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Macworld is the world's leading source for information about Apple and the Apple ecosystem.

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Macworld is the world's leading source for information about Apple and the Apple ecosystem.

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3.1 out of 5
141 Ratings

141 Ratings

ShamuKid ,


I use this show as a pallet cleanser for all the different tech podcasts I listen too. Nothing special about it, and kind of bland, but it serves its purpose.

However, editing has gotten terrible. Ever since they stopped doing live video posts, it’s gone down hill. What’s with the random 2 second guitar music in between sections? It’s so bad. Quality seems to have gone down too since they stopped doing live streams. I’m not mad about the live streams, I’ve only ever listened to this via podcast, but still, quality has gone way down. A lot of people are complaining in the reviews, and it doesn’t seem like they are taking any user consideration or making any attempt to make it better.

Also, a lot of this podcast is basically complaining about Apple, and everything they are doing wrong, or all the stupid decisions they are making. I can get behind those conversations if they are thoughtfully planned out, but most of their complaints are incredibly stupid. A lot of their opinions on what would make Apple more successful as a business are laughable at best. Like three old white guys doing a podcast know how to run a billion dollar company better then the people running it. They do have some interesting conversations, I just feel these tech bloggers and incredibly out of touch with the real world and what can realistically be expected from Apple. Someone else mentioned that it was annoying there was an host who was an Android fan boy in disguise, and I second that. Also their “two minute tips” would be helpful to a user not great with technology, but are incredibly obvious to the people that would actually listen to a tech podcast. Makes me feel like they think we’re dumb. That’s not exclusive to the two minute tips though, they all sound entitled a lot.

That all being said, it’s not a bad podcast per say. They cover current events, and I guess that’s all you really want at the end of the day. It serves its purpose, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

GJarS ,

like like like

What is it the like thing?? It seems sometimes every Three words spoken is the “like”. An example—I was LIKE in a hurry. Instead of I was in a hurry. Sometimes I just listen for the likes and count versus listening tho the topic.

Mac Techie ,

Can’t Listen Anymore Because of Sound Quality

I love the show. However, the sound quality has gotten so bad that I can’t listen to it in my car or on my headphones. Voices get too loud and sometimes too soft; there needs to be better a quality check to fix this.

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