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People today are wondering what they're here for, how they can find it, and what they're good at. They want to live with impact and authenticity, but lots of things are getting in the way. The Life Calling Today podcast helps you explore the topic of life calling so you can live with more purpose, passion, and power. Find your calling...and take back your life.

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People today are wondering what they're here for, how they can find it, and what they're good at. They want to live with impact and authenticity, but lots of things are getting in the way. The Life Calling Today podcast helps you explore the topic of life calling so you can live with more purpose, passion, and power. Find your calling...and take back your life.

    39: Calling in Your 20's | Bryan Ray

    39: Calling in Your 20's | Bryan Ray

    A career can oftentimes be a package deal of the calling and gifts you have for the world. Your way of being contributes to the role you play in your company, organization, or community. When you’re first starting out it all seems random, but you realize how it all fits as the bigger picture is revealed. Today, we talk about understanding calling in your 20s.
    Bryan Ray graduated from Penn State in 2020, and he is now a graduate architect at Hoffman Leakey Architects. In addition to working full-time at the firm, Bryan is also studying for his professional license exams. His story obtains several keys for finding meaningful work and calling. He is bringing a unique perspective around career, calling, path, and purpose.
    Bryan feels that architecture fits with his strategic and analytical side, while also fulfilling his more artistic side. The blend of these skills made an architecture career a great opportunity for exercising his creativity and his drive to bring ideas to life. Bryan always showed signs that he would go into architecture. He drew floor plans and pictures of houses while growing up. His natural pull to architecture became more and more clear as he engaged his interests. 
    Listen as Bryan talks about his holistic view to career, fulfilling a calling, and building a life. He intentionally fosters other parts of his life to make sure his career ambitions don’t overshadow the other things that sees as important, such as loved ones and enjoying life. During the conversation, Bryan also shares some of the trials and errors of getting a step closer to his calling. He looks back on the choices and mindsets he transitioned through as he learned more about what he wanted.
    Bryan’s perspective is not only useful for his fellow mid-20s peers, but for anyone shaping or reshaping their life to package their calling and purpose.
    Time stamps: [01:22] - Bryan Ray explains how he figured out that he wanted to do architecture. How did his interests show up in his life growing up? [03:46] - Bryan talks about how he likes to exercise his creativity around his interests. There are different ways to engage your natural gifts. [06:23] - How does architecture combine Bryan’s main interests? [08:07] - Bryan shares why he felt behind when seeing the skill level of his art peers. [10:03] - What did a professor say to Bryan that encouraged a more open view on creativity?  [12:24] - Bryan recalls how his early, real-life experiences in the architecture field became his career advantage. [14:08] - Being competitive by nature, is Bryan ever too hard on himself? How does he persevere? [15:55] - Bryan recalls how he got his first official role in architecture. [18:37] - Great things can come after taking a leap. [20:14] - Bryan describes the feeling of the small details that bring a space together in architecture. [22:38] - What are the lessons that Bryan learned in his 20s so far? [25:05] - How does Bryan foster the other important parts of his life, like loved ones and self care? [28:05] - Bryan talks about not allowing your career to overtake life itself. [29:48] - Bryan shares the figures he observed in his life to learn what path he can take in architecture. [31:58] - Bryan wants to be a welcoming and encouraging mentor for others looking to get involved in architecture. [33:54] - There’s hidden creativity in all of us. [36:13] - How does Bryan define a calling? [38:14] - Bryan says you shouldn’t be afraid to follow your interests, even if you follow it awkwardly at first. [40:30] - There are hundreds of ways to live out your calling. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find which way works for you at this point of life. [42:30] - Bryan explores what values he displays. What does Bryan value? Links: Chris Heinz Chris Heinz Co. Bryan Ray Hoffman Leakey Architects

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    38: Practical Strengths for Your Calling | Jo Self

