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People today are wondering what they're here for, how they can find it, and what they're good at. They want to live with impact and authenticity, but lots of things are getting in the way. The Life Calling Today podcast helps you explore the topic of life calling so you can live with more purpose, passion, and power. Find your calling...and take back your life.

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People today are wondering what they're here for, how they can find it, and what they're good at. They want to live with impact and authenticity, but lots of things are getting in the way. The Life Calling Today podcast helps you explore the topic of life calling so you can live with more purpose, passion, and power. Find your calling...and take back your life.

    6: But what if you fly?

    6: But what if you fly?

    Many times, we know the next step but we don’t want to take it. It’s not that we’re indecisive, it’s that we talk ourselves out of making a choice. We let the next step linger. Yet, what could be holding us back? Let’s figure out how to move forward from where we are hesitant and stuck.
    Failure is a common reason people find themselves avoiding the next step, so today I talk about taking big and small steps towards larger goals. A poem by Erin Hanson gives a great way to think about the next step: a chance to fly. People don’t like to feel failure since the word can be attached to a negative meaning. They avoid the chance to fly altogether thinking that they will fail or “fall”. To that thought, like Erin Hanson, I ask the question “But what if you fly?”
    I want to encourage everyone to step into the substance of purpose. My own Life Calling includes failures, lessons, epiphanies, and triumph. I am on the journey with you. In today’s solo episode, I explore different reasons that convince us not to move forward, and what a next step towards purpose can look like for anyone. I also discuss how having a growth mindset impacts a journey versus having a fixed mindset. 
    From the perspective of a growth mindset, failure can actually be used for our good. We should aim to be a learner and take lessons away from our failures. Most things in life are repairable. It doesn’t really matter if you fail; experiences and redirections on our path can add up to something wonderful.
    Not trying to fly is a bigger risk than falling. The sky is too wide to waste a chance to fly. We can all soar in a way that celebrates our authentic path. Rather than regretting years that passed without change, let’s discover what steps to take from moment to moment in our Life Calling.
    Time stamps: [00:20] - I take time to acknowledge people working in Children and Youth services after working with an organization recently. [01:38] - Thank you to the two amazing guests, Bob Goff and Josh Davis, for giving great advice and spending time on the Life Calling Today podcast. [03:33] - Today’s show is a solo episode, and this poem by Erin Hanson inspired the topic of today’s podcast. [06:35] - William Wilberforce, an English politician and abolitionist, chose to live his philanthropy through his professional work. [08:20] - William tried to abolish slavery for 20 years, before a bill finally passed. [10:33] - Here is my story of flying. I share with you a huge decision to live my calling in a larger capacity. [12:30] - We each have a step towards our Life Calling that can change the trajectory of our path. What would that step look like? [14:17] - It’s not that we don’t know the next step, it’s that we don’t take it. We let the next step linger. [15:52] - Here is the difference of impact a fixed mindset and growth mindset can have. [17:35] - I tell you a story of learning a lesson from a failure that helped redirect the way I follow my Life Calling. [20:15] - Failing creates an experience that adds to our journey. Besides failure, what could possibly be holding you back? [22:56] - We’re all responsible for our own lives. We can’t let obstacles stay in our way. [25:00] - Do this to move closer to taking your next step. Links: Chris Heinz Chris Heinz Co.

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    5: Josh Davis - Winning Gold

