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Setting Captives Free

Liberty Unveiled Bradley Hopp

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Setting Captives Free

    Here am I. Renewing our nation's childhood faith

    Here am I. Renewing our nation's childhood faith

    Today we continue reading the Founder's Bible. We look at the expectations of children at the founding of our nation and the children in the Bible. Is it time for our nation to return to this childlike faith?


    {1:12}    Explanation of ministry

    {4:20}    Review of last week’s episode

    {6:23}    Samuel Addams and other stories from history

    {19:29}  Is America making the same mistake Israel made?

    {22:17}  A story that reminds us God will treat us the way we treat Him

    {23:17}  The election sermon

    {39:00}  A homeschool curriculum we recommend

    {44:30}  A natural-born leader

    {50:20}  Last thoughts

    • 48 min
    Will we succeed?

    Will we succeed?

    In today’s episode, we look at what we need in our country for success. We read the Founder’s Bible, finishing up the book of Joshua and starting the book of Judges. We look at the bio of some patriots. We ask the question what makes a good leader? We find the answer to that laid out clearly in the Bible.



    {1:00}    What is absolute truth?

    {3:00}    Our ministry for those who don’t know what we do?

    {5:00}    Thoughts from the book of Joshua.

    {13:00}  Death penalty cases from America’s history.

    {19:30}  Story of a slave trader.

    {22:00}  Bios from patriots.

    {35:00}  The book of Judges.

    {38:00}  More Bios of patriots.

    {40:00}  What happens if good men refuse to serve?


    Quote:  When we are educated in the word, we don’t need to be fearful of other religions because we know how to share the gospel.




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    Our Most Sacred Treasure part Two

    Our Most Sacred Treasure part Two

    In this episode Liberty Unveiled, Brad and Sam  give updates on their personal life, Communists threats in the organization, and the love of America. They share stories of girls who have been rescued. In the second half of the podcast, Brad and Sam talk about the history of Bibles printed in the USA, and symbols found in the Old Testament.


    Conversation Highlights:

    {00:51}  Update on Brad and Sam’s lives

    {02:54}  Communist threats to our organization

    {06:36} Story of a rescued girl

    {09:14} The love of America means being honest with where we are as a nation

    {11:52} Nigerian work

    {17:07} How a meeting in College changed everything

    {23:55} Updates on the Tea company. Prayer requests and some problems

    {27:07} The history of Bibles printed in the USA

    {46:31} The Old Testament symbols

    Bio: Bradley Hopp

    Bradley is a father to six kids and a daughter-in-law and grandpa to two grandchildren. As such he couldn’t sit around and watch underage girls being trafficked in the sex trade so he decided to do something about it. He got together with a missionary friend named Andrew to form Teshuah Tea Company. The primary objective of Teshuvah is to economically empower the young ladies that Andrew and the team rescue.


    Bio: Sam Jones

    Sam Jones is the Senior Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Hudson, Iowa. Pastor Sam speaks the truth of God’s word to the most pressing issues of the day on a number of outlets including The Shining Light Podcast, What is Truth Podcast, and In Defense of the Republic TV. Pastor Sam’s articles have been published by a number of different Conservative Christian outlets. He loves the Lord and desires to see America turn back to God.




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    A Lawless Nation

    A Lawless Nation

    Show Notes Coming soon!

    • 43 min
    That We Might Have Good Success

    That We Might Have Good Success

    In this episode, Brad and Pastor Sam take a few moments over tea, to explore how we can develop that powerful faith in our lives. You’ll hear how the Old Testament story of redemption and obedience played a big role in the founding of the United States...and how that influence is with us, even to this day.


    You’ll also learn about the role of obedience, service, and patience in becoming the kind of leader that God calls us to be.


    Key insights:

    Foundation of United States

    Mourning rituals for a nation.

    Why should we mourn for a president?

    Responding to the Call of God

    3 areas of life to have true success in.


    Conversation highlights:

    [00:54] Teshuah Tea company in a nutshell.


    Takeaway#1 - Check out our Tea and Coffee collection at the Teshuah Tea website, and help save someone's life.


    [17:09] Pastor Kerry started buying coffee from the company!


    [20:42] A sip of tea from 500 back……..


    [23:52] How is the source of the freedom that the girls are experiencing and the source of freedom that America first experienced similar?

    What the pilgrims and the founding fathers experienced when they first founded America?


    [27:21] 30 days of mourning for a nation!

    Mourning rituals for a nation.

    What is crepe?

    Period of national mourning.


    [31:23] When John Adams met Christ in heaven!


    [33:08] Why should we mourn for a president?


    [37:56] Joshua the son of nun Moses successor!

    Joshua didn't had a father!


    [44:47] It is not god's word, it is god's law.


    [45:24] What are the three areas of life to have true success in?


    [50:06]  God is going to fulfill his words, have faith in him.


    [51:24] Current situation in Myanmar!


    [53:04] Give the Girls a new chance of Life!


    Takeaway #2 - Help us get a tea shop open! Your donations can change the life of many young girls.


    Remarkable quotes:

    "The promises have been given to us by God but we must lay hold of them."


    "Christianity is the only true and perfect religion in proportion as mankind adopt its principles and obey its precepts they will be wise and happy."


    "The Bible is the chief moral cause of all that is good and the best corrector of all that is evil in human society."


    "The Bible is the best of all books for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be happy in the world."


    About Our Sponsor

    Teshuah Tea Company dedicated to helping women build lives of recovery from abuse, human trafficking, and sexual slavery. The business supports the Teshuahah House, which provides job and skills training, recovery, and rehabilitation.


    Visit the site at Teshuah Tea Company or DeliveranceTea.com


    Learn more about the Liberty Unveiled Podcast here.


    If you enjoyed the podcast don't forget to share, subscribe and review us (It really helps us get the word out of more people).


    Special Reminder:

    Help the girls by donating to Teshuah Tea Company. Even a small donation will mean to the life of those young ladies.

    ***The money goes directly to the rescue facility***


    • 57 min
    Gold, Silver, Crypto, and 5 Ways To Kill A Nation

    Gold, Silver, Crypto, and 5 Ways To Kill A Nation

    On this weeks episode we discuss Pastor Sam's new book "5 Ways To Kill A Nation", continue our look at the Founder's Bible, and offer some insight into the coming financial situation.

    • 55 min

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