    38: Practical Strengths for Your Calling | Jo Self

    Strengths, which align with your innate talents, allow you to see multiple paths for living your calling. You can follow different paths since your strengths relate to the motives that help you carry out an action, rather than the logic directing you on which action to take. Even in your free time, your strengths are influencing your behavior and choices. Today, we talk about Practical Strengths for your calling.
    Jo Self is on a mission to ensure talent is not wasted, potential is realized, and happiness is contagious. She has a diverse background in business, which includes developing award-winning employee programs for international brands, starting her own event business, and after moving to Peru from the US, creating a tourism business that was recognized as a top startup in that country. In 2015, Jo had a revelation that changed everything and set her on a new path. 
    In 2021, Jo published her first book in the Practical Strengths series, Practical Strengths: Parenting: A CliftonStrengths® Guide for Everyday Ways. She recently published her second book in the series, Practical Strengths: Career Success: A CliftonStrengths® Guide for Everyday Ways.
    At this point, Jo understands that her diverse career has a common thread in its nonlinear path. Reflecting on life experiences, Jo emphasizes that your purpose is in your strengths. If you want to feel more aligned to your life, there is a need to understand your strengths and figure out how to apply them. Jo uses her personal talents to explain to everyone how strengths don’t work alone in isolation, but together throughout separate aspects of life.
    Listen as Jo talks about her Practical Strengths series and her journey as one of the first Spanish-speaking Gallup® Certified Strengths Coaches. Knowing your strengths will help you understand the way you interact with others. It’s a way to give yourself and others grace, and avoid possible stress or conflict.  More than that, your strengths help you recognize the roles that let you thrive. Jo uses personal experiences in this episode, so you may find this conversation particularly helpful if you share similar strengths with Jo: Strategic, Activator, Maximizer, Communication, Ideation. 
    Consider how the strengths affect all aspects of your life for you to fully live your purpose. Being aware of how you operate is personal leverage to propel you forward.
    Time stamps: [01:57] - Jo Self understands that her diverse career has a common thread in its nonlinear path. [03:56] - The universe will give you feathers and bricks.  [06:55] - Jo talks about trusting the process of her life, and not having regrets. [08:25] - What does it mean when work is not just a job, but a calling? [10:18] - Jo shares her experience of working with Spanish-speaking communities around strengths and talents. [13:08] - What are Jo’s top talent themes? [15:23] - Knowing your strengths will help you understand the way you interact with others. [17:43] - People can share the same talent theme, but relate to the talent differently. [20:14] - Be conscious of your strengths, and learn how to present them for others to join you. [23:10] - Design flows from intention. [25:16] - Why did Jo write the Practical Strengths series? [28:06] - Jo believes the 34 strengths can unlock a new way for how people relate to one another. [30:49] - Strengths don’t tell you what to do, but do inform how you choose to complete the action. [33:47] - Jo explores the differences in how a talent can appear in separate aspects of our lives. [35:27] - Jo talks through how the Maximizer shows up in the workplace. [36:59] - You can make the most of your talents. [38:51] - Know what you need in your role and environment to help you keep showing up as your best every day. [40:49] - Strengths allow you to see multiple paths for living your calling. [42:41] - Jo gives an example of reframing your strengths to communicate the value you bring to a workplace. [45:13] - Jo sa

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    37: Touching Cancer | Matt Eby

