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An immigrant podcast for the pressed and unbothered.

loose accents undocubae & danyeli

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An immigrant podcast for the pressed and unbothered.

    season 2 ep 5 - 2019, boy bye!

    season 2 ep 5 - 2019, boy bye!

    felices fiestas beybiisss! this is long one because you all know 2019 tried us all! this year was triggering, transformative and a whole ass mess. but not all was traumatic. we also had many diamonds along the way, like the start of this podcast, the launch of new projects and start of new relationships. and since it's the end of a decade, we cast back to 2009 to revisit our younger selves as teens, well at least for danyeli. please don't come for us and our music choices, taylor swift and lady gaga have a special place in our hearts. we also set sights on 2020 and the new adventures that await. 2020 will be year of action. 
    we also discuss the release of periódicos de ayer, danyeli's new book and get the exclusive first listen to "sin embargo" a beautiful song written by leonel salgado (undocubae's 18-year old nephew). catch our palabras del dia featuring our beloved toni morrison and two of our listeners (raquel and gabriela) who left us touching messages and reviews.
    to order danyeli's book, please visit her website 
    to listen to leonel's original song "sin embargo" visit his page 
     catch us in 2020 porque venimos con todo!

    • 1 hr 22 min
    season 2 ep 4 - translatina queen bamby salcedo

    season 2 ep 4 - translatina queen bamby salcedo

    Bamby Salcedo is a trans immigrant rights leader and activist and founder of the Translatin@ Coalition. She has been an incredible force in the immigrant rights movement, highlighting the marginalized voices of trans folks within and outside of the movement. Bamby joined us this week and we discussed her life, the fight, and how to keep pushing for trans rights. Grap your tissues for this one as well. 
    Trigger warning: we discuss physical, emotional, and psychological violence against trans women. 
    To support Translatin@ Coalition, please donate. https://www.translatinacoalition.org/
    You can sign the petition to free Kelly from detention here:
    Follow Bamby's work through her website: 

    • 1 hr 3 min
    season 2 ep 3 - breaking silence with angy rivera

    season 2 ep 3 - breaking silence with angy rivera

    fall is here and that means cold weather (well not in LA). so break out the bubble coats, boots, long socks, gloves and scarves cause you'll want to snuggle up on this very special episode with our New York fave angy rivera. if you are in LA, bring out that chapstick and apply a few extra layers cause it's hella dry out here.  and while you'are at it, take out your journal and tissue box cause this conversation is sure to tug at all of your emotions. angy joins us to share the wisdom in the stories of her upbringing, work as co-executive director of nysylc, her infamous "ask angy" blog, the subjects of the peabody award winning documentary "no le digas a nadie", her adventures in LA and the future of DACA. I'm not crying, you're crying! ... well the truth is that we'll all be crying at the end of this episode.
    **trigger warning**
    our conversations cover issues of sexual assault, domestic violence and family separation. please take care of yourself if you feel triggered at all by any part of our discussion. your mental and physical health come first. 

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    season 2 ep 2 - undocubae y las malcriadas ft. lorraine avila

    season 2 ep 2 - undocubae y las malcriadas ft. lorraine avila

    in this episode we welcome guest lorraine avila, Afro-Quisqueyana educator, writer, and author of "Malcriada & Other Stories" for an exclusive interview on her recently released book. we discuss afro-latinidad, navigating the west coast as black latinxs, breaking silence for the sake of healing, storytelling, and archiving ancestry. undocubae gets to hear two Dominicanas vent, claim space, and redefine sisterhood.
    you can purchase "Malcriada & Other Stories" at https://www.lorraineavila.com/shop
    and follow her work at https://www.instagram.com/lorraineavila_
    as a thank-you for your support, we will be gifting two our listeners a copiy of "Malcriada & Other Stories" !
    To participate in our book giveaway. you can follow these instructions:
    1. Follow @dominicanwriters , @lorraineavila_ , @looseaccents , @undocubae & @afrodominicanxthings
    2. leave a review on Apple Podcast or spotify for loose accents.
    3. Share your favorite episode on your story with a snippet of why and tag us :)
    Winners will be announced on November 11th , 2019. Buena suerte, beybisssssss.

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    season 2 ep 1 - back and recharged, beybiii

    season 2 ep 1 - back and recharged, beybiii

    we are back with yet another episode, this time opening up our season 2 ! undocubae & danyeli discuss the past two months of transitions, mental health check-ins, balancing work and creativity, and preparing for the upcoming year. we introduce two new segments, sueltalo ya! and la palabra. this season, we are bringing the East coast to your door step, from immigrant rights activists to Dominican business owners. tune in and as always, thank you so much for listening !
    La Palabra Mentions:
    Joel Leon: www.instagram.com/joelakamag
    "On the Other Side of Freedom" - DeRay McKesson

    • 52 min
    season 1 finale con david, beibiii

    season 1 finale con david, beibiii

    season one would not be complete without the presence of our favorite sagittarius, image consultant, queer and mental health maven, and undocubae's beautiful partner, david calvillo. you all have been asking and patiently waiting to hear from the man himself! he is the man behind our coachella outfits, themed sunday brunches, trips to palm springs, tongue snaps and lingo, but more than anything the compassionate soul who has nurtured and cared for us in our most troubled times. david is an incredible psychotherapist who is dedicated to the mental well being of his clients through his work at the la county department of mental health. if you ever wonder why we love him so much, just wait 'til you hear his story of growing up in a religious pentecostal household, having survived conversion therapy and found a deep joy and gratitude in his identity as a queer man. this episode will shake you and leave you more tender than when you first came. this is our last episode of our first season, and we couldn't think of a better way to end it than with our favorite man. 
    shout out to www.instagram.com/hood_digest for lending loose accents their home & recording studio to bring you magic twice a month !

    • 1 hr 28 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

Jessicajessiyes ,

Corazón a Corazón

Really connecting to this podcast. So many feels! Within the first episodes, my heart felt so open, connected, seen, and in love with all the authenticity!! Thank you so much!

gab.martinez_ ,

I feel seen

This podcast is for all the folks whose stories and being have been cast away, told is not good enough, told to be hidden away. When I listen to this podcast I feel like I am not alone. I feel like I have a community and people like me that can not only share the tough parts of being undocumented but also just being which includes happiness and yessss being a hoe here or there. I learn and unlearn, dig deeper to my emotions, and my experience. In some way it’s like therapy to me, I feel heard, I feel seen.

Raquel Reichard ,

Church ✨

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep. When this happens, my mami always says it means there’s someone I need to be up praying for, so I did. Afterwards, I felt like I needed church, that beautiful space of love and liberation that I had earlier this year with homies and people I had just met who welcomed me into their home, a space of wine, blunts, sex talk, coming out stories and conversations about faith and God with people who, like me, grew up in the Pentecostal church as well as those from different religious backgrounds. I couldn’t quite get that from my bedroom at 5 a.m., so I decided to listen to Loose Accents, a podcast hosted by the very people who created that church-like experience for me last spring. It did not disappoint. Thank you, Danyeli and Ernesto. Y’all are both so beautiful and have created yet another divine (and hilarious) space. I’m sorry I’m so late to listening!! Also, shout-out to David for his sermon in the last episode, because he was straight preaching and it’s a word I hope more people hear 💕💕✨✨.

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