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Conversations about making learning MAGICAL through: Memorable Beginnings, Authenticity & Agency, Gamified strategies, Innovation, Creativity, Collaboration, & Curiosity, Authentic Audience, and Legacy.

Make Learning Magical Tisha Richmond

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Conversations about making learning MAGICAL through: Memorable Beginnings, Authenticity & Agency, Gamified strategies, Innovation, Creativity, Collaboration, & Curiosity, Authentic Audience, and Legacy.

    Jennifer Mckenzie

    Jennifer Mckenzie

    In this episode I chat with Jennifer Mckenzie. Jen is an extraordinary high school Teacher Librarian in Medford, Oregon. In fact she is so extraordinary that she was awarded Oregon state Secondary Teacher Librarian of the year by the Oregon Association of School Libraries. She was selected for being "a creative, artistic, tech savvy, promoter of innovation, compassionate and student-centered, a true book lover, and an enthusiastic advocate for librarians and libraries." During her 17 years in education, Jen has taught at the middle, high school, and college level but has most recently found her passion in the South Medford High School library. Jen has been at South for 10 years and held positions as an ELA teacher, Freshman Academy Lead teacher, and head of the English department. I have had the incredible honor to work in the same district as Jen, so I am able to see firsthand the amazing, immersive, and inclusive learning environment she creates for staff and students. You will be so inspired by her story and her passion. You will also come away with amazing ideas of how you can connect with staff and students and create a positive culture during our global pandemic.
    Connect with Jennifer on Twitter and Instagram @jenmarymckenzie

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    Robert Kaplinsky

    Robert Kaplinsky

    In this episode I chat with the incredible Robert Kaplinsky. Robert has been an educator since 2003 as a classroom teacher, teacher specialist for the Downey Unified School District, an instructor for University of California, LA, and a presenter at conferences around the world. He co-founded the website Open Middle, has been published in Edutopia and Education Week, is the author of Open Middle Math: Problems That Unlock Student Thinking, and created the #ObserveMe movement. He is also the president of Grassroots workshops: a company that provides flexible online workshops for educators.

    Find him on:

    Twitter: @RobertKaplinsky

    Instagram: @Robert_Kaplinsky

    Website: OpenMiddle.com, RobertKaplinsky.com

    Workshop: Grassrootsworkshops.com

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    Jon Spike

    Jon Spike

    In this episode I chat with one of the funniest educators I know, Jon Spike. Jon is an extraordinary Coordinator of Instructional Technology Integration Services at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. He is also a national speaker and host of the LaughED podcast. He created Gamestorm EDU that allows teachers and students to make their own games. Listen, laugh, and come away with tons of ideas and inspiration! Also, listen for new ✨magical✨ sound effects, credited to Jon’s inspiration. 😄
    Find him on:
    Twitter: @jonathanspike
    Website: GameStormEDU
    Podcast: LaughED podcast
    Board Game subscription mentioned in episode: Awesome Pack 

    • 42 min
    Jennifer Casa-Todd

    Jennifer Casa-Todd

    In this episode, I talk with the amazing Jennifer Casa-Todd.  Jennifer is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School in Aurora, a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board, and the author of Social LEADia as well as two books releasing this summer: Raising Digital Leaders, and a  children’s book she co-authored called Aubrey Bright: Stories that Connect Us. She is an Ontario GEG leader, a Google Certified Innovator, co-founder of the Global Education Student’s chat, and the lead organizer for a Digital Citizenship conference in Toronto. She is also an international keynote speaker speaking on issues of technology, digital leadership, and parenting in a digital world. 
    Connect with Jennifer:
    Twitter: @jcasatodd
    Instagram: @jcasatodd
    Facebook: SocialLEADia group
    Website: jcasatodd.com

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    Tyler Cienfuegos

    Tyler Cienfuegos

    In this episode, Tyler Cienfuegos, an extraordinary high school ELA teacher and BACH school lead in Medford, OR shares how he is bringing incredible innovative learning and gamification into his classroom. Shout out to John Meehan & Michael Matera! Listen and take away some awesome activities and gamified strategies to integrate into your classroom learning tomorrow!
    Follow his journey on Twitter @TylerCienfuego1

    • 50 min
    Lisa Johnson

    Lisa Johnson

    In this podcast episode, I chat with the incredible Lisa Johnson. Lisa is an educator I’ve admired since the beginning of my EDUjourney but have never had a chance to meet until today. She is the CEO and founder of TechChef4u, an Educational technologist, an international speaker, an Apple Distinguished Educator, author of 2 amazing books: Cultivating Communication in the Classroom and Creatively Productive, and mom of 2 mobile natives. Lisa is such a delight to chat with! Learn and be inspired!
    Click on the links below to connect with Lisa and find her incredible resources!

    TechChef4U Website
    Creatively Productive website
    Creatively Productive Newsletter

    Social Handles:

    Twitter: TechChef4u
    Instagram: NoteChef4u
    Facebook: TechChef4u
    CP Pinterest: TechChef4U

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Monica Spillman ,

Magically authentic

I’ve met Tisha and she IS the real, magical deal. Listening to her conversations with educators from all segments of the profession will inspire you to get out there and Make Learning Magical for who ever you serve. Favorite podcast for sure! 🦄

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