    37: Touching Cancer | Matt Eby

    When you are in hard times, where do you pull your strength from? Being in hard times makes us feel we need something larger than ourselves. People pull help from rage and regret, or sometimes, people pull help from love and compassion. During a tiresome journey, where can our help come from? Today, we talk about touching cancer.
    Born in the United States, Matt Eby now lives in Australia fulfilling the purpose of helping others. He really gives his life for service to people that need compassion, understanding, or empathy. Matt is currently serving at The Leukaemia Foundation where he works alongside people who are living with blood cancer. Over the years, Matt also supported families in the foster care system, served as a house parent for Aboriginal teenage boys, and managed a branch for a rental car agency. He has a natural gift for supporting individuals that need a dose of humanity, which fits his college degree in behavioral health.
    Matt knows how to set a goal and execute. Following his curiosity, Matt goes from role to role where he feels called at that time. He believes in trial runs when transitioning into a new role or new interest. This helps him get rid of other options that don’t align with where he’s heading. One day, Matt found himself working with The Leukaemia Foundation and reflecting more deeply on life and purpose. He shares how the experience teaches him more about himself and humanity.
    Listen as Matt talks about the humanity he witnessed while working with cancer patients, and how he was able to show up for the patients he interacted with. Matt often used his personal connection to cancer to empathize with patients. He cultivated a healthy relationship with his past trauma but understood that it’s not a sustainable source for supporting others. Matt shares how his faith became a new resource for him to pull from when supporting cancer patients. 
    Matt says that his faith became a new lens for how he views life and his role in life. Whether we are in hard times or helping someone else in their journey, we also need help to show up fully and persevere. Where does our help come from? Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
    Time stamps: [01:16] - Matt Eby recalls how he met Chris as a server during breakfast. [03:22] - What made Matt move to Australia? What are the biggest differences? [05:19] - Matt says it took three years to get a hang of Australian jargon, but he loves the differences and diversity. [07:12] - Matt explains why he believes in trial runs when transitioning into a new role or new interest. [10:11] - How did Matt get his start at the Leukaemia Foundation? [13:07] - Seeing people in their journey made Matt reflect more deeply on life and purpose. [15:43] - Matt talks about a small act of kindness he shared with a patient that left an impression on him. [18:18] - Has he ever seen that patient again? [20:01] - Matt shares the heartwarming event that happened one year after the patient’s death. [22:44] - What is it like to be a house parent for Aboriginal teenagers? [25:42] - Matt shares how he used his personal connection to cancer to help others in their cancer journeys. [28:27] - Becoming a believer became a resource for Matt to deal with hard times. [31:13] - Matt talks about how to recognize which portion of life is Life Calling. [34:10] - What is Matt’s Life Calling? [36:57] - Matt says his faith became a new lens for how he views life and his role in life. [38:36] - Matt imagines what he would do with time off if he could do anything. Links: Chris Heinz Chris Heinz Co. Matt Eby LinkedIn The Leukaemia Foundation

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    36: Connecting Moms and Daughters | Dannah Gresh

    36: Connecting Moms and Daughters | Dannah Gresh

    Don’t be afraid of the messy pieces of your story. People often don’t understand each other, not realizing that we all have a messy story that needs grace. Like a mom and daughter trying to understand each other while dealing with their own lives. Today, we talk about connecting moms and daughters through accepting life’s imperfect story.
    Dannah Gresh is the best-selling author of over 30 books for teens, tweens, and their parents (written in both English and Spanish). Dannah is a highly sought-after speaker for conferences, weekend retreats, and online Bible studies. She’s also heard every day on the Revive Our Hearts podcast. Dannah is the leader of the True Girl Ministry, which connects the hearts of moms and daughters to each other (and with Jesus). In addition, Dannah is the co-founder of Grace Prep, a stellar Christian high school in central Pennsylvania. The school is uniquely established around the 40 Points of Grace.
    Dannah teaches people that “Your story is your greatest asset”. Your story is a weapon that can be used to bring good news into this world. Part of the reason she wrote her book “And the Bride Wore White: Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity” came from a determination to give young women the power of their story back. Inside your faults, fears, and mishaps are opportunities to turn your insights into service. It’s a chance to share your life lessons or extend grace to someone going through a hard time.
    Listen as Dannah discusses the need to embrace your own story and the story of others. She easily shares her ideas on the concept by sharing the work she does with young women and the ministries of the church. Dannah leads by example, sharing her personal story of reflecting on her experiences in order to serve others, empower young women, and help people see that Life Calling is connected to their story.
    Am I free to live the life that God designed for me? This is the question Dannah ultimately brings to attention. Understand that your story serves that path you are walking, and serves the people that come in contact with your path. Join today’s conversation to hear lessons that help you connect with yourself and others.
    Time stamps: [00:18] - Dannah Gresh talks about her animals that she named after Dr. Seuss characters. [03:18] - Dannah recalls early signs of what called her to the path she is on today. [05:18] - Your calling will not always feel easy, and may require you to overcome what you think are your fears. [07:36] - Dannah shares what she does to re-center herself, and talks about what inspired her to write about young women being sexually active. [09:46] - What did Dannah hope to accomplish with her book on sexual activity? [12:28] - Our story is a weapon for good. [15:08] - Inside your faults, fears, and mishaps are opportunities to turn your insights into service. [17:39] - How does Dannah interpret the rise of depression in society, especially in youth? [19:55] - An altered view of reality is a major factor in the increased depression among youth. [22:07] - Pay attention to the lies, and replace them with truth. [24:52] - Is there a lie that Dannah struggled with in her own life? She talks about facing her limiting beliefs around “belonging”. [27:16] - Truth changes the way we show up in the world, and what we bring to our interactions... [29:16] - Can being single be part of a Calling? [33:04] - Are you free to follow the true plan designed for your life? [35:44] - Your Calling may need you to be flexible. [37:42] - What is Dannah’s definition of the ultimate Life Calling? [39:13] - Dannah talks about the new journey she and her husband are on to enlarge their territory physically and spiritually. [41:24] - Dannah and her husband hope to increase the community connection between different church ministries. [43:14] - This one thing is what Dannah encourages church communities to improve on. [45:06] - How can we extend grace to restore the broken? [47:03] - The p

