Implement uplifting affirmations and declarations in pushing you forward to achieve your purpose.Recognize your inner identity and calling as essential components of success.Utilize faith as the driving force to shape your mission and journey to fulfillment.Be deliberate about developing meaningful associations and nurturing empowering environments.Eradicate limiting beliefs, placing confidence in a divine plan for your ultimate breakthroughs.
    My special guest is Shelley Jeffcoat
    Get to know Shelley Jeffcoat, a faith-driven entrepreneur and military spouse who has made it her mission to empower and inspire others. As the founder of LTM Group, Shelley has utilized her expertise in branding, marketing, and Fortune 500 leadership to create a global brand that has touched thousands of lives. Her steadfast faith and belief in her purpose have guided her on a journey of success and service to others. As a speaker, mentor, and coach, Shelley shares her testimony of faith and its role in her accomplishments, encouraging others to embrace theirs.
    In this episode, you will be able to:
    Embrace the power of positive affirmations and declarations for realizing your purpose.Unlock the importance of self-awareness and discovering your calling on the path to success.Harness your faith to create a clear vision and enduring journey toward personal achievements.Optimize your associations and surroundings to foster growth and meaningful connections.Break free from limiting beliefs and learn to rely on a divine plan for transformative breakthroughs.
    Importance of Alignment with God's Plan
    Having faith in God and aligning oneself with His plan is an essential aspect of finding success in life. By trusting in a higher power and following the path laid out for each individual, believers are able to tap into their unique purpose and find fulfillment. Understanding one's identity and recognizing that individuals were created with a divine intention helps to create a sense of direction and motivation to pursue a meaningful life. During the conversation, Shelley Jeffcoat shared her own experiences of aligning her life with God's plan. She emphasized how important it is to be open to accepting the call of God to serve others and to find one's purpose. Jeffcoat's journey is a testament to the power of faith and the divine guidance she receives, which has allowed her business and personal brand to grow and serve people from diverse backgrounds.
    Becoming a Witness
    Embracing the role of a witness in the lives of others is a vital part of living a purposeful life. Being open to sharing one's experiences and being an example can encourage and motivate others. A strong connection to faith and the Holy Spirit can inspire individuals to take on this important role, helping others by sharing wisdom, insights, and practical guidance. In the podcast, Shelley Jeffcoat emphasized the power of being a witness to others in her community, drawing from her personal journey and the encouragement she provides. Her dedication to mentoring and coaching people is a result of her understanding of her calling and her willingness to share her knowledge and experience, all inspired by her faith in God.
    Mind Your Miracle
    Miracles can...

    • 54 min

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95 Ratings

Mario P. Fields ,

Awesome Host & Show

La’Quita is an amazing host and has created a podcast for everyone to gain relevant insights, or tools, that can be applied to their lives. I enjoyed being a guest on her show and will return the favor soon.

Mario P. Fields
Producer & Host
Unarmored Talk

Leah H. ,

Great Podcaster

LaQuita's Interview style gives energy and empowers both her guests and audience with the perfect information and skill sets to enhance their "Toolbox" to go to their next level in business and in life.

AshCapsho ,

Great podcast!

LaQuita's Toolbox offers a wealth of implementable life "tools" that not only benefit entrepreneurs but also those focused on personal development. It's a podcast where you'll find valuable insights and strategies for lasting success in both life and business. Awesome podcast. - Ash & The Capsho Team

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