    5: Josh Davis - Winning Gold

    To get the most out of life, find the combination in identity that overlaps desire, needs, and service. Searching for true identity involves getting in touch with purpose and values. Simplify these concepts by thinking of the ideas as using unique gifts and perspectives that develop with life experience. If that still seems too complicated, there’s a simpler way to think about it, and this episode talks about how to step into that idea.
    Originally, I didn’t plan on having two guests immediately after each other, but the timing was right. Today’s conversation is held with Josh Davis, an Olympic gold medalist. Josh is most recognized for winning three gold medals during the 1996 Olympics, then, he would later gain two more medals as team captain during the 2000 Olympics.
    Josh has the ability to speak to passion, discipline, identity, and changing seasons. After the Olympics, Josh continues to fill his life with swimming. He held swim clinics, participated in Masters swimming, began a college swimming program that he coaches, and still maintains time for personal practice. Alongside filling his own life, he serves and pours into others.
    In Josh’s perspective, using unique gifts to empower others is better than winning a gold medal. He mentions that he loves to use his passion to inspire the next generation, and stays connected with his colleagues who also love swimming. Josh explains that he empowers others through speaking engagements where there is a chance to express what he learned over the years. He says that Olympic stories transcend sports into stories of overcoming, hope, and doing our best.
    What Josh learned most is that purpose involves spending time in the things that bring joy. Realizing how to tap into personal joy and spark joy in others helps nudge life towards an authentic Life Calling. Listen to hear the three sets of words Josh keeps in mind that help clarify where to aim his joy that leads his purpose.
    Time stamps: [01:07] - Josh Davis is known as an Olympic powerhouse, and made significant contributions to the USA swimming team. Still today, Josh remains heavily involved with swimming. [03:40] - I bring up a memory about how Josh actually coached for a swim camp I attended. [06:36] - Josh shares his feelings about being a speaker, and the impacts he makes on others. [08:12] - Josh recalls when his Olympic medals were stolen.  [10:25] - When did Josh first dream of going to the Olympics? [12:00] - Josh’s coach did this one thing to re-inspire Josh to work intentionally towards winning an Olympic gold medal. [14:37] - Hear Josh define his understanding of Life Calling. He uses three sets of words to bring clarity to his direction. [17:10] - Josh says every mom deserves a gold medal, and talks about raising six children with his wife. [19:24] - Josh expresses the evolution of the swimming college program he created. [21:41] - Being a leader in a coaching setting requires a different set of skills from Josh. [24:31] - How does Josh keep his sense of “self” healthy? [26:10] - Invest life in the things that give you the most joy for the longest amount of time. [28:15] - Does Josh consider swimming consequential or coincidental in relation to his life journey? [29:51] - What do you use as your means to fully live your Life Calling? Josh recalls the promises he made to himself. [32:52] - Josh encourages people to take care of themselves without falling into the trap of distraction. Links: Chris Heinz Chris Heinz Co. JoshDavis Josh Davis Instagram Ultimate Swimmer Podcast Ultimate Swimmer Instagram Made To Pray book

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    4: Bob Goff - Dreaming Big

    4: Bob Goff - Dreaming Big

    Dreaming big means following a larger ambition, and honestly, one of the largest ambitions someone can have is to live their Life Calling. Pursuing a Life Calling is not always obvious. If you can get a handle on the things that are most important to you, and get a feel for the direction you are heading in, you’ll be better off in your journey of living a purposeful life.
    Identify your limiting beliefs to become more aware of how you deal with your ambitions. Like you, I experience my own moments of questioning the mindset I have toward my ambitions. One of these moments was actually brought on by reading the book written by today’s guest. My guest today, and the first guest on the Life Calling Today podcast, is Bob Goff. Up to now, some of Bob’s titles include best selling author, speaker, lawyer, professor, honorary consulate, and coach. He lives a life of following the flow of his curiosity. 
    That curiosity and courage to try something new is why I refer to Bob as the “Dream Catalyst”. Bob Placed his curiosity, courage, and reflections in his book “Dream Big”. It was the first book of his that I read, and his message resonated so much that I wanted to invite Bob to personally share his perspective on pursuing a purposeful life.
    Bob says life planning involves getting a handle on what your biggest ambitions are saying to you. Not only should you know the ambitions, but it’s beneficial to recognize what you do and do not need on your journey in the direction of that ambition. Bob reminds us to not only think about the life we envision, but to also take action. 
    In Bob’s eyes, people need to participate in life. I find that this concept of participating, and taking a small step, is very related to pursuing your Life Calling. Celebrate moments through life as you decide what’s best for your journey.
    Time stamps: [00:20] - Bob Goff is the first guest on the Life Calling Today podcast! Who is Bob Goff? [02:21] - What is Bob Goff busy doing at the Oaks Center? [03:55] - Bob explains why he puts his phone number in his books. [05:37] - Through Bob Goff’s book, Dream Big, I could confront the idea of having limiting beliefs around my ambitions and dreams. [08:23] - Bob Goff encourages people to find their big ambition, and explore opportunities. [10:28] - Expect setbacks, but clear the path. [12:48] - Bob suggests that you confront the limiting beliefs that make you feel like your ambitions are not available to you. [14:39] - Taking one small step means that you actively participate in life. [17:36] - Bob talks about being in a state of readiness to fully embrace moments of courage. [19:41] - Development and the ambition of Life Calling is connected. [22:32] - How to change the direction of life? Bob Goff explains why you need to know what kind of life you want. [24:11] - Bob encourages people to take notes and be observant of their life. [26:04] - It takes courage and faith to admit that you no longer want to live as you did previously. [28:25] - Bob shares a personal example of embracing new opportunities with excitement, even with a lack of knowledge. [30:37] - Bob’s advice to anyone seeking purpose in life. [33:10] - Be honest about what you’re lacking, and what you’re striving for. There’s no a need to pretend everything is “okay”. [34:59] - Is “dreaming big” a choice or predetermined?” [37:10] - Bob answers a question from the Life Calling deck. [39:24] - Ask questions to help yourself align with the life you want. Links: Chris Heinz Chris Heinz Co. Bob Goff Coaching with Bob Goff Dream Big by Bob Goff Oaks Center