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    35: Calling for an Awakening | David Bryant

    35: Calling for an Awakening | David Bryant

    Reflection is needed to be aware of what path we are on. We can easily find ourselves unaware of being off track when we lack reflection. Essentially, we’d be sleepwalking and moving on autopilot. In the walk with Christ, Christian believers should be moving with full attention and intention. Today, we witness a calling for an awakening.
    Over the past 40 years, David Bryant has been defined as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. Formerly a pastor, minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI), and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, today David provides leadership to Proclaim Hope! whose mission is to foster and serve a nationwide Christ-awakening movement. 
    For decades, David played a widely visible role in the emergence of an unprecedented, worldwide prayer movement by building on citywide mass prayer rallies; organizing national and international conferences; creating training videos, seminars, and manuals; developing leadership coalitions; mentoring of younger leaders; and sharing his message by radio, television, and podcasts. Currently, David oversees the website ChristNOW.com, which provides hundreds of free resources all focused on the person of Christ.
    Listen as David discusses why Christian believers need to be reintroduced to Jesus again; similar to his book, Christ Is NOW! 7 Groundbreaking Keys to Help You Explore and Experience the Spectacular Supremacy of God’s Son Today. David says that we use the right words, but we are not focused on the right person. He talks about taking time to have a moment of silence with Christ. David explores the true purpose of the relationship with Christ and the difference between the “Centrality of Christ” and the “Supremacy of Christ”.
    Most Christians today don’t think about who Christ is now in the present day. What is the relationship? What is the purpose? Join today’s conversation where Christian believers can be reintroduced to Christ.
    Time stamps: [00:18] - David Bryant is a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer”. [02:36] - David tells the story of how he “came alive among the dead.” [04:15] - When did David know he wanted to go into Christian Ministry? [06:06] - David recalls a revelation he had at 11 years old that gave him a glimpse of his future path. [07:57] - Listen to this chilling story of David receiving a divine message before speaking at an event. [10:56] - What was the message that came upon David? [13:22] - David talks about the ripple effect of trusting the divine message he had. [15:26] - Make much of Christ. [17:57] - Kellogg’s cornflakes inspired David’s concept of Christian believers being reintroduced to Christ. [20:01] - Do you know the meaning of Christ in the present day? [22:22] - What is the purpose of “reawakening” in the life of a Christian? [24:20] - Is the Christian society in a crisis? David explains that the hearts of Christians not being felt by Christ. [27:05] - David talks about his observations of the Christian world. [28:50] - Chris announces a new shift  in Life Calling Today. [31:25] - Is today’s church community operating without Christ? What happened? [33:35] - There’s a difference between the “Centrality of Christ” and the “Supremacy of Christ.” [35:38] - Chris and David clarify the intentions of Christ working for THE good. [37:37] - David says his work is translated into the Chinese language for the audience in China to use the resource. [39:59] - Christ NOW is about getting a larger vision of Christ. [42:38] - Let’s foster a reawakening for the people of Christ. [44:36] - David shares that he feels alive through Christ and hope. [47:04] - What does it mean to be wholly alive? Links: Chris Heinz Chris Heinz Co. ChristNow.com
    David Bryant’s Books
    Christ Institutes Video Series Twitter Instagram YouTube Proclaim HOPE!

