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Late Nite Harp with Holly Honeychurch. Relax and bathe in a galaxy of magical melodies.

Late Nite Harp Holly Honeychurch

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Late Nite Harp with Holly Honeychurch. Relax and bathe in a galaxy of magical melodies.

    A Journey

    A Journey

    This is an instrumental version of the last song I released called Uma Viagem. It felt good to explore chords and see what sounds came out. It’s definitely got an exotic feel in places and a vast amount of dreamy reverb dancing around of course. I’m on quite a journey myself at the moment (aren’t we all?) with lots of realisations and decisions being made meaning that psychological burdens are being lifted. I feel so light. Hooray! Happy Spring Equinox! Let’s welcome back the light. Long may freedom continue x

    Uma Viagem - A Journey

    Uma Viagem - A Journey

    A soft, gentle song sung by a fire with nature as a soundscape. This song’s melody lulls me as I sing. It calms me and gives me peace. The sounds of the crackling fire connect me deeply to somewhere safe. Here’s the video I made for it. I’m working on an extended instrumental version right now too.

    E lá vou eu

    Pra mais uma viagem

    Afirmando a imagem

    Do meu Cristo Jesus

    Meu Deus me ajude

    Para cumprir a risco

    Eu estou de viagem

    Com meu Jesus Cristo

    Meu Rei São João

    Mestre dos meus estudos

    Aprender vou com tudo

    A final eu existo

    Odemir Raulino da Silva

    Quadro Azul #19

    Beija-Flor - Paulo Roberto

    Beija-Flor - Paulo Roberto

    Here’s an epic song for you. It was already fast and strenuous to sing and then I went and made it sound like it was in a cathedral too. It’s on the faster side of my song repetoires and I love singing it for its power and clarity. I made a video for it also, which you can watch here.

    Veio da floresta

    Como um Beija-Flor

    Pousou na beira-mar

    E explandiu o seu amor

    Mostrando para todos

    O caminho do Senhor

    Ajuntando os seus filhos

    Na estrada do amor

    Esta força é o Daime

    E o Daime é luz

    Ele é o mensageiro

    Do caminho de Jesus

    Que deu por nós a vida

    E morreu por nós na cruz

    Nossa Santa Estrela Guia

    Ele é quem nos conduz

    A esta Força eu entrego

    O meu coração

    Guiai bem os meus passos

    Neste mundo de ilusão

    Estar no caminho reto

    Aprendendo a união

    Sou filho desta terra

    Meu Padrinho é São João

    Paulo Roberto

    O Anjo de Deus

    O Anjo de Deus

    I love the energy of this song. It’s hypnotic to sing and I’m all into being protected by angels so it makes me sing even more passionately : ) I’ve made a video for it here with lots of colour and vibrancy.

    O anjo de Deus nos protege

    Com seu santo manto azul

    De leste a oeste, de norte a sul

    Viva a Estrela do azul

    Que faz brilhar as Estrelas do Céu

    Do arcanjo Rafael

    Este globo gira perfeito

    Com diversas amostragens de cor

    É Deus em tudo, é o fruto, é a flor

    Vida do meu Criador

    Que faz brotar com todo vigor

    Vida do Rei do amor

    Pad. Alfredo

    Luar ~ Moonlight ~ Léo Artese

    Luar ~ Moonlight ~ Léo Artese

    This beautiful song is about The Queen of the Sea ~ Mamãe Yemanjá. I’m sure I was a mermaid in a past life as I’m much better at gliding through the sea than walking on land these days so I connect in a knowing way with this sacred song. I remember hearing it in ceremonies years ago and thought it had an oriental feel. I never seemed to have the words to sing along with at the time but now I do hooray! I think it goes very well with the dreamy harp melodies. There are a couple of nice surprises to listen out for too.

    Here are the lyrics and translation. Please relax and enjoy.

    Luar se fez um raio prateado

    Iluminando o céu e as espumas do Mar

    Lindo clarão à beira-mar

    Vejo Mamãe Iemanjá

    Lá vem, lá vem junto com suas sereias

    Nos abençoar, Rainha Iemanjá

    Dona das águas tu és Mãe

    Oh! Janaina Odoiá

    Iluminai minhas profundas águas

    Para eu decifrar mistérios do meu mar

    Nesse meu mar de emoções

    Rainha vem me iluminar

    Iemanjá princípio gerador

    Amor fundamental tão puro e maternal

    Iemanjá vem confortar

    Oh! Janaina Odoiá


    The moonlight became a silver ray

    Illuminating the sky and the sea foam

    A gorgeous gleam on the sea shore

    I see Mother Yemanjá

    Here she comes, here she comes along with her mermaids

    To bless us, Queen Yemanjá

    Lady of the waters, you are Mother

    Oh! Janaina Odoiá *a traditional greeting to Yemanjá

    Illuminate the depths of my water

    So that I may decipher the mysteries of my sea

    In this my sea of emotions

    The Queen comes to illuminate me

    Yemanjá, the creative principle

    Fundamental love so pure and maternal

    Yemanjá comes to comfort

    Oh! Janaina Odoiá

    Image by Derek Richards

    Snowy White Night

    Snowy White Night

    I really enjoyed making this piece. It’s got a wintry feel. I’ve had the melody in my head for a long while, since 2012 in-fact when I originally wrote the song. I love singing it, especially in the colder months. It feels super magical and mysterious. The melody is hypnotic and the whole mood of it is like a music-box. I’m transported to a far off land where nothing is quite as it seems. The majesty of the snow sounds other worldly in D harmonic minor and there’s an aura of things being unresolved until the warmth of the sun comes through with strength and hope on the note of G.

    There are nine layers of sound in this piece. That’s so many for my sweet, ten year old Mac Book Air to handle. Poor thing does its best and I’m grateful for all its work, but with the hope of making an album firmly in my mind, I need to replace it. That’s why the arts grant I’m applying for is so important. It will give me the chance to create superb sound, without restrictions. Wow. Creating a whole album of hypnotic, magical music will be a truly exhilarating feeling. It feels like my destiny : ) Wish me luck.

    Snowy White Night

    Silver flakes falling down

    Down to the earth

    From the heavens

    Heavenly beauty

    All around

    Fiery presence

    In all sisters and brothers

    Fire is flying

    Flying through us

    Warming our hearts

    And hands with love

    Breeze in the trees

    Whisper whispering angels

    Caressing our eyes

    Our tears, our smiles

    Hearts wide open

    Look up to the sky

    Moon and stars

    Singing, singing together

    Together creating

    Such radiant vibrations

    Healing earth

    With songs of love

    Night has been broken

    By dawn’s warming rays

    The rays from the sun

    From the golden, golden light

    Stream into our days

    Stream into our lives

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5.0 out of 5
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1 Rating

Waireka19 ,

Gorgeous harp music

I'm loving Holly’s Late Night Harp. Beautiful melodies, beautifully played. Turn the speakers up to enjoy the rich sound.

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