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    3: What is Life Calling?

    3: What is Life Calling?

    Every now and then, you’ll be in the middle of a task that has a natural flow. Being in that flow can be fast and exhilarating or gradual and peaceful, simply, the common thread is that you experience that flow. Steady in that moment, you think to yourself “I was made for this”. That can inform your Life Calling.
    Stepping into your Life Calling is a journey, and everyone begins in a different place. Some people know what they want to pursue already, and live according to that passion. Some people are still in the process of discovering their purposeful contribution to this life. Some people are using their talents casually, but do not recognize those very same abilities are part of their Life Calling. Today, I want to share my thoughts around Life Calling, and see what resonates with you.
    At one point in my journey, I learned to pay attention to these moments of feeling like “I was made for this”, or “I could do this forever”. Those become important signals to guide us toward our true contribution to this world. Becoming more aware of our Life Calling opens a path filled with experiences. Honestly, there’s no absolute destination in this Life Calling journey; there’s only movement from experience to experience.
    Starting a journey is usually the part people feel the most resistance with. I’ll help get you started by explaining the four components of recognizing and pursuing your Life Calling. The four components are supernatural purpose, bringing good to the world, creating personal joy and meaning, and utilizing any innate strengths. Knowing what to look for will help you to aim your strengths. 
    You don’t need to be famous or have widespread impact, to live a meaningful Life Calling. There are everyday actions and roles that provide purpose and service in this world. Since no purpose is too big or too small, you should also realize that you can have multiple callings. Sometimes, those callings can be going on at one time. Let’s take time to reflect on how much we are connected to our Life Calling at this point in our journey. 
    Time stamps: [00:20] - I share my paddleboarding story. I’ll tell you why it was a great analogy for following your Life Calling. [02:42] - There’s a declaration and feeling behind Life Calling you can’t miss. [04:29] - The four components of Life Calling are supernatural purpose, bringing good to the world, creating personal joy and meaning, and utilizing innate strengths. [05:08] - “Supernatural purpose” is the stronger sense of purpose that goes beyond yourself. I speak on how “beyond” is open to your worldview. [07:41] - “Bringing good to the world” emphasizes that your Life Calling impacts others positively. “Creates personal joy and meaning” is the portion of Life Calling that fuels you by tapping into a meaningful energy. [10:41] - “Utilizing innate strengths” relates to the abilities that we naturally have or that we develop, and leveraging those talents in our Life Calling. [12:33] - We can have multiple callings, and sometimes, those callings can be going on at one time.  [14:04] - I share with you how Harriet Tubman is an example of fearlessly following your Life Calling with the four components. [16:17] - Despite feeling hesitant, Harriet Tubman chose to be an active player rather than a bystander in the journey of life. [18:45] - Harriet Tubman’s decision matrix to live her Life Calling created a positive ripple effect that brought good into the world. [21:11] - Action and faith are a combination that fueled Harriet Tubman, and helped her leverage her innate strengths. [23:39] - What did you resonate with today that made you think of your journey in your Life Calling? Links: Chris Heinz
    Chris Heinz Co.

