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LOLJK is a comedy yellcast saving the world one topic at a time. Joey and Kyle, along with their respective wives, Kim and Brian, journey together through bad improv, low brow debate and rivers of booze to discuss the most important things in the universe.

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LOLJK is a comedy yellcast saving the world one topic at a time. Joey and Kyle, along with their respective wives, Kim and Brian, journey together through bad improv, low brow debate and rivers of booze to discuss the most important things in the universe.

    #105 - The Rain Simulation Will Not End

    #105 - The Rain Simulation Will Not End

    Welcome to the future.

    • 1 hr 16 min
    #104 - 5 Star 1 Star

    #104 - 5 Star 1 Star

    Be sure to get your parents permission before you (potentially) incinerate your baby owl.

    • 1 hr 32 min
    #103 - Quoi

    #103 - Quoi

    A certain whatchamacallit.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    #102 - Bison

    #102 - Bison

    Get on bdboard.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    #101 - B-HOLE D-BOX

    #101 - B-HOLE D-BOX

    Purchase includes free waterlogged BSB.

    • 1 hr 11 min
    #100 - One Hundred Warnings

    #100 - One Hundred Warnings

    On this, our 100th episode, we pause for a moment to reflect on what has come before...

    • 2 hr 20 min

Customer Reviews

ProxyD23 ,

You already know

Yea that's right its me,""Proxyd23"" again to shill! But guess what, its not for a podcast????????
It's for the amazing fan-made LOLJK discord~!~
We've get in to all sorts of Wild n' wacky hijinks, like "Learnin more about Pink Socks", "80 inch day", and "Drunk Tank"!
Come join us for all the terrible, interesting, and sometimes suprisingly wholesome things we say!
Link's on the Explosomagico website, which you should probably visit anyways, it's great!
Oh yea, and LOLJK is the best! You boiks are still going strong! I'll be here till 200 and beyond, and y'all always Mr.Chow's Beef Bowl <3

YourFriendlyGooseBud ,

Roko’s Family Bed

Hey gang, long time listener here but first time reviewing! I have been hooked since the first episode. I love listening on my commute to work and on my down time. I’ve showed my friends the show and we crack up every time. Keep up the good work!!

ZombieBatmanJesus ,

My dumb opinion with or without line breaks

(Apologies, I have tried resubmitting this review to avoid the failure of formatting on iTunes’ part, but I doubt it will change. I promise I know what paragraphs are.)

When I first began exploring the medium of podcasts, there was a certain charm of the “shoot the breeze” genre that sucked me in. These are the podcasts where some really loose thread serves as a mechanism for internet personas to banter about anything and everything. At the time, this is all I was looking for- some light-hearted company on my bike rides or car trips. But over the years, this format began to lose its luster. Not just on one particular podcast, but the unstructured kicks-and-giggles format as a whole. What it came down to was, as these crews grew their backlog or their host companies made changes, they all seemed to adopt a similar mindset; “we don’t want to be taken seriously... until it gets in the way of our clout.”

Now, I don’t think this is a totally unfair stance to take. We should be allowed to be serious and joke in the same paragraph, and we certainly should be able to use any and all platforms to make these expressions public. But what this dichotomy risks is a disruption in the relationship between the hosts and the listener. Suddenly it becomes very apparent that the podcast has a megaphone and the listener is subject to its broadcast. These podcasts began feeling more and more like TV shows, and that’s not what I was looking for. So, I lost interest.

Side note, I understand the irony here- I know Explosomagico was a television endeavor in some ways, I know the hosts work both in media and on the high seas, and I still hope that your own specific TV venture is something that can come about if the cards are right and you’re still interested. But where we’re at with LOLJK itself is a different story, and I hope it can stay in its own little niche of excellence no matter what else the world has to offer for you.

I could give specific examples, but my point isn’t to disparage any podcast or person who enjoys a particular show just because I happened to duck out. My point is to help explain why I am so weirdly attached to LOLJK despite this.

Because there has yet to be a moment in LOLJK’s tenure where it felt like this crew wasn’t doing this show out of love for each other’s company and dedication to providing a bunch of weirdos like me that exact feeling that I was looking for when I started listening to podcasts to begin with.

In the the absolutely bananas topics as well as the personal and real conversations (however goofily they may be presented), it very much feels like the gang wants the listener to be there with them. Not just as an audience member or a fan, but as someone who can come to the table and enjoy what they have to offer. And what they offer is a really fun time. A flurry of oscillating subject matters ranging from perverse to genuine. It creates an environment where when there IS a serious and personal moment, or tangential opinion, it doesn’t come off as ostracizing. This is a rare treat.

I have absolutely no idea if this is the intention, but this is how it feels to me, and this is why I am still listening.

I have a lot of good memories associated with the show at this point. I’ve shared some of the more horrific subjects you’ve covered with my friends, much to their despair. I’ve visited Lego stores, inspired by the reminders that being an “adult” doesn’t mean we have to stop liking rad stuff from our youth. I wept tears of joy when Kim and Joey announced they were expecting, and even more so when I learned it was twins. I screamed with delight when you read one of my emails on air (PS my hemorrhoids are still really bad) and I feel immense joy whenever I see a new episode pop up on my feed. This is a special group of people producing a ridiculous show that I adore.

So thank you, yes you, all of you, for the time you’ve put into this despite your busy lives. I hope the stars align and continue to align so you can do all the awesome stuff you want. Peace!

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