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The premier Bachelor (and snacks) podcast.

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The premier Bachelor (and snacks) podcast.

    S7 Ep 7 Insert Episode Name Here

    S7 Ep 7 Insert Episode Name Here

    Jill uploaded this episode without a name as brought to her attention by Hill, but at this point it feels too hard to come up with something. Mal has too many pictures and videos on her phone, neither Mal nor Hill trust the "cloud" with their cherished memories, and both of them think that Bri got sent home this episode. Whatever is the opposite of a spoiler alert: she did not. Somehow in the course of a couple weeks the ladies have gone from really liking and being impressed with Matt to not really caring about him and thinking everyone on this season (except Rachael) is too good for him. Jill has no memory of an ice skating and fake snow situation, and Mal went from not trusting Pieper last week to Pieper being one of her favorites and also thinks Michelle is too serious even though she did pushups in her evening gown and made Bri spit Zhampagne out on her back from laughter. Bottom line is no one seems to actually be watching this show anymore, except maybe Todd and Jill's mom. Your gals spend a significant portion of this episode "flexing their woke muscles" as first time listener long time caller Jackie would say. But! Considering how much of Bach Nation doesn't give a shit about anti-racism or are outright racist, it feels necessary. 
    Fire Chris Harrison!

    • 1 hr 22 min
    S7 Ep 6 Gimme the Bits!!

    S7 Ep 6 Gimme the Bits!!

    The ladies start to give MJ a hard time about being “afraid” of chickens but pretty quickly realize they are all maybe afraid of all birds? This conversation also reveals that Jill doesn’t believe that any geese are white and she thinks all Geese are Canada Geese. Watching more of Matt’s season is making everyone even more aware of how s****y and low budget Clare & Tayshia’s season was. And honestly all the Bachelorettes compared to their male counterparts. SMASH THE PATRIARCHY. Speaking of the patriarchy the ladies attempt to dissect some of what was wrong with Chris Harrison's behavior during a recent interview with Rachel Lindsay regarding the racism of a contestant on the current season. The short version is #firechrisharrison and for the long version the gals recommend an episode of Game of Roses which plays the interview in full and goes deep into each problematic aspect. Link below!
    Jill snacks on delish Shortbread Cookies that Hillary made for V-Day and Mal describes what feels like the saddest snack of all time. Recipes as always at http://www.snackmondays.com 
    Something they didn’t remember correctly and couldn’t be bothered to Google during recording was that Colton jumped the fence in Portugal. 
    Game of Roses - The Racist Face of Our Beloved Game

    • 1 hr 12 min
    S7 Ep 5 Turtlenecks Are Shirt Prisons

    S7 Ep 5 Turtlenecks Are Shirt Prisons

    Mal is back this week! Then ladies maybe set a record for how long it takes them to start talking about The Bachelor, but they make up for it with tales of accidental booze brownies, customer service voices and very compelling arguments for and against turtlenecks. This episode was recorded at 12:30pm but Jill sounds like she just woke up (she did) and keeps talking about breakfast like it's not lunch time. Some tea regarding a history of cultural appropriation and allegations of racism are spilled on Rachael who "has never been treated like a princess" Also some troubling accounts from Matt's former roommate make it difficult to believe he's as perfect as he's portrayed on the show. Hillary is the only one with a real snack and DANG GIRL, that Bailey's Chocolate Cheesecake sounded heavenly.
    Recipes for your snack times at http://www.snackmondays.com

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    S7 Ep 4 Tall Man in a Hot Air Balloon

    S7 Ep 4 Tall Man in a Hot Air Balloon

    Jill and Hill gave Mal the week off, and as always her presence was sorely missed. To make up for it, there is a clicking noise that Jill doesn't notice until about 20 minutes in and then doesn't address for another 5. After editing the episode she realizes it was happening for.... pretty much the whole show up to that point. Believe it or not, about half of the clicks were successfully removed, so you're welcome! They also throw in an entirely new segment with no context or introduction! But that's kinda the whole point. It's called "Can I steal you for a sec?" and features a special guest! As far as anyone can remember, 3 people got sent home this episode but 4 people were added to the cast. Once again we end without a rose ceremony and no one can keep track of really anything that's happening. Jill snacks on Sbux and Hill enjoys a mocktail to wash down her delish pesto pasta din din.
    Recipes as always (eventually) at http://www.snackmondays.com

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    S7 Ep 3 Jar Clars

    S7 Ep 3 Jar Clars

    This week your gals take full advantage of a lag-free zoom experience and talk about The Bachelor but mostly whatever they want for almost two full hours! The Bachelor this week was one erotica story writing group date slash brand promotion for Chris Harrison and a one on one with Sierra P - no second group date and no rose ceremony (AGAIN) because Sarah is sad and it's important to her that everyone knows about it. Major takeaways include Katie still being awesome and everyone sort of liking Victoria now? Come for the Bachelor and snacks, stay for the "how do you feel about your body being eaten after you die" and "what about your hands smelling like salami" of it all. Also a LISTENER EMAIL!!!
    Things they forget to discuss: Victoria makes a Step Brothers reference (All of the boats, none of the hoes) and Clare and Dale (or Dane as Jill's uncle sometimes accidentally calls him) split up.
    Things Mal couldn't quite remember: The alien guy's name is Bob Lazar and the Christian rock band she was attempting to identify was Jars of Clay
    Find all our snack recipes at http://www.snackmondays.com

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    S7 Ep 2 Making Out for Science

    S7 Ep 2 Making Out for Science

    It's week 2 and the ladies still like Matt James! They forget to talk about the totally unnecessary shirtless wood chopping scene but still manage to work in erotic topics like charcuterie facebook groups and enemas. As far as actual Bach content goes basically nobody likes a mid rose ceremony cliff hanger and nobody likes Queen V (but that's what she's going for, right?) The episode wraps with snack talk, but only enough to make the gals hungry.
    Also apparently new episodes of Life's A Bach come out on Saturdays now! Let's just plan on that lol.
    Recipes etc at http://www.snackmondays.com

    • 1 hr 15 min

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10 Ratings

She-Ra, Mistress of Power ,

Team L6 is delightful!

Of course, I birthed one of them, so I have to say that. But for reals guys. I’m one of your 10s of listeners. 😜 I’m not even mad anymore that y’all have sucked me in to watching the show. Love, Mom

AmandaLin87 ,


Duh- it’s Mal & Jill... 👍🏻👍🏻

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