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Listen to artists, entrepreneurs, and creators from the Circle City explore why they love Indianapolis, and discover how they became Made in Indy.

Made In Indy Kendall Antron

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Listen to artists, entrepreneurs, and creators from the Circle City explore why they love Indianapolis, and discover how they became Made in Indy.

    Willowfield Lavender Farm

    Willowfield Lavender Farm

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes entrepreneur, community-builder, & farmer; Elizabeth O’Connor of Willowfield Lavender Farm, in Mooresville, Indiana.
    We chat about the joy of grandchildren, and children in general, that invites us all to use our imaginations to embrace change & live in the moment. Elizabeth reveals how that type of intention to focus on joy, evolved into becoming a creator using many different mediums.
    We dive into the history of Willowfield, and how the idea of starting a lavender farm came to her through meditation, following life’s stage directions, and the unyielding support from her late partner, Kieran. We unpack the importance of listening to the small still voice that speaks to us, and how by doing that can lead to life’s big adventure.
    Later, Elizabeth shares her keen insight on growing lavender in Indiana, and the challenges that her farm has faced due to the terrain & weather of the midwest. We also learn how the “Sanctuary” area of the farm came to be, and how it serves as a continuous source of serenity to its many visitors.

    • 45 min
    Ujamaa Community Bookstore

    Ujamaa Community Bookstore

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes Ujamaa Community Bookstore Manager; Rohini Townsend & Executive Director at Flanner House of Indianapolis; Brandon Cosby.
    We discuss the origins of Flanner House, and how its creation aided Black Americans whom had moved to Indianapolis during the great migration in search of more opportunities & a better life. We dive into the legacy of Xpression’s Bookstore, and how it serves as a constant source of inspiration for Ujamaa. Rohini shares with us her experiences of opening the bookstore, and the many different aspects of community she is weaving into its fabric.
    Later, we explore the significance of Ujamaa opening its doors to the community on Juneteenth + We dive into Brandon & Rohini’s background and learn how each of their lived experiences are rich with community-building & equity. Also, we discuss the Black authors that have inspired them on their paths & they share how they have been impacted by Black literature.
    You can listen to our full conversation below + Visit Ujamaa & Flanner House here.

    • 30 min
    Ash Blaeds

    Ash Blaeds

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes Aric Geesaman; creator of the boutique smithing shop, Ash Blæds. Located in McCordsville, Indiana, Aric masterfully crafts custom-designed artisan knives & other offerings.
    Aric shares how his love for working with his hands evolved from a curiosity of how things are constructed. We learn how his time spent at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana as a biology major, allowed him to explore his passion for creating things from scratch.
    We dive into the journey of how a gift he received, lead Aric to departing from the corporate space to dive into entrepreneurship. Aric reveals how his family’s work-life balance prompted him to create a schedule that allowed him to support his partner in her career, while continuing to peruse his own passion.
    Later, we discuss the history of knives as a tool that has evolved, as civilization has evolved + The many different purposes knives can serve. Together we also explore his focus on community & sustainability; concepts he cherishes by using tools & knives that were passed down to him from his grandparents.
    You can listen to our full conversation below + Follow visit Ash Blaeds here.

    • 30 min
    The Bloom Project, Inc.

    The Bloom Project, Inc.

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes the Bloom Project, Inc. We are joined by Executive Director & Founder Arnetta Scruggs, Bloom Project's Royal MENtality Director, Ron Gilbert & Royal MENtality Coordinator, Tevin Byers.
    The trio shares a bit about their backgrounds, and what has inspired them to become community-builders. Arnetta reveals the inspiration behind the name of the Bloom Project, and how she draws inspiration from her family.
    Ron gives us insight on how he has adopted the mantra “service is the foundation to success.” + The ways he uses that intention to invest in the Bloom Project. Tevin breaks down the importance of higher education & how that aligns significantly with accountability.
    Later, we explore their response to the covid pandemic, and the various ways that Gen-Z is using this moment in our history to change the world.  
    Listen to our full conversation below + Learn more about the Bloom Project, Inc., and the ways you can support here.

    • 32 min
    Andrew Foster Legacy

    Andrew Foster Legacy

    The Made in Indy podcast celebrates Hotelier & Entrepreneur; Andrew Foster. We welcome C.F. Jolivette; Foster’s grandson who is a curator & creative. Jolivette is the creator of Andrew Foster Legacy, a digital database that chronicles the impact Andrew Foster made in his community & the city of Indianapolis.
    Jolivette shares the inspiration behind what made him begin to share his grandfather’s story + Why he has spent the past decade researching his grandfather’s legacy.
    We discuss the opening of the iconic Hotel Foster & Pearl’s Lounge, and how these were safe spaces for Black people in Indianapolis to flourish. We dive into the topic of financial literacy, and how it is more important now than ever.
    Later, Jolivette reveals where he think’s Foster’s drive & passion came from + What he believes what motivated Foster to carve a unique path for himself.
    Listen to our full conversations below. + Learn more about Andrew Foster Legacy here.

    • 33 min
    Indiana State Senator: Greg Taylor

    Indiana State Senator: Greg Taylor

    The Made in Indy podcast welcomes Business and Government Attorney, Indiana State Senator, & Indiana State Senate Minority Leader; Greg Taylor.
    Senator Taylor shares the experiences that lead him to enrolling in law school + The aha moment that let him know that he was on the right path.
    We discuss the events that introduced him to a career of politics after completing law school, and how he became the State Senator for Senate District 33; Which encompasses portions of Center, Pike, Washington, and Wayne townships.
    We get candid about domestic terrorist that attacked the FedEx facility in Indianapolis, and how a previous bill he submitted would have made it illegal for the terrorist to purchase the weapon used in the attack.
    Later Senator Taylor opens up, and shares the importance of finding the comfort in being uncomfortable, and the amazing experiences that could lead to.
    Listen to our full conversation below + Learn more about the impact that Senator Taylor is making here.

    • 34 min

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12 Ratings

zozocaimommygrandmadaddy ,

Mr.Kendall is the best

Mr.Kendall is the best this is my mom best friend we are talking about let’s give him a long applause!!!

Silverlight18 ,

Kendall is the star

Absolutely love Kendall’s personality and the idea that he brought to life: exploring the scene in Indi. Will be waiting for Los Angeles edition! Five stars! Great job!

Mejilissa1 ,

Fun and funny!

I really like Kendall’s approach to getting the info you want to know from a successful person, but also getting to know the person too!! Lol I’m salivating for a burger and imagining Jon’s family and touched by his non ability to make his moms casserole!! This is a really cool podcast

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