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Discussions on discovering your identity, establishing proper mindsets, and believing in the power of your voice!

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Discussions on discovering your identity, establishing proper mindsets, and believing in the power of your voice!

    The Response

    The Response

    Joanna, Ashley, and Sasha reflect on the response to the BLM movement in the wake of recent events.

    They grapple with questions such as:

    -What is true activism and what is required?
    -Is social media giving us the facade of being activist? Or in reality is social media simply making it a trend? Has this led to slacktivism in our culture?
    -Are we really taking on the responsibility of being a true activist?
    - Are the protestors really activists? Or are they simply following a trend? Are they actually helping improve black lives?
    -Do white people have a savior complex? Are they pandering? Is this response a form of racism?
    - Is white guilt and shame helping our society get rid of racism?
    -Will getting rid of the police really help?
    -Where does identity and individuality fit into all of this and why is it important?
    -How do we move forward from here and create a world of equality?
    - How do we get back to love within the human race?










    • 1 hr
    Prophetic Readings with Sasha Bilik

    Prophetic Readings with Sasha Bilik

    Curious about how prophecy works and what it is exactly? Some believe it's all just an act while other believe anyone can prophecy. Why do some people supposedly hear from God and others don't? The sisters are joined once again by Sasha Bilik who explains it all and does a live (at the time) prophetic reading over Joanna and Ashley.

    • 37 min
    The Rebels of Lancaster County

    The Rebels of Lancaster County

    Lancaster County, PA has decided to stick it to the governor and go against the stay at home order by entering itself into the yellow phase. The sisters are joined once again by Sasha Bilik to go on a wild rant about current events and government conspiracies, including the take down of Trump, Dr. Fauci's supposed involvement, what appears to be Bill Gate's odd enjoyment of the pandemic, aliens, prophecies over California, earthquakes, killer bees, and more!

    • 29 min
    Covid and Conspiracy

    Covid and Conspiracy

    The sisters are joined again by Sasha Bilik to discuss several of the controversies and conspiracies surrounding Covid-19. Joanna shares her thoughts on watching a documentary on the virus, "Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Virus" (link here https://youtu.be/3bXWGxhd7ic), as well as her attempt to watch the One World: Together at Home concert that has led to people wondering if some celebrities/Hollywood are in on a scheme to support and implement a one world order.

    The trio discusses how no one seems to know how to respond or behave in this current situation. And while some are stepping up to the plate, others seem content with riding out the wave.  However, the world can’t be shut down forever. Things will have to change. Life will have to go on. Is there a new awakening ahead?

    • 54 min
    Spiritual Revelations in Quarantine

    Spiritual Revelations in Quarantine

    The sisters are joined by special guest, Sasha Bilik to discuss the new realities of living in quarantine. Joanna calls in to talk about what they were doing before the pandemic and what they have been learning since. They cover illusion of control, discerning spirituality, grappling with freedoms, and discovering how to be of service in difficult times.

    • 49 min
    Authentic or Fraud? The Taylor Swift Doc

    Authentic or Fraud? The Taylor Swift Doc

    Ashley and Joanna discuss how to discover identity and authenticity in a society obsessed with facades. We discuss how Taylor Swift finally discovered her identity in the midst of navigating an industry where one must pretend to be someone else for a living and whose image is constantly at the mercy of opinionated fans on social media. The sisters finish their discussion on feminism in Hollywood and the need for action to balance the equation between men and women.

    • 40 min

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4.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

FoxBearCop ,

Listen to This!

If you like conversational podcasts then you will like this! Just give it a try! Roll up your socks and get your coffee ready.

MattiusGoodmanius ,

Relatable and down to earth

I love this podcast. The sister dynamic is great and the conversations are relevant and important.

Sashabeaux ,

Relevant and fun to listen to

This podcast is timely and also enjoyable to listen to. Even if you personally don’t agree with everything they cover, it’s important to stretch yourself and listen to the opinions of others and the facts they present. This world is changing for the better, come along for the ride!

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