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    34: What is a Vocational Credo? | Deborah Koehn Loyd

    34: What is a Vocational Credo? | Deborah Koehn Loyd

    Clarity is what helps you recognize the vocation within your story. Vocation is not about ideas; it’s about your “what” and “how”. If you don’t decide on a path forward, you won’t do it. You must ask yourself: What is the best way to live this out? Today, we learn about identifying a vocational credo.
    Deborah Koehn Loyd is an educator and innovator who’s passionate about helping others to find the way forward in their lives. She’s the author of Your Vocational Credo: Practical Steps to Discover Your Unique Purpose, which coaches readers through practical steps of vocational discernment. Deborah is an adjunct university professor, defender of the marginalized, and former church planner. In addition, she’s a life coach, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. 
    Deborah wants to help people find their story, their voice, and their vocation. She says that vocation is discovered, not made. It lies in your story. Deborah mentions that the parts of your story where you experience pain or misunderstanding are sometimes the tool to discern your Calling. When you push back on your pain, you notice it in others and know how to help them. That becomes the driving force for the vocation you can fulfill in service to others.
    Listen as Deborah discusses why vocation is an active journey, why pain can be redemptive for you and those around you, and understanding your vocational preferences. Vocation is both deeply individual and intertwined with others. Our actions impact each other. If we don’t fulfill our own vocation, the impact of its purpose will not come to fruition. 
    Your vocation is what you are particularly bringing to the world. We’re not all here to bring the same thing or tackle the same issues. Pay attention to your story. Learn to identify your Vocational Credo, so the world is not deprived of what you will bring.
    Time stamps: [01:42] - Deborah Koehn Loyd says she wasn’t always comfortable with public speaking. When did that change? [04:18] - Is there a difference between Vocation and Calling? [06:21] - Deborah says that vocation is discovered, not made. [09:00] - Listen to Deborah describe her definition of Vocation, and how it relates to individual experience, joy, and service. [11:14] - Vocation is both deeply individual and intertwined with others. [13:53] - The word “Call” is from the Latin word “Vocation”. How much did the meaning change? [16:16] - Deborah explains how to use pain to discern our Calling. [18:22] - Push back on your pain. [20:56] - Deborah shares a story of someone who turned their personal pain into service for others. [22:41] - Deborah expresses her thoughts on pain being a stepping stone to fulfilling our greater purpose. [25:20] - What vocational workshop is Deborah working on? [27:33] - Deborah urges everyone to pay attention to their own story to find vocation. [29:44] - What is a Vocational Preferences Survey? [31:34] - How can identifying your vocational preferences help you? [34:31] - Chris talks about how PathwayU helps you refine the “what” and “how” of your Calling. [36:01] - What is a Vocational Credo? [39:01] - How does knowing your credo impact your decisions in life and work? [40:33] - How can you write a Vocational Credo? [42:34] - You can’t have resurrection without death. [44:41] - Deborah lists three experiences that shaped her approach to life. [46:36] - Deborah is a deeply thoughtful person. Links: Chris Heinz Chris Heinz Co. Deborah Koehn Loyd Your Vocational Credo: Practical Steps to Discover Your Unique Purpose PathwayU

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