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A bi-weekly podcast where Aaron and I sit down with different guests and discuss their creative process, how they got into what they do and how you can do it too!

Look What I Did Daniel Quin and Aaron Dotson

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A bi-weekly podcast where Aaron and I sit down with different guests and discuss their creative process, how they got into what they do and how you can do it too!

    Hannah Victoria - Cosplayer

    Hannah Victoria - Cosplayer

    We sat down with Hannah back at the beginning of the year as she took us on a verbal tour of the world of cosplay. The mixture of skills utilized is seemingly without end and it was inspiring to see how Hannah pushes her skillset in a world that is constantly evolving around her.
    You can follow Hannah at www.instagram.com/hannahvictoriacosplay/
    and you can follow us at www.instagram.com/lwidproject
    Be sure to check out the photos of some of Hannah's creations at www.lookwhatidid.net

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Jimmy Diresta - Content Creator/Maker

    Jimmy Diresta - Content Creator/Maker

    This episode marks a milestone for Look What I Did. Jimmy's podcast, Making It, was the direct inspiration for our show and we could not be more honored to be able to sit and chat with him for a while. We discuss creating content, making stuff, and our shared love of finding old tools. 
    You can watch Jimmy's youtube channel here
    and follow him at www.instagram.com/jimmydiresta/
    Follow us at www.instagram.com/lwidproject 
    Find out more at www.lookwhatidid.net

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Look What I Did 2 Year Celebration with the Voice Press

    Look What I Did 2 Year Celebration with the Voice Press

    This week we got to celebrate our 50th episode and two years of doing the show with all of our good friends at the Voice Press Network! It was our first attempt at a large live stream and unfortunately it didn't work, but the audio is saved and so now you get that conversation forever!
    Join us as we hang out with Travis from BeatsByTravis
    Alex from the Adoptive Mom Podcast
    Bryan and Loren from Go Rogue X
    and Carter of Action Orson!
    go to www.thevoicepress.com to find the latest episode from these amazing podcasts!

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Modeling - Band

    Modeling - Band

    This week we sit down with Connor, Ryan and Cuinn of Modeling. We got to learn about making a soundtrack for a place that lives only in your head (and maybe a shared storyboard), why Modeling doesn't practice very much and the challenges of taking a soundscape to the stage.
    Sit back relax and enjoy!
    You can follow Modeling at www.instagram.com/modelingmusic
    Buy the Stand Strong T at www.lookwhatidid.net

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Plvto - Hip Hop Artist

    Plvto - Hip Hop Artist

    This week we sit down with Plvto (Darius Jones) and discuss making your reality, going against expectations in genres of music and being the most honest version of yourself. 
    Be sure to check out Plvto's latest release "Sweet Life of Zack and Cody" available on Apple Music and Spotify.
    You can find Plvto at www.facebook.com/PlvtoBoyWonder
    You can find us at www.instagram.com/lwidproject
    Support the show at www.patreon.com/lookwhatidid

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Will Nicholson - DIY Drone Designer

    Will Nicholson - DIY Drone Designer

    We got to sit down and talk with the incredible Will Nicholson about everything that goes in to creating, building and flying drones. That's all that Will does though, the hour that we spent with him felt like finding a missing brother. He is a handy guy with experience and interest that cross many fields.
    This one is all about the belief that the only thing between you and success in creativity is the willingness to try.
    Follow us at www.instagram.com/lwidproject
    Go to www.lookwhatidid.net for photos of some of Will's drones.
    Check out some special free content at www.patreon.com/lookwhatidid

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5.0 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

Aarondotson ,

Hey! Good stuff

Very excited to see what else this show has in store!!!

The Next Unknown ,

Absolutely love this!

Absolutely love this! The convo in this series is genuine, entertaining and insightful! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Beebs220 ,

Great Podcast

Aaron and Daniel are passionate about what they do. They always have interesting guests on. They keep it light and funny while getting to the core of the creators’ motivation. I always learn something when I listen. Great podcast.

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