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Listen to artists, entrepreneurs, and creators from the Circle City explore why they love Indianapolis, and discover how they became Made in Indy.

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Listen to artists, entrepreneurs, and creators from the Circle City explore why they love Indianapolis, and discover how they became Made in Indy.

    Judith B. Thomas

    Judith B. Thomas

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes Deputy Mayor of Neighborhood Engagement for the city of Indianapolis; Judith B. Thomas.
    Deputy Mayor Thomas reflects on her lived experiences growing up in Gary, Indiana. We explore the diverse community that nurtured her and led her to treasure the wealth that lies in connecting your neighbors and investing in your neighborhood.
    We unpack the concept of “community” in the Black American experience, and why civic engagement is more important now than ever.
    Later; We dive into the evolution of the city of Indianapolis, and how its landscape has changed socially and politically throughout the years.
    We also celebrate the Deputy Mayor’s upcoming 2-year anniversary in her current role, and highlight some of her greatest accomplishments to date.
    Listen to our full conversation below + Follow Deputy Mayor Thomas & her impactful work here.

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    Michael Martin Drain.

    Michael Martin Drain.

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes Community Advocate & Justice Involved Program Director at Ivy Tech Community College; Michael Martin Drain.
    Michael shares with us the series of events that sparked his tenure working to advocate for those impacted by our justice system. He also offers advice to individuals who are supporting family members & loved ones who have been impacted by the justice system as well.
    We dissect the advantages of working in various aspects of the reentry system, and how that allowed Michael and his teams to support individuals in multiple capacities.
    Later; We explore some of the most common misconceptions the general public has about individuals who have been convicted of a crime, and how we can retrain our thoughts about this population.
    Michael also gives us insight on his current role as Justice Involved Program Director at Ivy Tech Community College, and how he is working to effect positive change in the Indianapolis community and beyond.
    Listen to our full conversation below + Follow Michael’s incredible journey here.

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    Nichelle M. Hayes

    Nichelle M. Hayes

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes Interim CEO for the Indianapolis Public Library & President of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association; Nichelle M. Hayes.
    We discuss the importance of individuals being able to access information, and illuminate why libraries an integral part of our society more now than ever. Nichelle gives us insight on her journey with literature & who inspired her to pick up her first book.
    We learn about the Center for Black Literature & Culture located in the R.B. Annis West Reading Room at Central Library. We uncover how it was formed, its pursuit to celebrate changemakers that left their mark, and its mission to inspire contemporary positive influencers.
    Later, Nichelle gets candid about the importance of supporting Library workers, and how her work at the Indianapolis Public Library over the past 7 years has granted her the compassion and discernment needed to to lead Indy PL into the next phase of its evolution.
    Listen to our full conversation below + Follow Nichelle’s incredible journey here.

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    Black Leaf Vegan

    Black Leaf Vegan

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes Entrepreneur, Writer, Restaurateur, and Educator Derrick Slack; Cofounder of Black Leaf Vegan.
    Black Leaf Vegan is owned by Taria & Derrick Slack whose intention is health for all communities so that they may live happy, healthy, and wealthy lives. Their mission is to assist in that goal by providing life-sustaining, plant-based products that heal the mind, body and soul.
    Derrick dissects what it means to be ‘vegan’ from a textbook perspective, as well as philosophically. We dive into his family’s relationship with food, and how that journey lead to the creation of Black Leaf Vegan.
    Later, we learn more about what motivates Derrick & his family to be a force for positive change in Indy, what it takes to make ideas manifest, and his wish for the city of Indianapolis.
    Listen to our full conversation below + Learn more about Black Leaf Vegan here.

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    Oseye Boyd

    Oseye Boyd

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes award-winning journalist & editor of the Indianapolis Recorder, Oseye Boyd.
    As editor, Oseye has launched a new engagement strategy that has attracted more readers as well as created a deeper rapport with local businesses and organizations which has raised the profile of the iconic publication in our community.
    Oseye recalls the events in her life that prompted her to pursue her passion for journalism, and we explore her ‘aha moment’ together. She reveals how performing as a narrator during a school play has guided the trajectory of her career.
    We dive into her current role at The Recorder, and how it feels like a full circle moment to return to the publication where she received her full time role as a reporter. The seasoned veteran induldges us and answers the question, “What makes a good story?” Later, Oseye shares her insight and advice for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in journalism.
    Listen to our full conversation below + Check out the latest issue of The Indianapolis Recorder here & Keep up with all things Oseye by following her twitter here.

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    Carbon Neutral Indiana

    Carbon Neutral Indiana

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes MacArthur Young Innovator award winner & Founder of Carbon Neutral Indiana; Daniel Poynter.
    Carbon Neutral Indiana is a startup nonprofit social enterprise. They help households & businesses measure and clean up their carbon footprints by increasing awareness of carbon neutrality, translating that awareness into action, and creating space for that action to become a social norm.
    Daniel defines what it means to be ‘carbon neutral,’ and why it is important for everyone to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. We dive into what inspired him to take action, and create an enterprise that would empower others to do the same.
    Later, Daniel reveals a moment that shifted his life forever. He revisits a conversation that illuminated his desire to organize groups of individuals to create to movements that impact our world in positive ways.
    *Resources + Links Mentioned by Daniel:

    • 31 min

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5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

zozocaimommygrandmadaddy ,

Mr.Kendall is the best

Mr.Kendall is the best this is my mom best friend we are talking about let’s give him a long applause!!!

Silverlight18 ,

Kendall is the star

Absolutely love Kendall’s personality and the idea that he brought to life: exploring the scene in Indi. Will be waiting for Los Angeles edition! Five stars! Great job!

Mejilissa1 ,

Fun and funny!

I really like Kendall’s approach to getting the info you want to know from a successful person, but also getting to know the person too!! Lol I’m salivating for a burger and imagining Jon’s family and touched by his non ability to make his moms casserole!! This is a really cool podcast

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