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    2: True to Yourself

    2: True to Yourself

    Let’s talk about having no regrets and going all in for your one true life. Deciding to make our own choices is one of the first steps to living our one true calling. We must take the chance to ignore the myths we were told about the path of fitting into the life planned by others for us. In theory, we’d be more than happy to live our true life, but sometimes that transition comes with obstacles. Shouldn’t living our true life be an easy thing?
    Thinking about this theme, I realize a transformation calls for us to intentionally step outside of our normal cadence. Doing the opposite, and letting days slip by, can be referred to as an unlived life. Most of us experience at least a phase of this pressure, where we are only going through the motions. That pulls us further away from our purpose. I share with you how we can live consciously in our days to make the most of the time we have while living. 
    Every day is a new opportunity to choose differently, yet we don’t have an endless set of tomorrows. Don’t get to the point of not being able to make up for time that already passed. We’ll talk about the top five regrets of the dying, and the one common answer that relates to our conversations today.
    You might live someone else’s life and not your own if not careful. A great journey in life is about growing into who we really are. It’s about becoming, and it’s about our one true calling. Are your actions for your life or someone else’s life? It’s really good to assess where we’re at, since if we don’t assess where we’re at we can’t make plans to get to where we want to go. Let me know about that one step you took toward living your one true calling.
    Time stamps:
    [00:52] - Let me tell you about the concept of an unlived life.
    [03:16] - Are your actions for your life or someone else’s life?
    [04:51] - I tell you what I tried to do to fit in with the “popular” guys. Here’s what I learned about what was wrong with my approach.
    [07:42] - It becomes a big trap for us to think we have to be different people.
    [10:36] - Let’s look at a few obstacles that come up when we try to live our true life, starting with seeking approval.
    [13:12] - Disidentifying can be another form of an obstacle that can cause us to lose parts of ourselves, even if it came from a good intention.
    [15:02] - Sometimes it’s easier to stay on the path you started walking, but you may need to redirect your momentum.
    [17:16] - Mindsets and beliefs hold you back. Mindsets and beliefs can also propel you forward.
    [19:17] - I want you to make the most of your days while you can still do something about it.
    [20:50] - What is one adjustment you can make today to live a life true to yourself?
    Chris Heinz
    Chris Heinz Co.

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    1: Welcome to Life Calling Today

    1: Welcome to Life Calling Today

    Going through life, we sometimes wander aimlessly after letting society or situations have more influence than our own instincts. When we find ourselves feeling disconnected to life, that may be a sign that we are not living our true life calling. We can bravely reclaim our purpose in life despite feeling lost or feeling it’s too late. Our true life calling is a gift to ourselves and the lives we encounter, so discovering where we are meant to live out our purpose is a worthwhile journey.
    Life Calling Today welcomes everyone that is willing to go on the journey to living a purposeful life. Here, we want to explore the topic of life calling, and help each other take our next brave step to make the most of our one true life. 
    As an introduction, we’ll get to learn more about what brought the Life Calling Today podcast into existence. I’m your host, Chris Heinz, and I will explain who I am, the purpose of the podcast, how I relate to you, and why you might connect with this podcast. I can identify with all sorts of reasons why you might be here, and I’m learning alongside you. That’s part of how Chris Heinz Co. started, and how I continue to create resources for growth that spur on personal progress and development.
    It’s never too late to start working toward our one true calling, and it’s never too late to reroute our journey. We don’t always need to restart from the beginning. In fact, sometimes we can’t go back to the beginning. We can only take one single, simple step in a new direction to get back on track to our life calling.
    People who feel they want to make the most out of their purpose will find the Life Calling Today podcast as a place to hear stories of triumph and mindful lessons. We’ll have conversations with guests who learned to take small steps in their journey to get where they are now. Today, listen to my personal story of changing direction after being established in a full-time career.
    Time stamps:
    [00:35] - By the end of the episode, we’ll understand a lot about the Life Calling Today podcast and why we came together.
    [01:21] - On this podcast, we can explore our life calling to fully live our purpose.
    [02:03] - What connects to my life calling?
    [03:16] - Together, we can take brave steps to live a purposeful life.
    [03:53] - Just get on the journey! It’s never too late.
    [04:32] - It’s never too late to start, and it’s never too late to get back on track.
    [06:05] - Reasons behind the moment to find our true calling.
    [08:28] - As we live, discontentment can be a good thing that leads to a new direction. I share my own experience of moments aligning with my change in direction.
    [10:26] - What did I do when a new path opened up?
    [11:34] - I am just like YOU. We’re all learning.
    [12:50] - Let’s take one small step toward our life calling.

    Chris Heinz
    Chris Heinz Co.

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Loving the podcast!! Totally is tapping into my psyche.

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